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  1. Dang! Why do these still have to be available??? They are screaming my name!!! Wish we could work something out.
  2. Sorry I am outta control. I could start a part time job on ripping Sergio. I grew up watching Tiger and Sergio was always the "bad guy" because for some reason he was supposed to be Tiger's best up and coming competition. I could never find a reason to like the guy but uncountable reasons to dislike him. I don't like to use the word hate. I think it's a strong word that is thrown around too easily and used too much. Even though I really really really dislike him.
  3. > @Bingo1976 said: > In any other sport, if you **** up it's usually game over. Sergio could have just played better for the rest of the match rather than whining like a baby. Act like a man, show some testicular fortitude, and if you act like a class act then maybe your opponent will give it to you. But given Kuchar is cheaper than a Walmart diamond, Sergio went home with nothing. If any man concedes a hole to Sergio after all of that happened then I would question their manhood. Especially in a 1vs1 competition. You should be out for blood, what's the point in playing if you're goi
  4. > @radiman said: > > @2over said: > > I'm with couldn't have happened to two nicer people group. The class move would have been for Kooch to simply say the putt was good even after the fact which he certainly could have done (just like he could have paid that fill-in caddy properly), and for Sergio to concede Kooch's 30 footer on the next hole and play on like men. > > I don't know. Willingly breaking the rules seems like it would be a bigger issue. Sergio is 100% at fault here. Why should Kuch concede a hole because Sergio lost his cool. > > Seems to me that
  5. > @turtlekc said: > > @Man_O_War said: > > Kutchar needed that hole to win. Sergio in his ever all stupido found a way to donate the hole. He doesn't look happy. looks burdened by the world. Kid has all the money, Norman's daughter....hmmmm..maybe not all good at home.... he's been racist, abused courses, spat in holes, what..something very very wrong with this guy.. > > If he was still with Norman's daughter, I'm sure he would have gotten a couple of stern talking too from dad! :) Maybe just a good ol whoopin with the belt
  6. I can't watch Sergio. He makes my blood boil. I don't know how anyone can like the guy. Dude drags his feet and spikes across a green in the Saudi tourney (I think). Sure, children do that or not even...and this is a "man" a "professional" HAHAHA!!! Please, he's a joke. I understand Kuchar's not exactly at the top of everyone's list but change the player to anyone else on tour and there's no argument FOR Sergio having a hole conceded for his own stupidity and lack of control. The PGA needs to sign the clown up for anger management classes or to go hang out with Garrigus and mellow out. I hones
  7. > @jubess said: > If I bought those Trump balls, I could probably hit them 500 yards. That's how hard I would hit them!
  8. I have a staff bag too and can't find a box big enough to ship it so I'm stuck with it. They are a load but it's awesome how much stuff you can jam inside one them. I like this bag. GLWS
  9. I'm selling a white Grindin Golf Amen Snapback. I bought a white one and green one. Really like their stuff
  10. I talked to the Graphite Design Rep by just emailing him questions because I wanted a shaft for my 3 wood. He suggested to me to check into the new AD F series and F stands for fairways.
  11. I know Bridgestone True Balance Putters are a bit old but I see the concept of the self balancing putter is trying really hard to be a legit option for golfers. I don't necessarily think it has completely "taken off" but I see new similar models with the same concept popping up. Does anyone have any experience with any of the self balancing putter? Does it help you align your putt? Or is this all just hype and a fad that will quietly dissipate?
  12. I play the blue bullet in SR flex and it has made me very confident with my driver which is a first for me. I have swing speed in the high 90s but more of a smooth/slow progression type swing. My unintentional cuts off the tee box have almost disappeared. I have purchased used shafts and I send photos to the Pro's Choice rep and he lets me know that the shaft is the real deal. My last purchase was $135 for the $380 shaft, yes it's used but it looks to be in great shape. Maybe I'm just lucky but when I can save that much cash and still get an amazing performing shaft then I'd take it every tim
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