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  1. Mint condition, used for 8-10 rounds. I'm the original owner, purchased from an authorized dealer. Shaft is untipped, includes the TM tip and plays about 45.5" in a SIM driver. Looking for $250 shipped and paypal'd.
  2. It actually doesn't (unless the science has changed). Offset is to help players keep their hands ahead of the ball at impact, which helps get the ball airborne through compression and backspin.
  3. None that I'm aware of. The purpose of offset is to set your hands ahead of the ball at impact, so the reverse offset idea was designed to help players compress the ball more with the mid and short irons.
  4. Agreed! That's where they missed the mark with the MP20's.
  5. Any interest in parting with that TN87 set?
  6. I grew up playing MP29's (and wish I'd never let them go). If the MP20's had the same offset profile of the TN87/MP29 (less in the long irons, more in the short irons) I'd be all over them.
  7. That was great! I've been a big Adam Scott fan for as long as he's been playing on tour. I've always loved his demeanor, his swing, his respect for the game, his humility and his attitude - whether he's playing poorly, or playing well. Thanks for sharing!
  8. Dude, sorry to be the grammar police, but punctuation is your friend.
  9. That's what I figured, but I don't think 8g is enough to affect ball flight... that's only ~4% of the total weight... maybe ~8% if it's 100% offset by reducing the other weight plugs by the same amount.
  10. Most of the pictures I've seen of the tour player's SIM's, have the moveable weight in the stock "center" position. They could be moving weight internally with hot melt, but I suspect use of hot melt would be more for sound than weight bias.
  11. Could the hole in the toe of this SIM2 Max be the speed foam port?
  12. Glad I didn't win them. I'd have been the dummy that put them in play an hour after UPS delivered them.
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