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  1. KBS proto and Ventus Blue would be good options for a graphite shaft in your 2 iron. They are both mid/mid shafts that are similar to the DG profile.
  2. The 1k has a little bit of kick and plays a little softer overall IMO. It has really good feel to it for a low/low shaft.
  3. I don't have any plans to test the Ventus Black in TX anytime soon. However, @JustinDhas and I hope he can chime in. Says that the PD and Ventus Black play similar in TX flex.
  4. I have a Fubuki Alpha in my old tour issue R7 ALE 13*. It's a very good shaft. I now have the Diamana ZF which I highly recommend. The Ventus Blue, CK Pro Blue and Diamana BF are also good options as well. These are all I would recommend something softer since you have a 13* which is fine off the tee but could be an issue from off the deck getting enough launch and spin.
  5. The 60x will play stiffer than the 70s. The CK Pro Orange is counterbalanced and your swing may match up well with it.
  6. You mean the guy that talks s*** all day but can't back it up? Yeah, I got one of those too. I have to give him double digit strokes and still take his money most of the time. Still doesn't shut up. He got a golf ball to the head a few months back by his own swing from a tree in front of him and that shut him up. Who knew..........
  7. The AV Raw Blue will not play like the Ventus Blue. I can tell you from having the Ventus Blue and testing the AV Raw Blue that the AV will play softer in the tip and will spin more. Whereas the Ventus flattened out for me, the AV spun too much for me and I was prone to hitting the high spinner. If you are going to go with the AV, I would advise you to tip it quite a bit to bring spin down.
  8. One of my good buddies who's a + cap has one in his bag as one of his gamers and it's just as good as anything out there IMO. Very underrated. I tried it out on the course and it felt great. Had the wrong shaft in it for me, but still, I would put it in my bag in a heart beat if I wasn't such a TM fan boy.
  9. I game the CSX LS and it's just as long as the left dash for me with just enough spin for irons. Only difference I see is that the left dash launches too high for me whereas the CSX LS doesn't and holds it's line better in the wind. Don't get me wrong, the left dash is a good ball but the CSX LS fits me better. I wish the LS was as durable as the left dash though.
  10. Exactly! The PD has been very anti-left for me as well and I'm prone to hooking the living daylights outta the ball at times.
  11. You're right at the border of S and X so I would recommend going with the softer flex and tipping it an inch or so. Problem with going with the stiffer flex is that when you're swing is off and/or you're tired, your ss will decrease and you will not be able to properly load the shaft. I always say that if you are going to error on flex, it's better to go a little softer and tip it rather than going the other way.
  12. Very interesting and proves that one outcome for said golfer will not the be same as another. Thanks for sharing your experience. I myself found that the 1k had the most feel out of all three and was the easiest to load. I could swing easy and still get it to perform. It felt like it had the most kick to it as well. It was also the most unpredictable in terms of results though and most punishing on mishits but gave me the highest ball speeds. Ventus Black gave me the lowest ball speeds but reliable in terms of dispersion but had less kick than the the 1k but more than the PD. PD ball speeds were on the higher side, was the stiffest, barely had any kick and was the most boardy but tightest dispersion which is why it will be my gamer for awhile. All 3 shafts were in the same SIM 2 head though. I will say that the variable for me is that the Ventus Black was X flex while the other shafts were TX with all 3 being tipped different lengths, all in the 70 gram range.
  13. While there are swing flaws involved, I think a good part of it is mental as well. I hit a lot of good drives/shots on the range, but on my off days out on the course, the wheels can fall off in a hurry and I know that it's mostly mental. You have to remember that the range is wide open without any hazards so your mind isn't paralyzed by fear nor does it over analyze. For me, when things start going bad on my full swings, I try and clear my mind and only focus on one swing thought. I also tell myself to swing freely and focus on the motion and not the end result. I can go from going double, bogey, bogey to getting on the par train in a hurry a good bit of time when I do this.
  14. Congrats!!! My lowest round was a 69 at La Quinta/Mountain course when I was a lad(18). At the time I was a 2 cap. Going under par can certainly happen for low single caps. Very rare but doable.
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