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  1. Have you had a bad experience with CC? Does the PXG fitter use a Trackman? Have you ever used TrueSpec for a fitting?
  2. Still no inventory of the Lux XV
  3. As I indicated I prefer 1/4 short - which is what irons use to be until they started making them longer.
  4. So -- today's 7 irons are almost all 37" inch in length. At this length I end fitting into a lie angle of 62 degrees. Issue is I prefer a length of 36.75" --- yes I realize it is only a 1/4" inch, but for some reason it is just more comfortable. I am planning on custom ordering 1/4" short. I am then considering have the lie angle set to 62.50 (or 1/2 degree more up from the fitting lie). I am looking at Callaway Apex Pro 2021 (currently hitting Apex Pro 2016). Any thoughts on the lie adjustment? Thanks
  5. Just tried this putter in a local golf shop and am considering ordering one online from PXG. Right now the price is only $245. Also considering the weight kit. Also looked at the one and done, but the local shop had let someone take it on lone. Anyone have any feedback on either of these putters? I have never owned a PXG putter, but I do like the feel of them.
  6. How did you like MMT shafts? I currently have Accra in Apex Pro 2016, but am considering these irons.
  7. Approximately how many square feet is your green?
  8. That is awesome. I can’t believe how responsive it is on chips. Refresh my memory what is the company that installed this?
  9. I ordered on 11/23/20 and just received yesterday. Nippon Modus Tour 105 shafts.
  10. I purchased MGI ZIP NAVIGATOR from MotoGolf. Today was the first time I used it and it is awesome. I am very impressed. Works very well. I would have likely purchased the COSTCO model, but they did not have any available.
  11. Yeah - I had a conversation with someone at Foresight and got the same message. This is complete BS. It doesn’t matter whether you are manufacturing it or not - it is your brand name and your company and you should stand behind the product or pull from te]he market. There business must be really good to have such an ignorant position.
  12. Just got a shipping notice today. I have 90 days to try them out. I will be watching for confirmation of something of something new coming and they may go back.
  13. I went from TS3 to TSi3 and love the TSi3 - much better sound, feel and looks.
  14. I am still waiting on i210 that I ordered in November. Supposed to ship any day now.
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