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  1. Yes I know as I have purchased and been fitted in the Portland shop. The reality is not even at the Private clubs do people have all the tools to do the fittings. My guess would be it would be a "Top 10" store for you guys in no time. You have only two golf specific stores in the whole valley as well. This area is one if not, the fastest growing are in the country. In a business sense it is a "no brainer"... I am here to help as well...
  2. You need a store in Boise, ID ASAP. You would kill it here with over 750,000 in the Treasure Valley and no custom club fitting options. I have some great ideas for location as well if you want to DM me?
  3. This is funny coming from a guy who had a company that could not match their own grind 4 times. Then got mad at me the customer for complaining about it. A customer mind you that had purchased 3 sets of irons and over 8 wedges...
  4. Depends on Launch and decent angle. I would say with clubs nowadays 7iron should be anywhere from 5800 to 6500.... A lot depends on where you play and what you like to look at as well. If you have a steep decent angle you can get a way with as low as 5500...
  5. I play 6X in driver tipped 1/2" and 7S tipped 1 1/2" in 3wood. If I was to do it again I would go 1" in 3 wood...
  6. So can you confirm what weights will work with this model? I have the 7s as well put my miss has always been a pull. I like to put a weight that is 5 grams heavier in the toe of this bad boy. Thanks..
  7. Adjust loft if you can stand the look? I play these irons as well and bent them 1 weak and spin went up as well way more than it should have. It is alomost like these heads are meant to be played right at stock loft?
  8. I am a tuff one to ask tat to.. I spin the PX just right and DG's too much. The 125 stiffs seem to sit right in the middle of the two for me. WIth that being said, I have them in the P770's at 1 degree weak. I have not played them a lot yet but dispersion seems to be the same for me as my PX 6.0's.. The did swing weight a little heavy D4 but I think I like it. THe reason for me for the switch was my tennis elbow but time will tell if it helps that issue... The feel of these shafts with the head I am playing will take me time to get used to for sure. I have always played a one piece forged hea
  9. The 125 S,TX and 105 TX are different shafts from the rest of the line up. The 105 S and the rest have different kick points and spin, just an FYI.
  10. I did BUT I think I have played every steel shafts made . I made the switch for my tennis elbow.
  11. I live in Bend, OR and sorry but we are moving to Meridian this Sunday. I am looking at joining either Spurwing or Hillcrest? It would be fun to hook up and play some golf sometime?
  12. Ya I am not fast 49 years old 112 driver anywhere from +4 to +6 AOA, 3 to 4 in to out, quick transition...
  13. I am liking your set up (makes sense) to me. Do you have any updates on this? Did you order lighter head or did the rear weight change get you to the 198? Thanks dude....
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