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  1. Brand New...has been sitting in my putter rack since it came back...Tape still on face and bottom...Original grip.. 33"/68*/3* $1400 OBO Shipped via UPS
  2. Tough to find this head in basically "Like New" condition....it has been rolled a bit around the house...but that's it... Black LAGP w/ Pingman Grip This putter also has a heavier head (365G on the number) and plays @ 33"/68* Lie/3* loft.... Probably going to regret this one too...but it's too damn nice to sit in my office.... Not even sure how to price this so let's go $SOLD shipped
  3. Title says it all....The head is mint and the shaft is brand new....just swapped it from another build I had delivered. Don't have the original sticker but believe the measured loft was just over 10*. $sold
  4. @Tdvane6 Srixon Z785 w Modus 120X.....cannot shake them...so consistent...feel great and just damn enjoyable to play....
  5. Took me about 2 years of scouring the earth to find these heads in this condition and had this set built with the intention of putting them right into play......but alas.....My gamers are just too damn good Titleist 735 CM 3-PW in about as good condition as you can find for a set of this age. They are standard length/loft/lie with brand new Blue MCC Grips, BB&F Ferrules (St. Andrews Cross colorway) and brand new Steelfiber 125S shafts. They were built by a local buddy of mine here in Jacksonville...(BryanGolf)...D3 swing weight across the board......Also included is the OG 2 iron in it's original configuration with a Superstroke Wrap grip on it... Not sure it's even been hit....These are the CHROME version which for those who know.... feel absolutely amazing. Complimenting the set are 3 basically new Vokey SM8's 52.08F 56.12S 60.12D.....all have matching Steelfiber 125S, BB&F ferrules and Vokey Blue MCC grips... Selling as an entire set 2-SW (12 clubs) for $2,200 OBO...Not really interested in trades but I wouldn't be a true WRX'er if I didn't change my mind every 15 seconds....so fire away. Not going to be terribly upset if they don't move....but want someone to put these in play....They are too good to sit in my office.
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