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  1. Short term solution is use more club and more of a 3/4 type shot. Long term solution is fix the pull in your swing.
  2. A fairway wood you can trust is like a unicorn ... I've been playing for over 20 years and still haven't found one
  3. Check you are pivoting properly and not hip swaying on the backswing. That's my unprofessional guess but a video would probably get feedback from one of the instructors on here
  4. Ping Eye2 MP 33 Ping i5 Adams CMB 4 holy grail sets of sticks :D
  5. You go back to the year 2000 and get a set of MP33's :nyam: I've went full circle with game improvement, player cavitys and everything in between for the past decade and honestly the mp33's are as long and forgiving as anything else. Only main difference between them and the rest is that the mp33's look, feel, and sound a thousand times better and can be had for next to nothing.
  6. I've always kept the ball opposite the left breast pocket, then just adjust stance width to what is comfortable. I wouldn't get too hung up on the width your feet are apart.
  7. Always lose a bit of speed when making a change. Just stick to it & the distance will come back to normal once it becomes second nature to move that way
  8. A bump or slide towards the target without adding side bend just results in a too steep an angle of attack - in my opinion. For my own swing (take this with a pinch of salt) the first thing which happens from the top is a slight crunch of the trail sides ribcage WITHOUT a slide ... that drops the club on a shallower plane which allows me then to just rotate. So the order on the d/swing is right side bend happening a millisecond before rotation. This is just what works for me, hopefully it can help someone
  9. I hit a low ball with an 11 degree TM m2, I think DJ uses something like 11 degrees too. The newer low spin heads definitely hit dead knuckleballs if you don't have a decent launch on it.
  10. "Nobody makes clubs the way we do. Period." Apart from taylormade :swoon: :swoon: :swoon: :swoon:
  11. Left shoulder / hip down more on the backswing, lose the flex in the right knee
  12. you're swinging it well mate just keep practicing :) a 7 year break is massive, just be patient & play as much as possible, less range - more play
  13. ^ I like this answer. Having belief in yourself, but putting no pressure on the outcome. Have no emotional attachment to bad shots. Course management I'd say is the biggest factor, only take on a shot that you KNOW you could pull off 3 times in a row. As the golden bear said, aggressive swings at safe targets.
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