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  1. 3 Golf Shirts for sale, $55 shipped. Light Blue Nike - $95 new, worn once, air collar, from SoCal Pelican Hill (Marky Mark just had an ace there) Maroon tribal/swirl Adidas - so ugly I had to have it, stretchy, airy on sides, you will get a reaction. Performance/airy Maroon Callaway 2015 Odyssey Big T Vline 35" putter with new HC, new in plastic, sold
  2. Selling off 11 Large Polo Golf Shirts. I circled the issues with the shirts. Let's face it, if golf your polos are not perfect. Some are Kohl's and Costco, stretch material. White long sleeve Adidas is my favorite shirt so it got the most wear, not bright bright white anymore. Adidas mock is thin and stretch material Nike Light Blue black shoulders is very thin dry-fit, air collar and stretch material, worn once $85 shirt. From Pelican Hill in Cali, Marky Mark is a member. Argyle/Tribal Maroon Adidas was so ugly I had to have it, nice performance shirt. Callaway Maroon is performance/airy stretch. $140 shipped.
  3. Can anyone point me to where I find out who plays what?
  4. For Sale: Taylormade XFT lob wedge (ZTP face installed) with extra Z face. My original intention was to use this club but after a couple of carpet chips, the bounce will not work with my game. My loss is your gain. FYI - same club is also on the bay. $79 CONUS paypalled and shipped Taylormade XFT 60 degree wedge with 10 degrees of bounce (Guaranteed Authentic) Standard Lie, Loft and Length KBS hi-rev shaft (standard, factory installed) All Stock - not a mark on it.
  5. You would be surprised to find out how little of a difference there really is. TV, OEMs, media are making this into a huge thing when it really isn't. Bottom line is in thick lies plan for a bit more roll-out, from the short stuff there is very little difference.
  6. My personal preference is to never hit a single ball in the sand traps, that way you will forever stay away from pebbles...in all seriousness the more you play and practice the more your clubs will show it.
  7. I am absolutely hooked on Bennington bags. So much so that I don't like to use my TM tour bag for I know they will get more chatter in one round of use with the tour bag then they have ever seen in their life.
  8. All, While the concern seems to be the compression of the ball off the face in relation to temperature, another huge factor is the warmer it is outside the softer the cover will get, softer covers lead to more spin.
  9. What shafts are you looking for? For me I was on a hunt for a year or so for exactly what you are looking for, larger heads with no offset and had stock S300's in them. My search led me to Wilson Pi7's (outgrew them) and the Cobra Carbon CB (soles just too big and rounded, I am a digger and the soles kept me from digging in). My 2 cents.
  10. Even with all the hype on these wedges, unfortunately you can't find them to try in retail stores. I would love to get my hands on one of these wedges to game and share with some buddies.
  11. I am seeing some TOUR XFT removable faces starting to pop up. Can anyone comment on the differences? Thanks.
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