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  1. [quote name='Gxgolfer' timestamp='1289356344' post='2783194'] You would have to post an Ad in the For Sale sectoin, within the listed BST rules(no ebay pics) and list a better price for GolfWRX members. [/quote] I think "better price" is subjective. Is that an actual rule for which my ad would be removed if not followed? Please define "better price," as I always start my ebay auctions at $0.99 with No Reserve. I'm not trying to be difficult here, I just want to have my ducks in a row before I proceed.
  2. I stopped buying the SC stuff and I won't be renewing my CC membership. So I'm taking the advice of those above and "not buying it" anymore. I never felt like SC was assaulting my family or anything, and I know we all have freedom to spend whenever we want and how much we want on whatever we want, or not, but the SC brand is just not doing it for me anymore. One man's opinion.
  3. Greetings, I'm a relatively long-time member, but it's been a while since I've bought/sold/traded in the BST Forum. My question is, if I am listing a bunch of Scotty Cameron stuff on ebay, can I just let people know (in very short fashion) "Hey, you know me, my stuff is on ebay" and leave it at that? I appreciate and respect GolfWRX, but by selling on ebay, it's undeniable that you can reach a larger consumer base. It's also undeniable that on GolfWRX, I'll reach a more golf-educated and golf-savvy consumer base. So I'd really like to get both, without having to post every single item on
  4. I am officially done with all the Scotty Cameron stuff. This is not another "bash Scotty" post, just one man's opinion. I have great respect for the 009 and still drool over them, but that's where it ends for me. I'm not sure if it's fatherhood, a broken economy, newer and more-important priorities, but I just don't care to spend anymore money on the swag. This is coming from a guy who bought every headcover that came out for about 3-years straight. Yeah, I've got a ton. They'll all be on ebay soon. I've been feeling like this for a while, but this latest towel kinda threw me over th
  5. Me 54° 58° This is like asking "What should I eat tonight?" There's hundreds of these "What setup should I use?" all over this board different strokes for different folks, try everything and whatever you're confident with and helps you shoot the lowest score, stick with that
  6. Is your IP address originating in China?
  7. Thanks again for the kudos. I do appreciate it, it's nice that people notice when a bag is literally hand-picked. eynt: FT-5 stock regular flex (I think it's a Fujikura), Adams all have Aldila NV's, seriously they've been the best shafts I've ever played. Irons are all stock Cally Uniflex (which as I understand falls somewhere between a regular and stiff, so that works for me). My 54 is TT wedge-flex. The 58 is off a tour van so it's a TT stiff I think..which isn't that much of a problem, trust me I'm not loading/unloading that shaft on little chips and pitches inside 50 yards. I rarely
  8. Thanks. The "stars" of the show in my opinion are the Adams Tour stuff. I've never hit clubs like that in my life, they are really incredible. Thanks for looking!
  9. Let's face it, nothing tremendously high-end here, and I'm not under any delusions that people are drooling all over my gear... But here it is anyway. Callaway FT-5 11° Adams 9033 HF Tour 15° Adams Pro-Gold Tour 20°|24° Callaway X-22 5-AW Titleist Vokey Black Nickel 54° Titleist Vokey Raw Tour 58° Scotty Cameron SS Newport Beach
  10. I don't know what kind of relationship Erica had with her father, but I can say for sure that if something tragic happened to my daughter, I wouldn't be airing it out with anyone from TMZ. Especially not so soon. I feel like this is something that would happen with Lindsay Lohan and her dad. Just my opinion, as I understand that accurate details are few and far between at this point. It's a very sad story, hate to see young people depart before their time.
  11. Your sweetspot marks are F'in SWEET...nicely done!
  12. I have X-22's, I love the way they set-up, they're certainly more forgiving than my MP-60's but a shank is a shank is a shank. FWIW, I happen to love the look of the X-22's, I prefer them over the 20's and the Diablo stuff.
  13. I dont pinch and compress enough for it to matter. But I do have three (52-56-60) Sonartec t35 forged wedges still shrink-wrapped. Between those and my gamers, they all should get me through at least a few years.
  14. First of all, I did a search and didn't get any results. Secondly, I was originally thinking "19th Hole" but since it's somewhat golf related, I'll stick it here. In the first few scenes of "The Bourne Supremacy," the CIA mission goes bad when Kirill (played by actor Karl Urban) plants a bomb that cuts the power to the building, and afterward he gets the money and the files. When they show Kirill placing the bomb on the circuit breaker and planting Jason Bourne's fingerprint, Kirill is wearing black FootJoy golf gloves. They're kinda blacked-out (like they do on The Big Break) but they ar
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