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  1. each dayFor me the thing that keeps me coming every day back are the greats shots that make you feel like your on top of the world for example yesterday i come to the 18th needing par for 79 drive goes right in the rough in between bunkers balls sitting up this is a par 5 with an island green. I try to go for it cause trying to layup would have been an even harder shot but i miss just left bounce off the side of the green into the water. after my drop i semi duff my chip leaving a put for par where the fringe is between me and the hole. so i pull the flag and decide to chip from on the green o
  2. "Whats up with these kids that play with the $1300 Nike blades, Scotty Cameron putters, fancy range finders, etc etc etc and act like golf owes them something" what do you mean by this are you saying u have a problem with the clubs they play? and what do you mean acted like golf owes them something?
  3. :shok: i want to cry i want thoose mp-33's so bad my favorite irons ever
  4. are you kidding it makes recoveries more fun to watch with cross bunkers you have to watch out for when gouging out and then taking ur medicine and trying to scramble thats real recovery shots not gouged irons shots that still spin out of 3 inch rough. I like it :shok: tomorrow will e a great test and fun to watch
  5. how many drivers did tiger hit? and was he hitting the fairway with it or do u think we will have to see him pick apart the course with 3 woods (not complaining tho)
  6. nick01

    Guess my score

    83 FIL- 91 BIL- 95 Putts-29
  7. id be in if my computer didnt lag when my computer doesnt lag i shoot low 100's but when it lags whatch out
  8. I've found them to be true to size and the tour 360's and tour 360 II's are they same size wise FYI
  9. Sellingers Power Golf Supreme Golf BST
  10. Excellent customer serviceMy pair of Tour 360's cracked they took them back and said it would be 2 weeks well it was 3 buisness days :) Thank you Adidas :censored2: and mine were the original 360's the sent me 360 II's :D
  11. no they are more forgiving with more offset
  12. John do you have any IBSG's
  13. give me the low downCan some one give me specs,spin,launch weight etc..... whats it comparable to: whiteboard?
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