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  1. I keep seeing it on my IG feed and it looks interesting to me for sure. I cannot find any videos on the website or youtube? I am wondering if anyone has tried it and can do a review? Thank you...
  2. I have struggled with the last two Ping drivers since G400 to turn them over. I had face angle measured on my 410 and 425 and they were 5 and 6 degrees open in "standard"setting. The Cobra actually sits 1 open but WAY better. They only move 10 grams to the heel which for me is perfect.
  3. It has been sad to see his career just crash. I got to think it all started with the "flubbed" chip at the Ryder Cup...
  4. I had driver fitting and build with Joe way back. Great dude knows more than most, but tuff to communicate with over last year or two. I have tried to reach out several times over last two years and 'crickets'.
  5. Yes She has made over 10 headcovers over the years for me... She is great and so is the quailty...
  6. Wish I never sold the set... The CB's IMO are the best irons in the last 10 years period...
  7. I can vouch for True Spec at Pronghorn and also Ben Gunta "Tour Van" summers at Pumpkin Ridge and Winters I believe at Dove zvalley in AZ...
  8. I cut down the 65TX and put it in my G425 max and you are spot on. This is the best fairway shaft I have ever played. I ordered the 75tx and I am just waiting to put the tip on it. I know it might sound strange but it plays like my ole 80 Green NV...
  9. Interesting, I tried that ball for a round last year. It felt hard to me? I also am a "low spin" guy and was hitting knucklers... For the right person I could see that ball being perfect just not for me. The "LS" for does not feel low spin at all but does spin less than the PROV1X with the wedges for me. It also flights lower with short irons which for a picker like me is ideal...
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