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  1. Excellent condition M2. All stock. Fujikura regular flex shaft. Clean top line. No major flaws. Just light use. HC and a tool will be included. $175 shipped CONUS
  2. Yes At home and on the range The ability to replay your setting with stats works be helpful to know you are properly practicing, and not just bashing balls
  3. $80 shipped. Ping tip. I can include the original Arccos grip too.
  4. Yep. Opening is 9.5 inches from top to bottom.
  5. Close to mint as possible. Pics will show almost new. Rain hood included.
  6. $90 shipped CONUS Excellent condition. No dings or scratches. Well taken care of. Bright LED display.
  7. 1. Glendale, CA 2. 15 3. Evenroll ER5 4. No 5. I'm looking for more consistency in my putting. 6. Yes
  8. Brand new with tags never worn. $80 OBO shipped CONUS
  9. Callaway CF16s for sale $350 shipped CONUS Standard Length 2* Flat with red paint fill on hosel to match Stock XP95 Reg flex Grips are stock, and basically new
  10. Save the extra, and leave it to cure to the side. I usually leave the stir stick in the cup when I am putting clubs together as a way to check the epoxy cure level etc. If you can easily break up the left overs, it may be a bad batch.
  11. Excellent condition. Purchased from Callaway Preowned, but just not for me. Regripped with a GP 2G Midsize, but I can put a standard grip on it for you if you want. $160 shipped CONUS Full kit. Pics say it all.
  12. Thanks everyone. 1 pair of shorts and the shirt has been spoken for. Sold in order of when I was contacted. Who knew these would be so popular. 1 pairs of shorts left.
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