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  1. I have a Cobra S2 forged 3-iron head that I'd like to shaft. I see the Cobra 3-iron spec for this model is .355 and 39.0". Do I simply buy a 39" .355 taper tip steel 3-iron shaft and install it in the head or a shorter shaft to account for the head to make it 39"? Thx.
  2. Ha! Another interesting suggestion. Thank you. I may play around with the idea. Certainly won't make it worse!
  3. Thanks for the advice. Will do. I also took some light steel wool to remove the majority of the rust that has accumulated on the face.
  4. SOLD. Used UST Mamiya Helium golf driver shaft - but in like new condition. Mizuno ST adapter. 44" uninstalled. Used for two rounds. 5f3 Regular flex. New Golf Pride BCT full cord grip. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail.
  5. I hope this is the correct forum. Can this ding in my Cobra S2 forged iron be repaired or is it a lost cause? Thanks.
  6. CK Orange is a low spin shaft. Love mine in my ST200 driver.
  7. Yes. Iron fit for Kuro Kage. Played them a year but now want to switch out for Tensei CK Blue 60R, but can't find them anywhere. Anyone reading this has any direction to find them I'd appreciate it
  8. Unable to find a reseller who carries this iron shaft. Any suggestions? Looking to replace my iron shafts (4-PW). Thanks.
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