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  1. I finally had a true appreciation moment with my 60 degree Glide 3.0 Eye 2. I had a tight fairway lie, 82 yards away, into 5 mph wind, with a back pin 6 feet from the fringe/fairway collection area. I hit a full 60 degree shot and the ball flew the green by 2 feet into the fringe/fairway collection area and I immediately thought damn why did I do that...but then the ball spun back all the way through the several feet of fringe/fairway leaving me 10 feet up the hill which I made for par ? I have been hitting these wedges so many times into a net and I thought they must have worn grooves b
  2. I agree it just feels like it will fly out of my hands and I consider my hands pretty strong but they are not very large. I wear a Med-Large glove and my grips are standard up to 1 extra wrap Interlock feels pretty good now. I think my main issue was my grip needed to be slightly stronger which helps me radially deviate a bit instead of the forearm flexing feel to bring the club down with a proper release.
  3. I ask the question now in 2020 since these threads appear to be old: has it been studied at all what these types of grips may promote for a golfer with a standard traditional strength grip? I am a fader of the ball and I have always used interlock. Even when I try to draw it or go straight it still wants a tiny bit of fade. I started experimenting with the overlap grip and I noticed it felt like my hands were more unitized to each other but less so with the club....lo and behold hitting straight balls and varying my release hitting draws. Psychological or has anyone out there also noticed
  4. What I said above... ...and now a GC2.... ?
  5. Love these rebuttals. I am a 7HCP and took a few lessons over the winter so I know what I have to work on. Understandable that more lessons is probably ultimately better but still the sim has its benefits. ^^And I was one who also paid for 3 sessions on a trackman at a place like yours this winter on top of the lessons and loved every second of it.
  6. Trying to buy a skytrak but backordered...
  7. What’s the best site to order A SkyTrak and potentially actually get a quick ship date you guys think?
  8. A Hybrid and a new driver shaft really trying to figure out how to get a net and launch monitor in my tiny apartment..weird timing bc we are closing on a house 6/1 with plenty of indoor/outdoor space but I need to practice this month!
  9. Current setup: Driver @45“ 3 Wood @42.25” 18 Deg UDI @40” 22 Deg Hybrid @38.75” 5-PW etc Seems to work pretty well. My 5 iron is about a 200 yard club depending on the need and then the hybrid replaces the 3/4 and the UDI is a bomber with rollout off the tee. My 3 wood is shortened to 42.25 to help hitting off the deck a little FYI.
  10. Very helpful. As a 7 HCP, I definitely can’t pin my yardages that precisely! But rough and fairway and 1/2 club wind is very helpful to experiment.
  11. Very interesting observation on airflow RH. Also, love the subtract 10 on yardages simulator vs realistic and under pressure.
  12. Awesome great examples. Play to comfortable distance with error for coming up short on green. I was given a rangefinder as a birthday present and will get time try it out this year when things calm down and will definitely have some exact numbers to practice this with.
  13. Awesome thank you! Do you know your max carry with every club or rely on average carry?
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