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  1. Excellent condition. Purchased from Callaway Preowned, but just not for me. Regripped with a GP 2G Midsize, but I can put a standard grip on it for you if you want. $160 shipped CONUS Full kit. Pics say it all.
  2. Thanks everyone. 1 pair of shorts and the shirt has been spoken for. Sold in order of when I was contacted. Who knew these would be so popular. 1 pairs of shorts left.
  3. Final Post. At the end of the day, I am not sure if I am going to keep it. I appear to have reached the end of their ability/desire to assist me with getting this dialed in. I asked for some more clarification, and I got a generic response in return. I provided this information and asked for clarification. Hi, I have tried on both cloudy and sunny days. Admittedly, where I have my setup, the sun shine directly into the camera so I have tried to te
  4. You're welcome. I don't blame you. I have 3 layers of netting because I like to hit real golf balls, but have put balls through single nets in the past. Eventually they will wear out and fail.
  5. Yep. I just tried it with a couple I had lying around. Picked up my swing speed and recorded my swing. Obviously all of the distance measurements will be off since the ball speed measurements will be inaccurate due to the ball. Instructions say that you should use a white ball but since my ball speed is so off and heading into the net I don’t think it will matter if you’re going to use an Almost Golf ball or other foam balls.
  6. Just got mine yesterday and now have played around with it for 2 days. I love that it records video of every shot. Out of the box, I am having the same issues with low ball speed as others have reported. I am hitting into a net that is 8ft away from the ball and the unit is 7 ft away from me. Tomorrow, I will try a manual calibration and play around with the placement some more. I am really looking for a unit I can use outside hitting into a net as I don't currently have access to a driving range. I'm not a long hitter, so it's not like I am looking for accurate 400 yard drives. My flush
  7. Rapsodo mobile launch monitor. $100 off on Amazon. $399
  8. I'll take toes over this... Years ago, there was a guys selling irons that had a high gloss finish. He took the picture of the irons while in his tidy whiteys.
  9. Get rid of side ad banners. Current Fujikura one is inverted in Safari and is just plain distracting when scrolling down the home page. Better caching when browsing as well. Navigating is a bit slow.
  10. I bought a Vessel bag from them. Swapped because I changed my mind and wanted a different model Vessel. Great customer service. Very friendly and helpful.
  11. I have not bought from that seller, but the one thing to keep in mind is the club length. The Japan standard length in my experience has been 1/2" shorter than US standard length clubs.
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