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  1. Just ordered some gloves and added 2 doz. Tour C4's for a testing- Played 1 for a complete round earlier this week- here's my review FWIW- I have played a TM TP5 for the past 4+ years approx. and this ball overall performs very similar. TP5 choice vs. TP5X is for spin reduction; I can add spin to wedge shots and pitches when I want to, C4 was no different. I felt in this round it was very similar in feel and performance to the TP5 when putting. Driver/ Fairway metal from tee was what I felt like an absolute dead heat as far as spin, backspin or sidespin and shot shape. It d
  2. go to Home depot, buy a pair of fiberglass driveway markers typically used for snow plow markers and cut to length. They're about $8-10 a pair, come in multiple colors and have a machined "point" on one end for ground entry, should you want to us them other than for on ground alignment. Like Bubba "You're Welcome"
  3. Missile launcher alert! I have one, this thing is an absolute cannon- GLWS
  4. BUMP- talk about a spin killer and an anti left machine? That Matrix Black Tie 105XX is like rebar :superman: YOU WILL NEVER SEE A BALL GO LEFT WITH THAT THING IN A HYBRID, EVER!!
  5. Plug- those Sport Boost 3's are the most comfortable shoes out right now- have both of those two color ways - get compliments constantly are wear 'em day in and day out
  6. Happy Open Championship Sunday WRX- Clearing out the extras, back-ups and other stuff I don't or won't be gaming in the future - Don't really have any trade needs, but would consider a SC 38" CB Putter like Dual or X series. I will be open to swapping shafts among the drivers to your needs, when applicable- will revise listing if a shaft indicated with a head goes out to a different head & is no longer available Headed out on vacation on next Sunday, so pay fast so that I can ship fast - all posted prices include shipping in CONUS I AM WILLING TO LISTEN TO REASONABLE OFFERS, Will not re
  7. And a father that's near scratch and a BILLIONAIRE :superman:
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