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  1. Long time Cobra fan had the 350ss ? zl encore, biocell plus then took a break until I hit the Radspeed. At first with the motore x it was ok but after I changed shafts it became long and then I moved the heavy weight back and it became really straight and still long and it knocked the sim out of my bag.
  2. Are the tips from the exs driver compatible with the c721 driver?
  3. I tried this driver and hit it 6 times on the course. I was using the wrong flex shaft as I just picked it up that day but it was an extra stiff rdx but still found it long and relatively straight. on two drives though I overswung and pulled it left into the hazard. As soon as I get my extra adapter I will try it with my regular flex diamana limited shaft. It is as long as my radspeed and I think with the right flex it will be a bomber.
  4. the og sim ti is a beast. reaching par fives in two.
  5. After reading this post i bought a new set on ebay. These irons are amazing long and straight. I am hitting it right at the pin and with great high trajectory except when I want to hit it low which it does well. The atmos graphite shaft is perfect for me.
  6. Platgof I bought the t9 speedback iron on your recommendation and I want to say thank you. Easiest irons to hit and super accurate. My approaches have gotten much closer I had three birdie putts within 2 feet last week and average girs have increased by quite a bit. They're long and easily hit low or high. Great Irons much more accurate then the g410's I was using. Only thing I have not been able to do well is hit a cut but that is mostly me. Only wish the set had a 5iron instead of the hybrid.
  7. Is this true for their irons too? I have an atmos in black.
  8. 10 hdc og sim ti can't imagine anything longer.
  9. Isn't elvado the same as eleven?
  10. I found the regular Radspeed to be very forgiving had to buy the higher lofted model and set the heavier weight back though. Bad shots are still in play for me
  11. No I was looking for something close to a Diamana Ahina, so I never tried this shaft. Since I posted this I switched to the Sim with the Diamana S Limited and have been very happy with this shaft.
  12. Epic Flash Subzero knocked my cobra f7 out of my bag long straight and adjustable loft make it a great fw.
  13. I played the g400 max and found that it spun too much for me and I never got the distance others have. This year I tried the Sim Max after trying the Mavrik Max and found it longer and straighter. Previous Taylormade drivers often have given me the one big push drive right that I would hit once a round but the sim max is much straighter and that miss is gone. Maybe it's my swing or the taylormade ventus blue shaft but I am super confident with this driver..
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