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  1. Quite possibly hte most beautiful thing i have ever seen...are any of those circle t headcovers for sale??
  2. Mickelson, Couples, My Father and me at Augusta
  3. federerfan, Hey im from Akron and i know exactly what u are talking about the Golf Galaxy there is horrible...can't believe that i actually wanted to work there when it opened glad im not now. i have been into your 2nd swing and only have good things to say about the store...the people that work there actually have an idea about what they are talking about...only if they could find a lh titleist pt 13, i went in there the other day and they couldnt one across the whole nation, makes sense tho b/c its a rarer club...keep up the good work though and mabye golf galaxy will go out of business
  4. If anyone has a Titleist PT13 that they are wanting to sell...PM me!!!
  5. I own both the footjoy classics dry premiere and the ecco saddle gtx...the eccos blow away the footjoys, they mold to your feet and you totally forget that you are wearing them, they never become an issue. The downside is that they are pricey, $200-$400 a pair depending on what style you go with, but i think that they are worth it, especially if you are walking a lot.
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