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  1. I agree I feel like typically 60g shafts dont work well. Best shafts I have gamed have all been 72g-85g. In fact the last driver fitting I did, the fitter actually said, "you should never play anything lighter than 70g in your driver. And add 10g as you go up in your bag..." I am sure they work great for others, even pros, but me no bueno....
  2. Any updates to the gen 3 T a year later. Are these worth getting now?
  3. Been waiting for these forever. Hopefully they tik all the boxes. I personally think they are hollow but that ping has improved the sound and feel over the i500. Maybe like a pxg 0311T... like if the iblade and i500 had a baby...right! Yeah I like that...
  4. Every shaft manufacturer including fujikura. But please enlighten us why .370 shafts are less expensive than .335 shafts IF they use the exact same material?...is something inaccurate about what I said? Not picking a fight here but its shaft building 101...
  5. In general......The exotic (lighter thinner stronger) carbon is necessary to build a sound consistent and durable 46" 60g-70g wood shaft. Because hybrids and irons are shorter and heavier weights. They can use cheaper heavier carbon in those shafts. They are pretty good at making them similar. But the wood shaft will be more flexible than the hybrid in the same label weight....
  6. Not saying it wouldn't work but some things you should note...the fairway/driver shafts play softer than the hybrid. For several reasons. 1st the wall thickness is much thicker on the hybrid. 2nd the shaft diameter on the bottom half is thinner on the fairway (335 v 370). 3rd At the same "label weight and then cut length" the hybrid has much more weight (and stiffness) due to original raw length 42 v 46... I would question the tip integrity if you basically are cutting and reducing the first few layers of carbon 360 degrees around the entire shaft...it may be prone to failure. maybe try a
  7. I haven't really delved into vcog but that is interesting about the i500 and it being a ping iron. Youd think they would be low. I do have an i500 3 iron. But the lofts are so jacked its actually a 2 iron. I was very dissatisfied with the feel and it was on the chopping block, but I figured what the hell and decided to hot melt the face. Wow it's a new club and feels great. It may earn a spot in the bag.... We actually share quite a few common shafts and heads in the bag.... MG gap wedge, K grind lob, tensei pw hybrid. T1100. I even played the DPC irons years ago...probably
  8. So I decided to go with the soft stepped x7 in the TMB. During the build I was really surprised to see that at the same length, I was going to need to add headweight to get up to swingweight. I noticed there was about a 6 gram hosel weight in the shaft of the pxi when I pulled it out. Given the club was going a little left I decided not to put the weight back in the hosel but in the toe. The beauty of these tmb's is they are hollow. So I added 5 grams of hotmelt to the head, neutral and toe, to get things to work out. Also I was again surprised to see that titleist hot melts the tmb stoc
  9. So the Tmb had a project x pxi shaft in it. And dispersion wasnt the best. It was too easy to turn over or pull and felt really light in the handle. I am going to put in a soft stepped X7 or maybe an S400 tour issue shaft to help stabilize it better and add some weight and feel to the club. I'm Still looking for a u500 3 iron....
  10. I have one on the way. I do like them. A little long heel to toe but like them alot. Will se once it gets here in 5 weeks... Yeah I am very swingweight aware and measure all my stuff I like d4 in the irons generally. For shaft weight it's a combo of balance point and overall weight. Too light on either and I dont have enough feel in the handle...
  11. A couple thoughts and updates. I looked at the hot metal pro iron specs. Dont think that an option because the 5 iron is 22 deg and I want the club length to be 3 iron length so that puts me in a bind up front with it. So I hit the nike, callaway, and TMB irons I built up and based on that I am dropping the callaway UT. It's a fine club and will hit the BST! Just for me I think the sole is too big a jump from the blade. Feel was okay, and distance was good, but not for me. Vapor fly pro. These are great long irons. I was impressed with the feel and distance. Loo
  12. Unfortunately I found the MMC to be a better club for me than the hmb when I hit them in a store a while back. But good thought thanks. I get that could work but my attempts at lighter have not gone well. Thx. I prefer firmer golf balls like prov1x, left dash, and tp5x and would like to stick with them. Honestly mainly for putting. I hate soft balls for putting...haha. thx though. I do only choose one of them to bag depending on the course. I'd like a for forgiving club in this 3/4 spot that I can fill the gap with that flies high and carrys far. Mainly for attac
  13. Could but that would give me 15 clubs! Sobid have to drop one somewhere. Thanks for the suggestion! this might work. I dont know if just that would get me the full 10... I will look at it. The offset is likely a deal breaker. Gotta see results outside on grass. I'm like a 20 handicap indoor....
  14. I need to add some length and height to my for iron! So I've had a little gap in my 3/4 iron slot in the bag and have noticed on some par 5s that my 4 iron needs another 10 yards. My next clubs up are either a 17 or 18 degree hybrid, or a 19 degree driving iron. And they go too far. So I have been looking at replacements for my current 4 iron, which is the p7tw, which I love and hit well. It just needs some extra horsepower. My current 4 iron is 24 degrees. My first thought and attempt was find a slightly stronger 4 iron so I looked at the titleist T100S [22deg] and the mizuno mp20 MMC [2
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