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  1. Anyone currently game the Paderson Ballistic TP? Curious to hear thoughts. They recommended the KGTP75-D30 to me based on my swing speed and data that I sent to them. I know Eddie Fernandez uses this same shaft so it must hold up well to higher swing speeds (I'm around 115). I'd be putting this into a G400 LST head.
  2. $95 shipped (I paid $115 shipped new) - I'll cover PayPal fees. - SOLD Used three times and is like new with original box and original contents. Selling because while I love the idea, it turns out that what the trail box helps fix, I don't have a problem with. I don't see any reason to keep it for the front box when I have other aids that do the same thing. Feel free to ask questions if you have them.
  3. Thanks. Worth a shot I guess. I'd worry about popping the ball up and getting a roll that's really bouncing doing that, but if it gets to the hole i guess it'll work.
  4. Thanks, I'll see if I can locate those locally to try out. Yeah I actually do have the black Spider currently and got it because of the firmer face compared to the black. Go figure.
  5. This is exactly why I've been hesitant to even go down this path and pose the question; I do make a lot of short range putts. Even on the grinders I tend to leave myself, I'm usually making most of them. Rounds of golf would just be so much more enjoyable to not have them EVERY. SINGLE. HOLE. I've heard that the non-insert putters do offer a little more pop off the face. Seems a lot of people suggest that the grooves on a lot of the faces today do make them a little softer and balls not pop as much, but I'm not sure if there's any truth to that? I'll take a look at the Cleveland putters. They
  6. I've got a Spider Tour and love the look and how it sets up, but I feel like on anything longer than about 15 feet I'm just perpetually leaving putts short. What are some putters you'd recommend that have "hotter" faces that may assist in getting a little more roll out? Note: I realize a different putter isn't a magic fix for any stroke issues. I'm low handicap player and play fine but find myself always in that three foot or so short range on longer putts. My thinking is if I could simply find something to give me just a little more roll and all things else staying the same (so I don't have
  7. Looks like the $100 is for a 50 minute FaceTime session. Not unreasonable. I don't know what his rates were prior or how quickly he got to the $100 price point, but he's growing in popularity and his bookings are likely filling up as a result. Supply and demand. Good for him
  8. No, the KK XD in my driver is a 60 TX tipped .5". The one in my fairway is a 70 TX tipped 1". I actually got a great deal from JDs Clubs on a Motore Tour Spec 7.3 for my fairway. I have a friend that plays it and he said he loves it in his fairway. So, we'll see. I an already tell it feels a lot different just swinging it. The KK in my fairway feels like a board. The Motore at least feels like it's got some action in it. Whether that helps at all, we'll see. I've just never had any trouble getting the ball up in the air in my life and still don't with any other club, but this 3 wood just doesn
  9. and this is an XD which is I think stiffer slightly than the XT. My driver is tipped .5” and I love it. That’s why I tipped the three wood 1”. MCA recommends .5” more than the driver. Probably a mistake by the sounds of it. Sorry, I’m not sure I understand your explanation. I feel like I have a decent grasp of the concept though I may have botched the explanation in my previous post. It’s effective loft, no? So in order to increase loft, the adjustment made closes the face which in turn after rotating the face back open so it is square, you get a higher effective loft. Just the opposite for de
  10. If you adjust it to add more loft it effectively closes the face. Decreasing the loft opens the face. Just can’t stand to look at a closed face
  11. Shaft is 42” tip to grip. Plays 43”. Just installed brand new midsize Lamkin Sonar which was used for a handful of balls. G400 adapter. $150 shipped OBO
  12. Ah. Thanks!If that's directed at me, I don't want to do that because then the face is closed. Just can't look at it at address. I'd honestly rather have a shaft that allows me to easily get it up in the air and then deloft it and open the face.
  13. It's not like I'm a long drive competitor or anything. My 3-wood swing is around 108-110 (or was at the end of last year). Carry it around 265 (or did before this shaft LOL). I've been reading up more on the Red and I'm honestly thinking about trying it out. Seems to be one of the cheaper options. Thanks for the recommendation. Well, that explains a lot then. Guess I could give it another go. Just need to find one tipped or get it tipped after.Yeah, I agree with you there at least for fairway woods and irons. Results are where it's at. I could play x in my irons, but I'm not going at them too
  14. I considered that. It doesn't look like they make one that's heavier than the 65g? Or am I just not seeing any for sale online? I don't think I could do a fairway wood with a shaft that light.Thanks. I did have a Tour 75 X but it just felt too whippy to me. I actually didn't hit it too bad, but the feel just didn't ever do it for me. Problem would be knowing how much to tip it.The Tensei Pro Blue is one I've thought about taking a look at. I'd need to find one used at a decent price. Looks like new on ebay they're all $300 or so. I'll have to look into the Diamana.Well, it's mostly my fault on
  15. I've got the G400 LST driver with a Kuro Kage XD TX. I love the shaft and thought I'd love it in my 3-wood. Turns out, I don't. It's a fairly stout low-launching, lower spinning shaft. It's just too much for me, I guess, to get any kind of consistent performance out of it. The G400 fairways are supposed to be extremely easy to hit but with this shaft, it's not. It's a liability right now and I'm looking for something to replace it. Who's got a G400 fairway and what shaft are you using? Preferably something that won't break the bank but I'll likely be selling my XD soon, so I'll have a little t
  16. Thanks. Your XD sounds identical to mine. It's a TX tipped .5". I really like the shaft so I'll probably just stick with it. I have one in my three wood too but unfortunately it's not working out quite as well as it did for me in driver. I'll probably be listing it soon if you need one for a fairway! :) I'd love to try the Ventus, but no going to buy it sight unseen for $300 and have it be a dud for me
  17. I can't seem to find this anywhere available online. your screenshot is from Rockbottom. Did you buy one?
  18. @Ryan5508 thanks! Sounds like we are very similar. I’m around 115 average. I’ll have to keep my eyes open here and on eBay and see if I can get one at a decent price to try. I don’t think I’d want any lower spin. Had the Rogue previously (before my G400 LST) and the spin was always below 2000 and I just felt like it was so unforgiving on less than perfect swings. thanks
  19. Yeah, Black because I figured it's the profile most similar to the XD. Sorry should have specified. Thanks. Yeah the dispersion is the one thing I've read about the Ventus that really has me intrigued. I figured that my longest drives with either would be similar so gaining distance wouldn't be my motivator. I think I probably hit the XD about as far as I can hit it given my swing speed. I like to draw the ball on every shot. Problem is, I get a random big over draw sometimes and if the Ventus could help out with that even a little it may be worth the switch. Do you find that it eliminates the
  20. Yeah, can't hurt to try a bunch of different models to see what you like. Everyone is different. I've had Titleist drivers, TaylorMade drivers and Callaway drivers. My entire life I've fought the feeling that at address, those drivers appear closed to me. For whatever reason, I don't feel like that with the G400. It's the only driver I've ever had in my life where I can set it behind the ball at address and feel confident about where it's aimed and not have to mess with it by rotating it to try to make it appear square to my eye. But, your mileage my vary. Everyone's perception of things is di
  21. @Valtiel Wow. Thanks a lot for that feedback. Given the graphs you supplied, it seems like I'm definitely not going to notice some magical difference in numbers or anything (and honestly I didn't expect to). Feel may be different (I like to think I'm pretty sensitive to feel and have a touch of OCD when things just aren't quite "right" to me). I keep reading posts on the Ventus and the materials they used in it and how it's remarkable how much dispersion tightens with it compared to other shafts. Maybe one of these days I'll try it out, but you're right, it's probably not worth chasing given t
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