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  1. Good to hear the feel is supposed to be that dead Easton Z Core feel that I hated 20 years ago when they were around! That's exactly what it feels like. The M5 heads feel a lot different, even though they have that low pitched sound at impact. Does the SIM2's have the dead like feel or are they louder?
  2. I have been looking to upgrade my woods this year. I have an M5 driver, M3 3W and an M4 5 wood. Last summer at a demo day I was fit into the SIM 10.5, turned down to 8.5 and a Hzrdus Smoke Yellow shaft. I put it together and the ball flight is low and generally a pull with some hook to it. My M3 3W I really like when hit in the center of the face since it's hard to hook, but I can miss out to the block side easily with it. I try out an M5 and SIM head. M5 head is pretty hot, high ball flight, but can hook a lot easier than my M3. The SIM head feels dead and I hi
  3. Our club has two courses and both are not walking friendly, however one of the two is frequently walked. I walked it yesterday and on the weekends they have a shuttle from the 9th to 10th holes which helps a ton. I used to walk 9 by myself and it got to be pretty easy. I told myself I could never play against someone when walking because I knew I'd score worse, but now I don't think the same way. I still like having the touch screen GPS from a cart, but it is nice to always have your bag on you when you're wanting to switch clubs.
  4. I've seen it on Youtube, but looking for someone who's washed the golf shoes in the washer and they turned out fine. I washed my first edition Air Max's to clean the inner material with great success, but I'm worried about the 10's since they're harder to replace.
  5. I was very careful to not act aggravated at the situation. Mentally I was as ready as I could have been and told myself earlier in the day to not let something like the conditions get into my head as an excuse. Had I been playing in a stroke play event I think it would have been harder to let up on the emotions of a sopping wet course (they didn't even tell us we could do lift/clean/place) and not having the range available prior to. I was even thru 12 so not warming up didn't affect me. I ended up feeling bad for the opponent, because the no warm up did seem to affect him. I
  6. Ended up playing the match on a course we weren't supposed to play on (we have two-18 hole courses) the day after a lot of rain. They had the practice area closed and it was cart path only. I showed up 15 min before the match expecting them to call it (I emailed multiple times with no answers), only to find out it was still on. I wasn't happy about it, but I knew that I had to be right mentally and let it go. I closed him out with a birdie on 12 to win 7 and 5!
  7. In 5 league matches my team is 0-5.... I'm well aware about not overlooking anyone! My partner and I both shot even par from the back tees and were closed out on the 8th hole (9 hole match) by two high handicappers playing up a few boxes.
  8. That's my play everyday. If he's on the green in two and I'm forced to punch out or try a shot that might end up making a double on, I'll be more inclined to try to go for the green, but only if I can see a possibility of it happening. If I have to hit a 3W out of the rough to a pin surrounded by a creek, I'll pitch out and try to one putt, but if I have an iron in hand and a look at it, I'll go for it.
  9. I have not played with him yet, but we look to be of similar skill. I'm a 5.2 right now and he's a 6.2. Low HC's of 2.5 for each of us. I'm 38 and he's probably late 50's, early 60's. I'll probably be a little longer than him, but not by much, if any since the dude is around 6'5. One thing I've been trying to figure out is what tees to play. His scores show he bounces back and forth between the forward tees and the tees I normally play. I don't know when you have to declare which tees you're playing, but I'd prefer to play the tees he plays and hope to hit 2nd into more gre
  10. I'll preface this with saying we do 2 man match play for our weekly league and I've already done a two man/match play event this year. I have never done a singles match play and this is my first go round at it. When I joined a club a few years ago I wanted to start playing in events like this to make myself a better golfer.
  11. I see a dad and son doing this on the range all the time. The kid will be a + handicap, college golfer, but is only 10-11 now. Dad is creating game like scenarios to add pressure and learn to perform when it matters. There is a great (great underscores it) Instagram account named Game Like Training and they show people how to practice game like conditions. "How to practice golf. Make swing changes stick. Take your range game to the course." They put out awesome content and I don' think they're even selling anything.
  12. And when you hit a s*** shot you'll be aggravated and want to reload, but you can't do it! It makes you realize there are consequences on the course for missing in certain spots, etc.
  13. I'm convinced of two things that ensure we'll never be as good as we can be: 1. Lack of time to devote to being as good as you'd like to be. 2. Not using the time you have efficiently. The biggest thing you can take from a lesson from a good instructor (like Dan Carraher) is how to practice whatever you need to work on. -Setup a station that forces you into making the movements you're working on. Think Mike Bender s***. Don't be ashamed to have 5 sticks in the ground, a range bucket in a certain spot, etc. If during "season" spend 50% of t
  14. Funny, I got to watch him at Big Cedar the last 6 years and have yet to see him hit a fade! He always hit a slinging draw.
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