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  1. I know I will have to give up x flex one of these years. I don't swing nearly as hard as I used to but make enough ss to still make use of x flex. I haven't used stiff since my high school years. I figure as long as I keep myself flexible and strong enough and work on my speed training, I should be ok for a little while.
  2. I wouldn't say it's spinny but it's certainly not the lowest spinning shaft out there.
  3. I think that's more impressive than a hole in one. Everything has to go your way plus you have to absolutely be money from tee to green. As for me, nope, I've never done it and probably won't. Ball striking is the weakest part of my game by far. I live and die by my driver and putter.
  4. That's about my father's distance off the tee and he's a mid single handicap you can def reach your goal. You just have to dial in your short game because of your short comings off the tee. It's what's kept my father such a good golfer all these years. As for driving distance averages, I find that it's best to make a true determination by looking at one's ball speed IMO.
  5. You should tip it at least an inch depending on how much spin you need to bring down.
  6. I know for myself I have to "feel" like my hips start my down swing and let the arms follow suit. I do realize that proper sequencing is the ideal way to hit a good shot but my first instructor taught me to swing this way. Over the years, I've worked on my swing meticulously but this has always been my go to. For me anyways, I feel like when I fire my hips through the zone and let the arms do it's thing, as long as my balance is good, my shot will be decent contact but face control will vary wildly. I can live with that compared to the opposite which is when I "feel" like my arms start fir
  7. Ventus Blue or Black for hybrid. KBS proto for driving iron.
  8. BF launches a tad higher and spins more so it can get pretty spinny. ZF hits its peak then just flattens out. Spins less as well. I did noticed Cantlay with a silver/grey shaft in his driver. May very well be the ZF.
  9. Look into the ZF. Very underrated shaft that doesn't get a lot of love on tour. I believe that JT is the only one to use one in his driver. Mid/low and it will flatten out after it hits it's apex.
  10. Graphite shafts. I have had extensive wrist and hand injuries with elbow pain in the past. I made the switch to graphite at the suggestion of a teaching pro. Life saver. There is less harshness and vibration especially off toe and thin mishits. Avoiding hitting of mats is also a good idea.
  11. Happens all the time in baseball when pitchers lick their fingers after touching the rosin bag and the baseball. I think it becomes a habit. Yes, it's disgusting but we all have our idiosyncrasies.
  12. Stretching whether it be static or dynamic would help you get that width in your swing. Shoulder flexibility will help you turn back as much as your body will allow you.
  13. Had the Ventus Black, now the Tensei 1k is my gamer. I would say that in some ways they are similar. Ventus is stiff in the handle while the Tensei 1k is softer. Mid section and tip are stiff for both shafts. I'd say that the Tensei 1k launches maybe a touch lower and spins about the same as the Ventus Black. Pros and cons are that the 1k gives me 4mph more ball speed but dispersion isn't nearly as tight. Ventus Black is super stable and dispersion is tight but ball speeds couldn't touch the 1k which is why it's in my bag now.
  14. My set up is driver, 3 metal, 2 hybrid and 3i driving iron. I've tried the 5 metal set up and it just doesn't do it for me. I've been gaming hybrids since they first hit the market way back then. The driving iron is a godsend. It is more forgiving and launches a touch higher than the traditional 3 iron. It covers my gaps and tends to be a more versatile set up IMO.
  15. I would take both honestly. Both have really good grip and the leather is equally soft. Whereas the Biom hybrid 3 is super soft, then H4 and S-Three are just slightly more firm. Only difference is that the H4 sit to sit higher when you put them on which I'm not a fan of. I like my feet to be as close to the ground as possible.
  16. Two weeks is too short notice. Should've posted this a month out. Honestly, at this point, stretch as much as you can either dynamic or static, or better yet, both. If you have speed sticks or something similar, starting using them to start activating your fast twitch. That's pretty much all I can tell you at this point.
  17. Here's the deal. PX 6.0 will launch lower than KBS Tour but higher than S300. Tempo doesn't matter as much as the fitter stated for steel shafts. The flight, spin and numbers do. Feel is subjective, but to me, the best feeling shaft is the KBS Tour then S300 then the PX 6.0.
  18. I like the way GD designs their shafts with the white bands towards the butt section with the bright and dark colors depending on the shaft. Tensei line is nice because it's very simple and has the colored bar in the mid. As for irons, you can't go wrong with the MMT graphics. Black with traces of white lines.
  19. I've tried it and it doesn't help me at all. In fact, my father says that my back swing is faster than my down swing. Go figure that one out, haha.
  20. One of my buddies whos local has a trackman. I go see him every now and then just to screw around and check numbers on my clubs. Def helps pinpoint how extreme my swing path can get when I'm off and if my overall numbers are optimal.
  21. I'll drop dough on golf equipment and green fees. I won't for golf clothes because they are all made overseas in Asia and will eventually get holes in them. Shoes I will spend the extra cheese on simply because you can't put a price on your foot health. Gloves can go either way for me. I've spent 8 to 25 bucks on gloves. I just prefer the feel of the Pure Touch.
  22. That's the only down side. Otherwise it's numero uno in my book. Playing in Palm Springs this weekend and I can't wait. Thin air, 100+degree heat and firm fast fairways. Should make for 330+yard drives for me.
  23. Love the design and look. The price, not so much.
  24. I follow the Gankas model. I get most of my power from hip rotation/speed and late release being only 5'7. Some golfers have slower hip rotation speed but faster arm speed and that's where they get their power which is fine. It seems as though you fit the latter.
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