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  1. I've been experimenting with this concept for the last few months. I prefer not to have a lot of hand action so changing grip position helps me do that. I change my grip position from neutral (wedge) to strong (driver) based on club length. It helps keep a narrow dispersion for me.
  2. # 1 cause (excuse) for a bad shot is LOFT... Lack Of F***g Talent
  3. Played with another golfer who had it. Worked well. Magnets are strong, but maybe too strong. I ended up getting one for my Nikon Coolshot 20 rangefinder but my rangefinder wouldn't turn on when I had the stick it strap on. When I took the stick it strap off, the rangefinder worked perfectly fine. I figured the magnets were too close to the battery casing.
  4. Felt bad for Lexi. Bad break. Penalty should have been assessed in a timely fashion. Penalty was too harsh. At most 2 shot penalty
  5. Went last year to a Monday practice round and spoke to a gentleman who bought his ticket on Washington Ave. He bought his ticket for around $300. I would think that would be the going rate this year too.
  6. Haven't heard anything but Dicks owns Golf Galaxy so they may be consolidating operations.
  7. Heard these guys are good, but pricey. http://www.novogolf.com/
  8. If Torrey is not possible, here are a few other options in no particular order Aviara Golf La Costa Crossing at Carlsbad Encinitas Balboa Park
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