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  1. Nothing wrong with having a combo set. Some golfers including pros prefer to go that way. At one point i had Scratch AR-1 in my 4-6 and TM rac tp mb in 7-PW. Played some of my best rounds with that set. The tour pros these days also carry driving irons that are more forgiving and launch higher than the butter knives of old which were insanely difficult to hit.
  2. There is nothing wrong with a sushi and sashimi dinner. Ever been to Nobu? I have and the food there is out of this world delicious. Fajitas, meh I can take it or leave it. Milk shakes are good to wash down all that good Japanese food.
  3. I have had the pleasure of playing a 6 hour round once at Rancho Park in West LA few years back. Sad thing is, it was on a weekday. Every hole we were waiting on every single shot for at least 5 minutes. Granted it's a muni and it's always packed. I think I shot 92 that day which was way off what I would normally shoot. It was mostly due to frustration that I hit so many bad shots. I haven't been back to that course and don't ever intend on playing it again even if someone offers to pay for my round.
  4. There's quite a noticeable difference in performance for woods when you add or subtract 500 rpm. For irons, not so much.
  5. I've played tried 44-46 inch drivers in the past. 44 inch driver wasn't quite where I wanted to be distance wise. 46 inch driver was very long when hit solid, but when it was mishit, the dispersion would be awful. 45 inches seems to be the sweet spot for me. It's a happy medium of distance and acceptable dispersion for me.
  6. I agree. Injury is caused from bad form or from over stretching the muscle, joint, or connective tissues in ways that your body can not handle due to limited flexibility. I always teach/show my clients good form when I train them so as to prevent/limit injuries. I'm also a huge proponent of yoga and stretching in general which I also include in my sessions. It doesn't matter if your a regular gym goer or a pro athlete, flexibility is vital for any athletic movement.
  7. I can't create the same swing speed I used to nor can I quite get into the positions I used to be able to when I was younger. I consider myself pretty flexible for being 40, but having 3 herniated discs in my back from trying to squat 495 pounds in my early 20's(dumb dumb) and years of heavy lifting doesn't help either. I think the older we get and the more injuries we accumulate, we find it necessary to implement some swing changes in order to put less stress on our spines. I did look at the chart above posted by the OP and plan to possibly rework my swing so as to not put any additional s
  8. Sure no problem. No, it's the blue 8x. I just had my guy put hot melt in the head to get it up to D5 sw.
  9. SIM MAX 9 degree w/ventus black 7x SIM 15 degree w/ventus blue 8x
  10. I would be leary of getting a ventus black in a fairway wood. Initially, I wanted the ventus black 9 or 10x in my 3 metal. I'm glad I didn't go that route when I got on trackman and looked at the numbers. I also tested the ventus red 9x as well. I got the best numbers with the ventus blue and it's mine is tipped 1.5 inches. Red spun a little bit too much for my liking which is ok on a benign day, but I don't ever want to see my 3 metal ballooning on a windy day. I probably don't swing as hard as you do but just to give you an idea, I make 115-118 mph ss with driver.
  11. My swing thought is to start downswing by thrusting down into the ground with my legs and pushing back up. Let my arms drop into the slot and just let the magic happen. Pretty much the squat move that Rory, Wolff and several others on tour do for power. Ironically, I've been doing this long before George Gankus made it popular.
  12. I wouldn't say they are high launch. When I had mine, they were mid launch with low spin. High launch for me would be the kbs tour. Did not care for them one bit. High and spinny and especially bad in windy conditions. I had PX as well a long time ago in my rac mb tp at the time and hated them because they were so harsh on my joints so I switched out to the c-tapers and they felt a lot better and kept the spin down.
  13. I have in the past. If a golfer starts their down swing with their upper body and the hips rotate too late, it's almost always trouble. Even till this day I always have to remind myself to initiate my down swing with my hips. It's easier said than done.
  14. Yes of course. I looked at my numbers and I only picked out the ones that had similar numbers. The one that was 20 yards short was an anomaly. Most were 5 to 10 yards short. I realize that I should've worded it more carefully.
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