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  1. Ironically, I've had all 3 shafts you mention as my gamer at some time. In terms of launch and spin the Ventus Blue and UB are pretty close from my experience. HD and Ventus Blue have more kick than the UB. Whereas I could turn the ball over with the HD and Ventus, I had a really hard time doing so with the UB. Hope this helps.
  2. I have the 60TX in my bag and have tested the XC in both 60 and 70 gram range when I went in for my driver fitting awhile back. ZF seems to launch slightly higher but still retains low spin like the XC. ZF also has some kick to it whereas the XC felt more linear to me. As a result, the ZF had more feel to it.
  3. Rooting for Matty to do well this year. He grew up in Agoura Hills which is 30 minutes away from my parents place and used to play and practice at West Lake GC which is where I would play a lot of my matches back in high school.
  4. I still have a club ho problem but it's gotten a lot better in that it's only for driver now. I bought a new set of irons last year because the ones I had were almost 10 years old. My putter has been in my bag for a solid 10 years now and it's not leaving anytime soon. I still have my 10 year old hybrid and the only modification I'm making to it is replacing the first gen Thump shaft I have in it for a Ventus Black 9TX. My point is that I've toned it down quite a bit but if I could come to terms with driver, I would cleanse the club ho in me, lol.
  5. I had the Speeder Platinum and gave it to my brother. I hit that thing high and and it spun like a mother. I don't think you'll like it at all especially since you're playing an atmos black which is a completely different profile shaft. If you want something that's similar to what you have, you should look into the Diamana PD. Low torque, no kick, very linear feel and low launch and spin.
  6. It's an improvement. I've tested the Pro White and had the 1k in my bag for 6 weeks late last year. Both were 70TX. The 1k feels smoother and that's probably due to the different materials. They both feel very linear and don't have much kick to them. Both true low/low shafts for sure. Where I saw a big difference was ball speed. I saw a 3 mph increase on average with the 1k which gave me about 9 more yards of carry. Unfortunately, I was more prone to hook the ball with anything less than a solid swing, so it got the boot.
  7. Love Rustic and all the courses up there in Moorpark. I totally disagree with you when you say lack of athletic ability. As a personal trainer, I have a good eye for athletic ability talent and you my friend have a solid swing. The golf swing is an athletic move in of itself and for a golfer who hovers around scratch such as yourself has to have some level of athletic ability in order to get to and maintain such a handicap.
  8. You guys are tempting me to pick up a box of these and try them, lol. Currently play the left dash and MTB-X and they fit my game, but I like to tinker with clubs and balls. Loved the XV, did not like the regular Z-Star. If this is somewhere in the middle, that would be good.
  9. 118 mph ss here. I've tried almost every "tour" ball both high and low compression throughout the years and quickly found out that I prefer the firmer feel of the higher compression balls. I'm not a big fan of hitting marshmallows. I'm also a high spin player so balls like left dash and CSX LS suit my game quite well. While they tend to spin less around the greens, they check every other box for me.
  10. I have a buddy/client of mine that plays on the Mackenzie Tour that pulls out driver every time he feels like he has a better chance of making birdie or better. Now if there's too much trouble around the landing area for driver, he will lay up. I got another buddy of mine that's a +4, used to play for UC Riverside and played mini tours for a few years before reinstating am status that plays more conservatively off the tee. They both have their own theories on going low. I honestly believe that the golfer should play to their strengths. I'm very aggressive off the tee and pull out driver whenever possible. While distance is a strength of mine, ball striking isn't so that's what gets me in trouble. Therefore I would rather have a wedge from the rough rather than an 8 iron from the fairway. Different strokes for different folks especially when it comes to course management.
  11. Which golf courses do you usually play? I'm in SoCal as well in the LA area but I travel out to Riverside county, Oxnard, San Bernadino, and Palm Springs as well to golf. You have solid swing which will serve you well. I too would like to get to scratch but I am still growing my business so I don't have as much time as I would like to practice.
  12. I had the Altus Black Tie for my hybrid many eons ago. I can tell you that they are def low/low shafts. I've also had the TP6HD, X-Con, and FM62 and a Matrix proto that ended up being the RUL shaft later when it came out retail. Loved them all minus the TP6HD. Very underrated.
  13. LOL, I agree. While I did love my Ventus Black 7x I had that was tipped, I tried the 6TX last year untipped and it was just a bit more stable. I have the ZF, TX flex for both driver and 3 metal and they are tipped as well. If I had gotten X flex, I know I would be more prone to the lefts.
  14. I think for Hideki it's a matter of feel and spin numbers. He probably wasn't getting the spin numbers he was looking for with the X100's hence picking the S300.
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