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  1. Gotcha. Been checking pictures out and videos of hole by hole. Looks to be a good track. Getting out in the morning to get back to appease the wife and son, so no extra will be played unfortunately.
  2. Headed down to Pismo next week and want to get a round in at Monarch Dunes. I’ve played Cypress(before the new ownership), played Morro Bay a few times and want to check this one off my Central Coast list. Any one with insight into Monarch Dunes??
  3. Did just that! The shipping was more than the book, but hopefully I’ll get it to do some recon this week.
  4. Pro shop and everything is closed as of right now.
  5. Finally pulled the trigger and this is finally happening! Got a tee time on May 19th! Can’t wait for this chance to play Pebble! Walked it last year during the US Open and knew I needed to play it even more! The good/bad is that I’m flying solo for the round, but I also look at this as a good thing and can wander and not have to worry about anyone else in the group. But on the flip side, no other people that I’m friends with to share the experience with! Those guys all became crickets when I got the tee time and they were all saying, if I got a tee time they’d be in too. Been on this site forever, let’s talk advice and suggestions! No shops will be open, so I’m thinking about just ordering a pin flag from the site. Which will land up saving me money since I can’t buy a ton in the shops!
  6. I'll be coming back down from my brothers in Petaluma, and then afterwards, headed straight back to Fresno. So trying to get parking close or within reason would be more ideal. But if they have shuttles, then I can and will land up doing that instead. Didn't have this issue when the US Open was at Olympic, my grandpa lived in the Sunset and dropped us off and picked us up!
  7. Roger that! The website doesn't seem to dialed in as of yet. I don't know if using the Pebble Beach US Open to compare events, but man, its less than two months away and they don't have much information that you think they would have. I was thinking Stonestown Mall would be a good spot or the neighborhood across 19th Ave. Or GETS wouldn't be a terrible option. I'm hoping that more information comes out as it gets closer.
  8. I'd park in the Zoo parking lot and just walk over, but I'm sure thats going to be locked down with something or locked down to Zoo parking only. I know my way around the area well, so parking in a neighborhood or shopping center and walking in could work, or maybe figure the bus line out and take a bus in quickly could work.
  9. Plan on getting up the week of the PGA. Unlike the US Open at Pebble Beach last year, it seems like they either aren't doing any types of shuttle or have no information in any of the sites. Does anyone know anything that I don't know. I've read they are doing ride shares but nothing about shuttles. I'm also curious to know if there is going to be multiple entries around the area. Thanks for any type of information. Coming up from Fresno, and most likely will play somewhere Monday if anyone is thinking the same way!
  10. Got my PM yesterday, and went through Protocol 1. Experienced the Ghost Hands was quite interesting. My biggest goal with the PM is my short game, greenside chipping and 50 yard and in chipping. I have the distances fairly dialed in, but when I need to go to one of these shorter shots to get up and down, or to stick it close, I struggle at times. But I see where these motions are going to really pay off over time.
  11. If you've never played Morro Bay before, everything breaks to the ocean!
  12. I have a wider band, and I just take it off and put it in my wallet or on one of my watch bands. Wife knows. Doesn't seem to bother her, never had an issue with taking it off and on. Tried to play a round with it when I first got married, and it was too bulky with it on.
  13. The ones that will probably judge you are the ones that are probably envious. The real golfers, won't say a word. But in the grand scheme of things, who cares. I golf with a couple guys that don't give two sh*ts about how they dress or look like when they golf, but I always have the shirt tucked in, and people always joke about being sponsored by Nike, since I'm head to toe in the Swoosh. But like people say, your money, your world. I have a staff bag, but don't use it, cuz it's signed by Tiger. lol
  14. Looks like another MC in the Saudi tournament. Really unfortunate that this has continued. Hopefully he can right the ship! What do you think the main problem is? Age and between the ears? Swing? Or not enough seasoning, yet.
  15. Would be curious to see the writing of these types of contracts. I'm sure with such a young player, yes I get the name brings notoriety, but at what point does Callaway need to see a return on their investment. MC each and every week doesn't do them much good. I hope the best for the kid, and hate seeing people stumble and fail. I hope that something clicks and turns around for him and finds the weekends and eventually gets wins and other accolades.
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