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  1. Thanks guys for all the input. I have always focused more on getting the length and lie correct on irons as I am 5'11 but have a long waist/short arms so I tend to fit into a .25-.5 long and 1-2* upright. Most people look at me and just say "standard" but a couple of real good fitters have recognized my need. The thought of bounce in irons never crossed my mind. Wedges yes, I am usually a standard sole so I look at bounce on wedges but never irons.
  2. Thanks for the input. I didn't realize the bounce was so much more. I compared the numbers and the G410s I am playing are almost 5-6 degrees per club starting at the 4-iron. That could be the exact issue and I never even thought of that. I rarely ever take a divot, I would say I am more of a picker. The courses I play in Indiana are not typically soft unless we have had a ton of rain. They tend to be medium and can play firm when we have droughts. Found a course somewhat local that has a mizuno fitting cart. Going to do an outdoor fitting on Friday and list these G410s
  3. I was playing the Ping G20 driver up until this year when my sons instructor had me do some comparisons on the launch monitor. I was shocked at how much distance I gained with the Maverick and G410. Maverick took my total distance from 255 to around 285 while the G410 was shorter at an average of 280 but much more consistent. The G410 is using the same Tour Stiff shaft I had in my older G20 so something with the new G410 head works better for me so I bought one and man it has changed my game and allowed me to hit shorter irons into greens like the "old" days. I just couldn't get u
  4. I was wondering if anyone who knows a good bit about the Mizuno 921 series could offer some advice. In my late 20's I played a set of MX-23 irons and moved to a set of JPX 825 irons with DG S300 shafts. My iron game was spot on and while I was playing more at the time I was shooting around 77-80 pretty much every round. Fast forward and I have had kids (don't play as much) and a major surgery that slowed me down for a couple of years. 2 years ago I started to think about a new set of irons, mainly thinking I should see if i could benefit from some different shafts at ag
  5. Have a 2014 Select Newport 2 putter that I love but in the past year have been on fire with a odyssey o-works black 1w. A couple of days ago I was in a shop and they had a 34 inch select Newport. The club felt so good and I was putting great with it. Went to look for a used one on 2nd swing golf and didn't realize there are 2016 and 2018 versions of this putter. Anyone know if they made any great changes to the 2018 that would cause me to wait to find one? They have like new 2016 models for 275.00 Thanks
  6. I have always had a Ping bag, Driver and Fairway Woods. For me, Ping woods are the most accurate with the Tour Stiff shaft. They seem to nail it every new version. In the past I have gamed Mizuno irons up until I tried the new Ping I210 which is what I am using now. I am also using the Glide Stealth 2.0 54 & 58 wedges. Ping makes really nice putters but I rotate between a Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Select (No Insert) and a Odyssey O-Works 1wide black putter. This new Odyssey putter is just lights out for me and has changed my game. So on and Off a Ping guy but now I am all Ping aside fro
  7. Buy a sleeve of the titleist AVX and give them a shot. They are suppose to be longer off the driver than the V1 and V1X due to reduced spin and a lower launch. I compared them to the V1, V1X, TP5X and they were by far the longest off the tee and irons for me. They were straighter than the others and I didn't notice any real softness around the greens. in fact, I thought the TP5X was more clicky feeling around the green and firmer. I am an old Bridgestone B330 RX player and am seeing the best results from the AVX. They were suggested by another member on here and I am glad I tried them. See
  8. I agree with your last sentence. I think the higher spinning balls hurt the low and low-mid capper more than helping - I am not talking about elite ball strikers and pro's that hit the centre of the club face more and better. Looking at my own scoring - losing most shots on drives not finding the fairway, and missed greens. I will 3 putt one in 20 greens, but are lucky to up and down 50 % on missed greens (not enough time to practice the short game to be really good at it, and the nature of the grass around the greens on our course) - so any help from a ball that helps me finds more fairways a
  9. Why I think is even more confusing is when you ask someone working in a shop or even some pros, they all think the Pro V1X is the lower long game launcher and lower spin ball that doesn't spin as much around the greens. I never played them in the past so I assume that they use to be marketed more like a TP5X in relation to the TP5. In looking at the numbers from rwmck9 above, the iron numbers show it playing like what I thought a V1X would, comparable to the TP5X. Lower spin than the V1 and lower apex. That contradicts the description on the box. It seems like the AVX is now what I thought
  10. I was actually shocked as well. My 7-iron swing speed was up around 88 mph and each fitter commented that I have a really quick tempo. The Golftec associate said that based on the numbers and the mizuno shaft analyzer the computer said my ideal shaft was the Project X 6.5. I said I didn't care what the computer said, not a chance I would go above a 6.0. I have been reading online and noticed that a 165-175 yard 7-iron should be attainable with my swing speed. The key difference I notice is that the launch angle on the trackman numbers for these carry distances are down around the 16-18 launc
  11. Thanks for the suggestion on the third bullet. I will take a look at a wider takeaway and see if that helps.
  12. So to clarify a couple of things.. The i210 were not Power Spec, just stock The 10 additional yards were carry yards. So my Mizunos were flying 150 yards with the I210 anywhere from 160-162 carry with the 7-iron. The I210 reduced the spin but I believe the golftec fitter said my actual apex was slightly higher with the Ping than Mizuno if that factors into it at all. The computer showed a stat the was called "offline" that measure how far off the target I was. The only place the Mizuno beat the ping was here. My Mizuno 919 forged was 4 yards offline for a 5 shot group. The i210 was around 8 ya
  13. I was just fitted and bought some new JPX 919 Forged irons early in December. Shafts are Project X 6.0. I received a iron fitting from Goltec for Christmas so I went today just to see how well the fitters at Golf Galaxy did. I was surprised that they were pretty spot on. The only thing the Goltec fitter suggested was a 1/4 inch longer and to move to a medium grip due to my hand size. He commented on my high spin rate, which is due mostly to me not clearing on my down swing and stopping my rotation. This caused me to flip at the ball at impact. He asked if they put the I210 in my hand to tr
  14. I am with you. Really didn't want to like the Titleist balls having played Bridgestone for the last 5+ years and enjoying the reduced price per dozen. Something has changed in the newer Bridgestones and I wasn't scoring as well which had me searching for a new ball after the suggestion I try TP5X by my pro. I can't usually see a huge difference in balls but with the AVX it was obvious it performed for me better off the tee, irons, around the green and mostly putting.
  15. Well, played in Louisville, KY at a city course called Seneca. Was a really nice, hilly course and the temp was around 40 degrees. I was also trying out some new Mizuno 919 forged irons so take that for what it is worth. I have to say that of all the balls I tried, the new Titleist AVX out performed all of the others fairly significantly for me. It had the best feel off the driver and irons for me. It wasn't as soft a feel as the Qstar, Project a but was about perfect. The TP5X felt firmer to me and a little bit shorter on all shots. I know everyone loves the ball from what I read but it w
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