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  1. Ventus line up is the most popular on tour atm. MCA would probably be right behind. Graphite Design rounds out the top 3 I believe.
  2. Very bad idea. Now Fuji def won't honor the warranty.
  3. That's good to hear. I do believe that you are correct. How did you snap it there?
  4. Good points. Call me greedy, but I'd rather play for and win 5 mil on the SGL rather than 2 mil and claim that I won a major. I need that yacht, 10 million dollar home, 10 exotic cars, and a private jet, lol.
  5. There is no guarantee Fuji will send you replacement Their thing is that they will only send out a replacement if the shaft is damaged/snapped in certain sections of the shaft. I do wish you luck and hope you get a replacement though.
  6. I played Skylinks for the first time earlier this year. It's a tough layout and also a first shot course. If you can't get off the tee, well then, you're screwed. I was struggling that day so I wasn't able to enjoy the course, lol. I'll make it a point to go back and play again. I enjoyed Recreation Park 18 though. Plenty wide and the weather was absolutely gorgeous in May. Haven't played El Dorado but plan to eventually. Is Lakewood CC worth it?
  7. Worst part of my game by far nowadays is chipping. There's a video on youtube where Phil demonstrates the art of chipping. I've gotten so desperate that I started to practice and incorporate his chipping philosophy. It's helped quite a bit. I still manage to chunk chips every now and again, but not nearly as often as I used to.
  8. The Saudis have exorbitant amounts of money from their oil business which is probably what the PGA Tour is threatened by IMO. They can afford to put up more money for purses than the PGA Tour could ever fathom. In the end, money talks and that's what the guys on tour will gravitate towards. I wouldn't be surprised if this SGL or whatever they decide to call it will surpass the PGA Tour within the next 20 years.
  9. I've had a gap wedge in the bag for years but found out I barely used it so I took it out a few years back. I hit a lot of partial swing/shots with all my wedges. I don't ever use gap wedge around the greens. It was pointless to carry one. I play with 12 clubs in the bag atm but at least I have the option of putting another club in if I ever need to.
  10. My advice to is to take some time off. You've picked up some bad habits/movements somewhere whether it be your swing or short game and now it's ingrained into your muscle memory. It's time to shut it down and not do anything golf related for 2 or more weeks. What this does is a partial to complete muscle memory wipe where you can start fresh and rebuild your swing. For me, it works more often than not. In case the short break doesn't end up helping, you can then look into other avenues such as going to see a teaching pro.
  11. Carry distance is king simply because it's an absolute/set number. Roll out is bonus. That's the way I see it. However, it is always good to know your average or approximate roll out. The more data you have can obtain about your overall game, the better off you are no matter if you're the weekend hacker or a tour pro.
  12. I'm open to the idea but I'd like to test it before making any rash decisions, lol.
  13. I've played there 3 times, most recently about 2 months ago. You're right, it's not a tough venue, but there's something about the course that just messes with my head. It's def a first shot course meaning that you must put the ball in good position off the tee or it's going to be a very long day. Greens tend to be quicker than most of the public courses out here. Last time I shot a 78 there, but I always feel like I can score better. On the other hand, Los Amigos is a breeze. Wide open fairways, slow greens and not much OB. Played there during the summer and I shot what I consider an easy 74. Didn't have to grind much.
  14. Wood Ranch CC in Simi Valley. My father was a member there for 8 years when I was younger. I could never break 80 there as a kid growing up. He sold his membership when I was 17. The course has a ton a of OB left and right. There are ditches/ravines that run across the fairways on a few holes. There are water hazards that come into play on 6 or 7 holes if I remember correctly. If that's not hard enough, there are tons of green side bunkers and the greens are slick. I was lucky enough to play a round there a few years ago as a guest. Shot 80. So to this day, I can't claim I've ever broken 80 there. Just a tough course that requires accuracy and great ball striking over length. Being able to work the ball both ways is a bonus.
  15. I think you know better than to say such blasphemous things around here, lol.
  16. Not quite the EI profile, but here's a link I found to be very helpful. https://tourad.gd-inc.co.jp/product/tour_ad_hd/
  17. R11 dot or the R7 superquad 282. These heads were both tour issue and the face was usually cranked way open. Smaller profile than their retail counterparts and spun less. Way ahead of their time IMO.
  18. You too? Truer words couldn't have been said, haha. Unlike you though, my wife knows where I go, everything I do, and sleeps with one eye open.
  19. Matt Wolff had it in his bag for like a week or two then went back to his TP.
  20. I've had both shafts many years ago in my bag. 6.5 will feel a little stiffer overall and launch a hair lower. I had a problem over drawing both shafts. Dispersion was the same with both and didn't tighten anything up. If you want a lower ball flight then the 6.5 would make sense, but if not, there's really no reason to switch IMO.
  21. I have the New Level 623-M and I'm a happy camper. I got them when Eric was having a big sale and saved myself a bunch of money considering I got the MMT shafts with them. Forged blades that have the looks and feel you would expect from the bigger name companies. They don't feel quite as good/soft as Miura, Vega, Epon but pretty damn close. I can't justify spending 1500+ on a set of MB when there is no added tech or significant improvement.
  22. Go for it. I hope he relays some more info on this "mystery" proto. Hell, I'd like to know more. I've tried his ZX5 and like the way it looks, feels and sounds. Smaller head and low spin are in my wheel house and I'm never opposed to trying something new/different especially when it comes to driver.
  23. I've been hearing through the grapevine through my good buddy who has worked for Srixon as a rep in the past who still has ties to them that the proto you're talking about has a smaller head and spins less. We had a discussion recently that lead to the topic of a proto floating around the different tours, not just the PGA. And before you guys ask, no he doesn't have access to these heads atm.
  24. GP plus HD is a bad a** combo. Billy boy needs a good finish this week. He hasn't been playing well as of late.
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