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  1. I love the dudes at TXG but... I wish the content was more structured in terms of "topics". Like maybe a "tech" Tuesday and instruction videos on Wednesday etc... This year they just seem all over the map. Just my 2 cents...
  2. Great irons but I could not spin them enough even at 2 weak...
  3. I played the BX all last year and found it a solid ball for sure. I do believe the "white" 21V1X spins more around the greens for me. It also spins WAY too much for me on full wedge shots. I just played a tournament and put the "white" V1X into play. It was blowing steady 15 with gusts of 25. The BX by far handles the wind much better than the "white" V1X. The "white' V1X def has a softer touch with the putter though. I first tried the YELLOW V1X and immediately went back to the BX (way to hard) the yellow seems like a totally different ball this year especially compared to the white V1X... I
  4. I have seen this dudes "Insta" page and it also has me concerned... What has me even MORE concerned is that the "other site" seemed to have a need to review this ball almost the same week after this "Insta" duded original post. They were stating that the V1X had almost zero issues with it. The timing was interesting to me as well as the cut balls as I am not sure how you could "dispute" the "Insta" dudes findings? All I know is I played 1 round with V1X "yellow" ball and it was just as hard as the left dash IMO. I think it could have been that the "yellow" balls just feel different than the wh
  5. Do we know the size of the "fang" model? I hope it is the bigger size like the original #7 but it looks smaller to me on website?
  6. So I have 1 round and 200 balls with my "TB" 65 TX. I have to say that this is a "firm smooth" shaft if that makes sense? The tip feels a touch looser than my VB 6X but the handle feels firmer to me. I would almost say it feels like a "tighter" Motore F3... When I have a smooth transition it just flat out performs for me but when I get quick it can get a little more squirrely than the VB... The verdict is still up in the air as of now. I could see this being a brilliant fairway shaft for sure. I was hoping for the famous "DI" feel with accuracy and I would say it launches a touch lower, spins
  7. It should have never come back. Horrible throw it away...
  8. Long time Ping driver guy and I mad the switch from the 410 Plus and LST to the 425 MAX. I hd 7 grams rat glue put in neutral position kept same stock back weight and cut driver to 44.75" EOG. I have a 65 TX TB not tipped and I am playing with the hosel settings now as well as weight adjustments. I had the VB 6X in my last two drivers... So this driver def launches lower than the 410's for me. It still seems difficult to turn it over (for me) as was the others. I have a 114 swing speed +4 AOA in out -3 to -4... Ok so my question is...... What settings are you guys finding that work best for y
  9. I do the same as you and my miss is a pull due to an outside in path. If you find a way to fix this please let me know, it drives me crazy
  10. I play a 7S VB tipped 1.5" in 3 wood and love it. I also play the ventus 6X straight in driver and they feel the same to me flex wise, not sure if that helps...
  11. Ben was the "tour rep" for Nike for years. He has some great stories for sure especially about "AK"...
  12. 100% Go see Ben at Pumpkin. I have done both and Ben is the best and you are outdoors. The ONLY problem is you are hitting range balls but I trust Ben over anyone else.
  13. Wardonation

    2 ball ten

    You have to be careful in bending these putters. It is just like the spider if you add/subtract too much loft they will NOT sit properly at address. Too little loft and they open up and too much will close them down. I traded the slant for the double bend and added 5 grams of lead tape on the inside of the "toe" flange to help mitigate my dreaded "pull" miss. I love this putter maybe the best one I have owned since my oversized #7...
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