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  1. I just looked at the XV Cart bag and it looks very nice. I have never had a Vessel bag - are they worth the extra money? How do they last?
  2. I just finally broke down and ordered a set of i210. Let the wait begin!
  3. I just got fitted for i210. I really like them, but they won’t arrive until Feb ‘21 and then I hate to think about a replacement showing up X months later. Decisions , decisions....
  4. Yes - I almost ordered from TGW last week. Had everything in the cart and then walked away - LOL.
  5. I am really ready for a new set of irons and am considering the i210. Although I really want to see the I blade replacement first and would think a i210 replacement is coming as well. On a slightly different note, where can one find Pings custom shaft options?
  6. Anyone move from 2016 Apex Pro to the i210?
  7. Anyone know when fitting heads will be available and when pre orders will start?
  8. I called the company yesterday to inquire about sizing and got routed to voice mail and was advised to leave my name, number, etc. No one called back. Not a great first impression. I usually wear 9.5 in a wide - so I was looking for input on the size. I also wanted to understand the 30 day return - are you allowed to wear them and return them?
  9. Are new Titleist woods coming soon? I just noticed the price drop on the the TS DRIVERS. Nothing on the fairway woods yet.
  10. Are you available January 16th-18th for this event? YES Current driver setup? Titleist TS3What excites you about the new TaylorMade SIM woods? The look and the technology.Are you willing to document your experience in the GolfWRX forum as well as on social media? YES
  11. I keep hoping new iBlades are coming, but no info is available. If they don’t come soon I may try i210. Anyone know when i210 replacements are coming.
  12. I am a 7 handicap, but have been really struggling with hitting the ball slightly heavy and over drawing my irons. I noticed at address that I was raising my arms up slightly which was causing some extra tension. So I decided to let my arms just hang naturally and then grip the club. It felt pretty good (less tension), but the results were a disaster. Hitting it really heavy and lots of hooks. I realize without a video you can’t comment on my swing, but I am surprised what seemed like a fairly small change caused such huge issues.
  13. Monte - thanks - I am assuming you are referencing left arm parallel in the backswing - correct?
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