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  1. You seem like a fun to be around person....
  2. He said the Srixon gloves he's been using (and linked us to in his OP) lasted longer than the Titleist gloves he used to use. No mention of MG. I totally misread the original post ??
  3. Just to comment, the MG gloves that I had didn’t last nearly as long as the Footjoy ones I regularly game. You mention them lasting 3x as long as Titleists, but for what it’s worth that’s not what I’ve seen.
  4. You make $800,000 a year and you're spending time hustling for a discount code? Math is awesome. s*** �� Why are you mad? I know you would have spent the 40% off coupon on Pinnacle Golds anyways.
  5. Why do you think a store like Golf Galaxy or DSG owes you anything? Whining on a message board while posting your alleged income makes you sound silly.
  6. This was also true at my store. Not much left and it was 40% off the ORIGINAL price. It was NOT 40% off the lowest price. I went back to my store today and they switched all the signs back to what you both said above, 40% off the original price. I asked the salesman what happened and he said it was a two day event specific to men's clothing. He said they'll have another in my specific store later in August. Must vary by store.
  7. All UA polos that were on sale had either $38.99 or $41.99 on the tag. You save an additional 40% off this price. There should be signs saying 40% off lowest marked price all throughout the store.
  8. Thank you for this!! Usually it's later in August, so I got lucky. 6 Under Armour shirts and five pairs of shorts. Wardrobe makeover completed
  9. Up for sale is a great set of Titleist 714 AP2s (4-PW) with minimal use. I bought these last year as a second set and they've been gamed less than 10 times. Come with S300 stiff shafts. Almost no bag chatter and no chips at all. I've included pics of the clubs, but if there's more you'd like to see please let me know. Asking $425 shipped within the continental US.
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