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  1. Not a fan of 9 hole golf. I'd rather use that time to work on my game at the range. I'm all for inclusive golf, but since the pandemic, it's next to impossible to get decent tee times here in SoCal unless you book a week ahead. You have to stay up until 12 am the night before the week though. There have been reports of scammers buying up all the good tee times and reselling them for profit here as well, go figure. Cops are investigating and I hope they resolve this issue.
  2. I would say go for it simply because it seems like a deal. Seems like your really like the feel which counts for a lot. You can always adjust specs by taking it in to a club builder and having them bent since they are forged. You can always pull the Nippons if they don't fit your swing and sell them here or on ebay.
  3. Same here. I have the OG SIM and SIM 2. OG SIM is dialed, and I'm still working on the SIM 2, but I have seen good results so far on the range and course so far.
  4. I have bought several tour issue items from broken niblick many years ago as well. I can attest to his products being 100% authentic as well.
  5. I only mentioned the iron shafts because the wood shafts also seem to be the same if not similar in terms of profile. I can see why he could've had a hard time loading the MMT. He has more than enough ss to handle x flex, but it may be because of his transition that he prefers s flex. Thanks for the insight though.
  6. My weekend group plays extremely fast. Our thing is that we have other things to do besides spending 5+hours on the course. We usually finish in 3. 5 to 4 hours on average unless the course is backed up. When a group is holding 2 or more groups up we usually ask if we can play through if there is no group ahead. It's 50/50. Some realize they are slow and let us through and others don't. That's when I will ask them to hurry it up and that there are several groups waiting on them. Most of the time they get the clue and speed up. I believe that there is no reason to be a total dick in ask
  7. You mean his worm burners that go 20 feet above ground, lol. He probably has the lowest apex for driver on tour. I've always rooted for the guy and he seems like a good dude in general. Congrats to him for the win.
  8. I would normally agree with you, however there are sellers on ebay that try to offload excess inventory at a significant discount. I got my Miura 60* bent to 58 for 150 about 9 years ago brand new off ebay from a seller with a stellar reputation and it's authentic and Will Peoples(not the seller) verified it was 100% legit. I believe they were going for over 200 bucks at the time.
  9. Ventus Black, Tensei White AV Raw white, CK Pro orange, Graphite Design XC Series, MCA DF series would all be good options for low/low shafts and they all come in 60 gram range. I've tested them all at different times last year for the 70 gram range. All within 3 degrees of launch and they all produced low spin as advertised.
  10. I have the MMT 125 TX in my irons and I find them easy to load. Then again my ss is 117 on average these days. I have gamed the DI for many years and I didn't find it hard to load either. Was the MMT 6x tipped? Also, I noticed that all the MMT shafts are mid kick on their website.
  11. I love my SIM Ti. I'm really picky with my 3 metal and the last dialed in one was the tour issue Cally razr hawk 15* w/RIP gamma. I'm getting 165 ball speed on average with my SIM Ti on trackman. Highly recommended.
  12. I have both and I am currently testing the SIM 2. Only have one range session and one round with the SIM 2. Both are 200 grams but the SIM is 9* and the SIM 2 is 8*. I know people say that the SIM is more fade biased than SIM 2, but I disagree. I can turn both over just as easily as the other. SIM 2 does have a flatter trajectory though and cuts through the wind better IMO but that has more to do with the lower lofted head. Hit the SIM 299 yards into the wind last Monday and hit the SIM 2 into the wind 312 yards on Saturday at two different courses. I can report findings as I'm going to
  13. My swing is normally in to out as well and it used to be severe like yours. I had to work extremely hard to get it more neutral. Pulls usually come from out to in with a shut club face and can continually leak to the left after hitting it's apex.
  14. I myself prefer lower lofts with lower spinning heads and low/low shafts. Determining the proper head for your swing will have greater impact in terms of launch and spin than any shaft IMO. You do want high launch and low spin, however there's a point of diminishing returns when your launch angle gets too high. Another factor that a lot of golfers overlook is descent angel which is also important IMO.
  15. I have two wedges in my bag one with high bounce and the other with low. I use them interchangeably depending on the course conditions and different lies. I have them purposely set up like that. I even put a lot of thought into shafts as well. The kbs 610 is a lower launching and spinning shaft while the kbs tour in my 58* is higher launching and spinning. It's worked out well for me.
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