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  1. I watch George Gankas videos in order to help some of my clients who I train in the gym. I've been doing the "squat" move for many years before Rory and Matt Wolff made it a thing. I will say that it def helps add significant distance when done correctly.
  2. I have two cousins that play the TP in their drivers. I have given it some thought. To me, it's an updated, more stable DI. I had the DI in my old FT-9TA and when I hit it good, it was awesome, but when I mis hit it, it would curve off the planet. I have my reservations, but you may have convinced me to give it a go, haha.
  3. MAX version spin more and maybe launch a touch higher. It's suited more for golfers who have trouble getting enough hang time and spin off the deck. Off the tee, the SIM and SIM MAX work equally as well IMO.
  4. Most likely a swing issue. I used to hit a lot of irons off the toe. For me the problem was not enough hip rotation on the down swing causing me to come OTT. I didn't realize it at first but, my teaching pro showed it to me on vid and it all made sense.
  5. I'm one of those people you're talking about. My driver is 8* and I tee the ball up pretty high. I play low loft heads because I like a lower ball flight and I want to keep my spin down. Ball position is pretty standard. As for trying to hit up it, yes I tend to do that with driver. 0 to +3 for AoA. Some days, I'm just awful. Like, I can't find the fairway or if I do it's on the the other fairway or hitting out of the woods all day. Then I have days where I smash it either in the fairway or just in the rough and have wedges in. My favorite club but also a b**** at times.
  6. Low loft. Increases the chances of more side spin. Swing for the fences mentality which leads to open, shut face, low, high face miss, toe or heel miss. Also, it's the longest club in the bag so it's more difficult to find the sweet spot.
  7. Yeah I figured as much. I've tried a lot of low/low shafts for driver but not 3 metal. The CK pro white wouldn't spin enough for me. I also find that I really have to go after it for it to load properly which is fine for driver, but I'm not trying to do that with 3 metal unless I'm trying to get on the green in two with 3 metal which is very rare. I tried it for driver and it was one of my favorites and was a close second behind the Ventus Black. CK pro blue sounds like a good choice. I'm torn atm. I will keep the TB for now, but will have to change to a different shaft soon.
  8. It does. Sticking a low/low shaft with your G400 isn't going to magically bring spin down 1000+rpms. You need to find a different head. The OG SIM is a low spin head to begin with. It's also not very forgiving on mis hits. Pick your poison so to speak.
  9. Thing is, the TB is already tipped 1.5 inches. I was thinking CK pro blue. Let me know how the ZF goes. I'm trying to weigh all my options atm. Thanks.
  10. I have a Ventus Blue and TB as shafts for my 3 metal. I wanted to know your thoughts/comparisons to these. Basically, I love the VB but it launches a little too low off the deck. The TB launches fine off the deck but off the tee, while it doesn't balloon, it's not good for holes where there's head wind. I'm looking for something right in the middle that's mid/low. What would be your recommendation? I've looked into the ZF but I've only tested it in driver not, 3 metal.
  11. Fitness has come a long way since then. I started weight training when I was 19. So 1999 when there were whispers here and there about Tiger working out for golf. I figured it wouldn't hurt. Added stretching the year after after I figured out that having a bigger shoulder turn would help me generate a little more ss. I've always done plyometrics and speed training for baseball back in the day which is very similar to speed training for golf. And now it's 2021. Everybody on tour does golf fitness. It's more detail oriented now and complex since the early days but the concepts have alway
  12. I'm still strong, but not nearly as much as when I was in my teen's, 20's and early 30's before my kidneys failed. 40 is a pivotal age. From here on out it's all down hill for me, lol.
  13. I can agree with that. I'm a morning person. I like to get my workouts in at 4 to 5am because that's when I have the most energy. I find myself less motivated to workout in the afternoon/evenings because it's crowded, gross and waiting on every machine, bench, etc. sucks. All the eye candy walking around is also distracting. There's also the lethargy that sets in after work as well. Def stronger in the afternoon and evenings but the other factors mentioned are more than enough to keep me away from the gym at those times.
  14. Company policy. The sales people have to abide by the rules even if they don't make sense. Been there done that. At least you got the set up you wanted and only paid 20 more bucks for it. Happy ending. Enjoy that set up.
  15. My favorite glove is any that's made from cabretta leather, isn't so thin that the risk of tearing a hole increases and fits pretty snug. I'm not a glove snob and will play anything from a FJ Pure Touch to a generic cabretta leather glove.
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