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  1. Thanks for hacking this (pun intended) for a review on some gadget.
  2. 100% about the fit with all of the guys mentioned. I’d say the same about Jordan Speith and UA. I’m sure each of those guys above has their stuff custom made from each of the mfgs.
  3. Have anyone had success with having a pullover shortened and keeping the original bottom/hem? It’s near impossible to find any that fit correctly.
  4. Winter is coming and those of us in the top half of the country will be limited in playing. This is the time that people will try to make swing changes and most of their golf club holding time is at the range or inside. if you were advising a student on how to practice at range, how would you divide up their time in that hour or so? A few rehearsals, a few slow-concentrated “change the picture” swings while not worrying about contact/ball flight and then one or two regular swings focused on a target? Would you limit it to a time frame or number of balls?
  5. Played on Friday, hit the 5i, looked great off the face, little low contact, tracking at hole and hits the rocks in front of the green. I’m sold that my 5i as it sits now isn’t the right club for me right now at that distance. It’s not that it’s the distance in general, it’s the distance from those tees at the two courses I play more times than not. There are those three holes that has a very small room for error on the short end and a tough road to go if you play it long.
  6. https://www.bunkered.co.uk/kod/michelle-wie-using-callaway-9-11-woods Someone posted this early. I'd guess she's solidly a + handicap and I know she's a major winner because I watched her on TV when she won. She's pretty good, by any of our standards. She's not hitting those 9/11 woods because it's cool, only because she hits them better than a long iron. I don't think she has an outlook problem, it's quite the opposite. Her outlook is to do what best helps her shoot the lowest score today. We all have a club (or multiple) that can cause us shots, don't fool yourself. Obee on here is a + and I think he carries a hybrid all the way up to a 7i or something like that. Can he hit a 4i as a + handicap? I have no doubt and I've asked him. Would he struggle to hit a 195 yd carry over water with a long iron late in the round to a perpendicular green? Probably enough that he thinks the hybrid is the play. I'm 38 with two kids. I get to play twice a week because I live on the course. If I was 20 min away and I couldn't get done in 3.5 hours first thing in the morning, I wouldn't get to play at all. I'm not looking to score a mental win and tell my buddies at crossfit about it. I'm trying to turn an 80 on a 140+ slope course into a 78 or even a 76 by removing a doubles and triples. If you look at your scorecard at the end of the day and you hit 12 greens with no 3 putts and you had doubles and/or triples in there. I just want to turn those into bogeys and have shots at par with them. If I do that, I'm taking that 80 on a tough course and getting into the 70s.
  7. I still get over the water and I take a double or worse out of play say 8 of 10 times. With the 5i it's probably a 5-6 of 10 proposition. For any game theory fans out there, that's a play you'd make every time and live with the results.
  8. To confirm, the goal of this is to swing as fast as you possibly can, form be damned, correct? I've had the sticks, have not done the training for more than a week or two and now I'm committed to 6-8 weeks then re-evaluating. I have a power leak in the way of an early release + the faster I swing, the more across the ball I get. Not sure if I should be working on these consciously with a later release and a more in to out path? Also, have those who have done it placed a ball out to the side so you are making as close to a real swing as you can?
  9. What club you're comfortable with is part of your mindset. If any of us could mind f*** ourselves into thinking confidently about a particular shot we wouldn't be talking about this. Congrats on the good shots and your enjoyment of long irons.
  10. Looking at max game improvement heads on mfg's websites and they look pretty beefy, even compared to my 565's. I remember playing AP2's and mixed in an AP1 4i 6-8 years ago and it didn't seem to bother me much. A lot of this has to do with my melon too, but I suspect that is the case with a lot of people who give up the longer irons for hybrids. Tell me I have to hit a full 7i and I'm fine. Tell me I need to hit a full 6i and I don't love it, but I'm fine. Tell me to hit a full 5i and that's when my rhythm starts getting off and I hit it off the heel or snap it off into the water. Hitting a full 4hy doesn't bother me at all. It's not that I can't and it's not that I don't hit it decent, it's the cost on those holes and the risk outweighs the reward. I purposely sailed the green on a 195yd par 3 yesterday and into a back bunker trying to avoid a double. I got out of there with a tap in bogey so I "saved' a shot in my mind. Bogeys won't kill me, doubles/triples and three putts will. That's my mindset.
  11. Good to hear there are examples of + handicaps and even pros who gave up the 5i. I still feel bad about not carrying a 4i that I finally gave up last year. I hit the ball plenty high enough and have enough speed to carry a 4i and 5i the proper distances. If I could get more comfortable hitting those clubs under the gun I think we wouldn't have this thread. Life got easier when I dropped the 4i and have thought multiple times this year that having a 5i replacement would take stress off my round even more. I can tell you multiple stories about going into 17 +2 or +3 and ending up shooting 80 or 82. From the two back tees I'm always going to have these 185yd-195yd carries with water right in front of the hole. Finding a left handed 11wd sounds impossible and I think I'd prefer the hybrid if I could find one. I need to get on trackman to get some distances on my clubs now and go from there. I go 3wd, 5wd, 4h, 5-PW. I'm pretty sure my 4h (22*) to 5i gap is larger than 10-15yds now.
  12. Currently a 3.6, go between a 2.5 and a 5.5. Our two home courses have three holes that require me to hit 190yd + carry shots over water and they’re all late in the round. It f*#%s with my head way too much. Twice in the last week I’ve opted to hit a 4hy and flew the green both times. One of those times I ended up making a triple. I go out and hit my 5i on these holes alone and have watched myself have success, but when it matters, a little mishit costs me. I feel so much more comfortable with a hybrid in my hand with that forced carry staring me in the face. The problem is, I’m normally pulling a club I’m going to hit long. If I had a hybrid replacement for my 5i I could have the safety net of the forgiving club, but with loft I can manage for those shots. Should I replace it with a hybrid or a fatter 5i, maybe with a graphite shaft? Currently playing Srixon 565 irons which are pretty forgiving.
  13. I know you want a "program" to make you better, but you might simplify it a little. Put an upside down bucket 2'- 3' in front of you, between your foot line and the ball, hit the ball, miss the bucket. Swing looks fine on the way back and you're on plane going down, but your exit is too low. Right now, I'm sure you hit pulls/pull fades/heel slices. You can work on keeping your back to the target longer and getting your arms down too. Do that and your ball flight will start changing. I know this term will get beat up on this forum, but you need to think of the club head "traveling down the line" longer. That's not what it really does, but that feel is what you need. I found these two pics to show you what I mean about the club exit. More guys than not on the PGA tour are going to have the club exiting close to lead shoulder height, especially with a driver. Dustin Johnson is one that I can think of is lower, but dude has a super shut face going back and gets wide open at impact.
  14. Good to hear this. Currently a 3.5 and think sometimes, "you've got to be the only guy with this low of a handicap that fears hitting the neck multiple times a round." It also tells me that they're never going away. Currently hitting heel draws with the driver. Didn't even think that was possible until last week.
  15. I’m little rotation, arm roll release guy with a strong grip. 4 HC so not a terrible player, but the work I’ve been doing with an instructor seems to be hinting towards a weaker grip over the winter. I don’t think I’m going to get where I want to be having the current combo.
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