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  1. Excellent, near mint condition. New matching head cover included. SOLD!
  2. SOLD. 2017 M1 3 Wood Head. Used but near mint condition. Note that there is NOT a head weight included. Head screw IS included. Matching new head cover also included.
  3. Used for one short practice green chipping session. Like new. $65 CONUS.http://imgur.com/gallery/a4ItZRu
  4. 43". Light face wear. A couple of marks on crown, but no paint damage. Top paint not pristine, but good. ATMOS Blue 7R shaft. Brand new standard size Lamkin Sure Tac Pro full cord grip. Matching Exotics head cover included.
  5. Good information. Thank you.
  6. Does anyone know where to find Miyazaki shafts? I'm looking for a Kasula 61R fairway shaft and finding it very difficult to locate a seller/retailer. I don't think I am overlooking an obvious source. Ebay, forums, google searches. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  7. 2012 NIKE VRS Iron Set, 4 - AW. Standard length and lie. D-0 swing weight. Excellent condition; very light wear. Protected with iron covers during ownership. True Temper Dynamic Gold Pro R300 Regular flex shafts. Velvet grips in great shape. 4-iron is an added club to the set, but condition is same as the rest of the set. 4-iron grip is a Golf Pride Tour Velvet full cord in good shape. 'A' Wedge also a set add-on. Nippon NS stiff shaft. Face is good. Clubs shows bag chatter. Velvet grip in great shape. $225. CONUS sales only.
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