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  1. All prices include shipping (con US only) $140 obo- King Cobra LTD driver with Fujikura Fuel 70 stiff. 7.5/10 -Good used condition with several minor scratches on the crown and one small chip near top line. Plays 45.25.” New lamkin UTX midsize. No HC/no wrench. SOLD $200- Mizuno ST-200 10.5 driver with Fujikura Atmos Black 6S. 9.9/10 like new, I probably hit 10 balls with this club. Crown, sole, face, shaft and grip are all nearly perfect. Plays standard 45.” Includes headcover and wrench.
  2. King cobra SS forged irons Bridgestone J40 cb irons Ping i20 irons FT-3 tour driver MacGregor MacTec NVG fairway woods titleist 906f4 fairways Original adams idea pro hybrids titleist 905s driver Scotty studio design series white hot xg Rossie you’re welcome
  3. Yes but weakening affects bounce, sole geometry, turf interaction
  4. Most of these suggestions are hilariously far from “game improvement” irons, but I appreciate the thoughts. I literally want irons that just go as high and straight as possible, without having a huge sole that gets in the way of me getting to the back of the ball, and a ton of offset that will make my draw turn into a pull hook.
  5. These are fantastic. Have been around for years in distance running community as recovery footwear. They are ugly, but there is nothing that feels better to walk around in.
  6. I’ll be honest I can’t stand the look of those at address. The top line is too thin and the hosel looks so big
  7. For context I’m a former 3 hcp that doesn’t really play much anymore and never practices. If I had to guess I probably play like a 6 or 7 today. Iron striking is by far the worst part of my game. On the heels of Johnny Wunder’s revelation about why wide soles are bad for pickers, I’m looking for something as forgiving possible with thinner soles and great turf interaction. Bonus points if they aren’t gigantic with a bunch of offset. I’m thinking maybe zx5?
  8. Apparently this hit the conforming list today. Does anyone have more info?
  9. Inquiring minds want to know - what is the black stuff on the hosels? Is it leftover epoxy or some kind of wear on the metal?
  10. I’m of the opinion he’s tested a lot of “identical” heads and shafts and the 12 & 14 are just Identification stickers so they can them apart.
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