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  1. Ping g425 LST driver 9 degree Rogue white 130 msi 70x shaft Tipped 1 inch 45.25 inches length Midsize 360 grip [or can do no grip] $old. shipped to usa. MINT MINT Headcover included. No wrench.
  2. Per ping the lightest weight in the LST driver is 14g. Ping also puts melt inside the LST driver it's not just the back weight.
  3. The max is a canon. It feels very powerful and is coming off the face hot. It's not a knock on the club performance. I just like the shape of the LST more and I found a good rhythm with it. I need a flat fairway and these are good but the max is longer heel to toe so it looks like the toe is higher in the max but it's just longer. Just personal preferences really. Both are good heads.
  4. I'm gonna bst my max 14.5 and keep the LST 14.5 for now. The max 3w is super easy to hit. I do just prefer the look of the LST over the max. Shaft is the stock option rogue in x flex if anyone wants a jump on mint max 425 3w DM me... I do prefer the turbulators to the dots as well.
  5. I can see doing a 7 wood big minus in place of a 5wood/strong hybrid. Only thing is the lie angle has to work. I did notice going to big minus and flat minus 1 is more upright than flat zero...
  6. Good question. Right now I have the 425 driver, 14.5 lst and 14.5 Max. Then the 425 2 hybrid. I do have a 410 5w and 3h. I also have several driving irons so I need to get the top end figured out this spring....
  7. Oh and also the profile of the sole is changed. The rear of the sole sits lower to to the ground on all the woods. It's like they moved the sole weight lower. Theres just a subtle scoop out of the middle of the sole. I noticed because the 410 fell open if you soled the club on the ground and let go of the grip. Now the club with the 425 stays more square if released from the fingers when soled. I figured this was due to the new bottom...in looking at the two fairways it appears the dots are more heel side of the club for the max while the lst appear more centered. No deal breakers betwe
  8. Yeah I wish they had not gone shallower. What really stands out to me is the new shape of the top of the face into the crown. It was pretty square and edgey with the 410 and is now rounded off and smoothed into the high point of the club which is well up into the crown.
  9. I got both 3w's to compare. Just haven't had the weather yet to hit them. The LST shape is better to my eye than the max. They both have the same face height. Interesting they are 1/8" shallower than the g410. Also the LS has a better deeper sound just bouncing balls off the faces.
  10. I custom ordered my woods and hybrid. The fairways and hybrid were spot on the requested swingweight. My driver was not. It was way over. Not sure why. I have ordered many drivers and clubs from ping and they are always spot on and match my scale at home with exactly what was ordered. Just missed it on the driver this time.
  11. I tested modus 125x this past year. I dont have a full set of the MMT yet but based on what I feel flex wise I would say soft step the MMT 125TX to equal the modus 125x. Morry it depends if your issue is caused more by static weight, swingweight, or flex. The AMT white are climbing towards a standard dynamic gold weight ~130grams in the short irons. So not sure the 125s would help you in that regard. I'm thinking 105TX softstepped might be good for you. But get the right swingweight to help you make solid contact.
  12. It is CB. I haven't hit it but isn't this supposed to be like a blueboard type profile?
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