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  1. Looking for some advice or previous feedback from others who have built/mixed a similar set as I know MP 18's aren't brand new. They are however harder to find in my area to try and test out the SC/MMC/Fli Hi options. Long story kind of shorter is I used to play in college and life, work, marriage, baby, flipped some homes, and built a house happened. When last year happened it was an opportunity to be traveling much less for work and actually introduce my wife to the game. I have heard horror stories but somehow this worked wonders and I am playing much more not only with her but
  2. Gaming a 915 D2 9.5 with Diamana S60+ Stiff Long story short work/life has really kept me from playing the last three years (maybe 15 times and 13 of them scrambles). This year we moved closer to friends and family and really falling back in love with the game and getting back to swinging/playing like the college days 10 years ago. Yesterday a local shop had 30 minutes in between fittings open so they let me hop on the Trackman for $20 to mess with my driver settings. A1 (STD/STD/9.5) - 10 Swings - 7 fairway (slight draw) - 3 misses left (more of a hook or 25 yard draw). SS Average of 10 wa
  3. Doing some research on it but may be willing to take that Speeder off your hands. Just picked up a 915 yesterday and shaft is a little light
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