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  1. This dynamic duo has been non stop in my house all weekend. The Lab is Jack who is a service dog that my daughter is raising for Fido's For Freedom. Jack is 13 weeks old and super smart but wants to spend his entire day wrestling with Tully the Golden puppy. Jack is near 25 lbs and Tully is only about 12 right now. Tully likes to play for a little while but is out of his weight class and is taking the brunt. While I like Jack a lot I will be glad when he heads back to College Park later today.
  2. Reggie is such a unique color for a Lab, really cool looking. What happened to his eye?
  3. Alright Goose, I see your Reggie and raise you with Tully
  4. Beautiful day at Worthington today. Days like this in December makes me like global warming.
  5. Today I was honored and fortunate enough to play a round at the Naval Academy. The weather was perfect and the course is in outstanding condition. I was really surprised at the amount of elevation change on most of the holes. Although our hosts were providing information about bunkers and contours, experience or local knowledge surely goes a long way there. The greens were very quick and have a lot of character. It seems as if most greens were sort of dome shaped requiring cautious speed control on chips and putts. All of the fairways were very firm and the Bermuda still green and perfect. Anyone who has the chance do play USNA should jump at the chance, you won't be disappointed.
  6. Played another round at Eisenhower yesterday. The wind was a big factor on the front which also added to the leaf factor across the course. Not too bad in the fairways but it made finding balls in the rough (or worse) a bit of a challenge. The course was in great shape although the greens a bit slow. I stand by my earlier assessment that it is a solid public course.
  7. Congrats Mr and Mrs Goose! The growth and change during first couple of years will amaze you. And you will be changing- a lot of diapers. Congrats again!
  8. Maryland National on Tuesday was in great shape as usual. The wind was howling until the last couple of holes and really effected tee shots, knocking down anything remotely into the wind. Not good for short hitters like me. I really like playing there but the last 3 holes have to be the worst finishing stretch around. 16 is wonky and you have to play smart if you want to score. The par 3 17 green is not very deep and difficult to keep your tee shot on the narrow green. 18 is just a weak finishing hole both visually and playing wise. Nice staff and they have always been great to work with when our club has events there.
  9. Golfman since you have played Eisenhower multiple times since reopening I certainly respect your course review which is a much better representation than my one round. My next time out I will try to see more of the issues you point out. The day we played the greens where not at all fast but you still had to see some subtle breaks. Pretty smooth and mostly consistent. I believe that players who like to 'think' their way around a course could have a fun challenge on their second and third loops. Eisenhower didn't wow me but I will keep it on the list of places to play in the area.
  10. Another recent play was Sparrows Point CC. Our club had its season ending event there, which I embarrassingly won with my sky high HC. Greens were in pretty good shape and the fairways were...ok. Since the realignment of holes the course and routing are wonky. A lot of the staff wasn't particularly friendly and the facilities are rundown. I know there isn't many golf options nearby but I am surprised that place survives. Just my opinion, I know there are plenty of folks that like the place.
  11. I played at Eisenhower 2 weeks ago and kept meaning to mention a few things here. The layout is decent with a few changes from the previous design. The conditions were very good with smooth, consistent greens except #15 (I think) which was struggling with some problem that left about half the green a wreck. As others have mentioned, no bunkers anywhere. Visually you don't miss them and the primary defense of the course is some long rough in places and and some strategically placed mounds. Pin placement and some green character add to the challenge. Good players will really enjoy their second round here and can be aggressive with shots. Rates seem to have dropped a bit since reopening and weekday rates are reasonable. The clubhouse is a dressed up double wide with some clothes and gear options. Nice course, nice staff.
  12. The first couple that I did took a few minutes to do, there is a small learning curve. Be sure to use short bursts of air particularly when starting the installation. A tip I saw and use is to put a little water inside the grip, much less than what you would do using solvent. This seems to help as a lubricant to get the grip started and it is gone by the time you finish.
  13. Planning a round at Eisenhower in the next week or two, has anyone been out there since the renovation? Or recently?
  14. Our club had it's last regular season event at Pine Ridge yesterday and the course was in fabulous condition. The greens were consistent and smooth with few noticeable ball marks. Arguably as good as any I have played on this year. All of the fairways were consistent although they will probably be cut this morning. The rough was difficult in places and definitely cost me a few strokes. Staff was pleasant and helpful which we were grateful for because our club president was in a motorcycle accident the night before so the event wasn't as organized as usual. I expect good conditions a Pine Ridge and yesterday those expectations were exceeded. As far as golf goes, I was actually pleased to shoot 97 since most of my scores this year have been triple digits and my index has sky rocketed. A couple of wayward shots and several putts that missed by a CH drove my score up. Felt more like a high 80's round while I was playing. Some subtle swing changes this season have really altered my game and they seem to finally be working a bit. Just need to keep working on consistency.
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