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  1. I agree with some of that. I didnt invent golf or the dress code. But I appreciate it. It's not about being exclusive. I want everyone to come play golf. Just learn the game, etiquette, and proper attire (golf's uniform) just like any other sport. Not hating but embracing our sport. And I'd still play a round with you. Cheers to all my wrx pals out there.
  2. I think if those with honor and respect for tradition left the game it wouldnt be called golf anymore. Our fore fathers built it. We dont need to trash it. Just leave things alone that are already great. Are you saying there is something wrong with how golf has been played for over a hundred years? I am nothing in that equation....its the greatest game ever played Sir. Let it be golf. Nothing else.
  3. Obviously I disagree. Please stay in school kids.
  4. Money! How many people are buying them alone in this thread. There is no other purpose of the hoodie in golf....
  5. Nope didnt say that. Attire is one way of many to show respect for the game. Obviously there are many forms of etiquette on the golf course. I am not saying I dont like hoodies. I just dont like them as proper golf course attire. Why does it have to be the least acceptable means to participate in things these days. If you are going on a nice date or you are attending a big meeting, or going to church, or going to a football game, or playing golf...you wear different things to each right? So why are we mixing golf with gym clothes? If I wore a suit to a football game would I be out of p
  6. I'm not sure why you think being a gentleman is something that is old or outdated? Honor and respect for the game is something every golfer should have. I love the game. One way we show that is with our attire. In games teams wear uniforms. Golf's uniform is more formal than casual wear; aka things you can wear to the gym. Hoodies are casual wear!
  7. All good points but I like traditions. That is what built the game and made golf what it is. We have to respect that. I like that we have a "dress code" so to speak. And honestly I think the hoodie looks sloppy and too casual for a gentleman's game. I hope this trend dies. It's not a good look for golf and I dont think it looks cool even on tour pros. I have me many a hoodie but I will not be bringing them to the course; Ever. I think the golf companies know this and it's sad they are pushing this. They know it will get buzz and a rise, just to make a buck. And why was the media ask
  8. Let's keep golf golf. This hoodie thing is just a marketing opportunity to sell more stuff. I believe the dress code keeps golf classy. I dont think the hoodie adds to golf. Maybe with some matching sweatpants?
  9. They probably have to agree to purchase a certain number of these shafts and it's not financially viable for them to stock shafts for us 1%ers... and titleist has to test every shaft they offer and approve it. But I agree they should be able to get these at least off menu. If they get the brand, you should be able to get any shaft weight and flex offered from that brand....they just need WRX approved shafts!!..nuff said right!
  10. Any chance someone can tell me how long the shaft is in a 45.5 inch Tsi3? From tip of sleeve to end of grip. I need to cut my own shaft for a demo so I have apples to apples for a demo. I just need to but trim it...
  11. Yeah I wish they would come out with the Tsi4 so i could get on with it and see what to game. Just no point in changing till I can try both (and the 425LST) but I am feeling the titleist currently. I have been gaming a 910fd 3 wood for just a few weeks that I just got and it feels awesome and is long!. So I guess I could get fit for the fairway!!! So have you not tried the select newport 2? I just ordered one. First scotty in a while....lines are so good, feel and sound, just squares up so well. Could be a Byron killer and get you 100% titleist.
  12. Does anyone know how to thumbs down or dislike a post? I love me a stiff shaft, TX that is...its hard not to include personal bias in other golfers decisions. I am often wondering how or why people play what they play. But maybe it works for them and I just focus on what works for me. But we should all be playing x7s and dechambeau rebar in our blades and Tsi4 for 2021...!
  13. No these drivers are not all the same. I guarantee you. I have the LST now and had the SIM. Way different. You look at that dispersion and you can see the TSI has the potential to go the furthest. The ping is the straightest. Those shots are narrowed to the best and most similar strikes. So we dont know how many reps it took them on each club to get the keepers.
  14. TM woods and I just never gel together. I keep trying and keep failing most of the time to titleist. Personal TM driver fails: Ti bubble 2 Success! R9 superdeep fail to (cobra s9-1 pro D) R11 actually a success but eventually fell to Titleist 910 R11s fail R1 fail R15 short lived M1 short lived but very long M2 never stuck M3 M4 (M2 was better so these never had a chance.) M5 great feel! And look but short. M6 had for a day. SIM fleece job had for a week, wild. Probably more that I missed. I have had success with a
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