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  1. EPON, AF706... forged, HUGE and expensive...
  2. JAM01........ How did you like or dislike the MMT and what weight / flex shaft did you demo.. I ordered just one MMT shaft to demo but not here yet.. THXS
  3. Confession, I'm a wedge Fanatic / junkie.. Last several years I have mainly played Fourteen wedges. I will still experiment with new releases and put my Fourteens on the bench. I played the SM8's for a while and bought the new Zip Cords. Experiments done, Sold them on ebay and back to the Fourteens. The Fourteen RM22 was my favorite for several years. BUT Fourteen came out with the FH Forged V-1. Its a beautiful wedge in a little smaller profile. It does everything for my short game. Particularly open the face up lob shots and bunker play. It does have that Japan
  4. Do not limit your options. For sure if your wanting more distance, trajectory (height) and maintain a fairway finding driver... The new PING G425 MAX is a must demo. I'm 64, still have a good swing. Just have lost some club head speed with the age. I have demoed the new G425 outdoors twice. No trackman numbers but its amazing; straight, long, all the height you want with the stock shaft selections and the 2 degree loft adjustment. AND its still long on off-center strikes. I have a fitting tomorrow and will get trackman numbers to make the optimal purchase. I hav
  5. BEFORE I rant on 'sound .............. I have range demoed both the G425 Max and the new TM SIM2. I also own the TSi2 right now. 1. TM SIM2 can't even stay on a Martine tee compared to the G425. Confess, never been a TM wood guy. But I ALWAYS take the new girl(s) for a spin. 2. The G425 sweet spot is Dirty Harry's 357 magnum. My eyes fixated on the launch of a pure soring drive. AND then one after the other. What sound? My eying the drive is like earplugs. OK there are some off center strikes but minimal consequence and in the fairway. Even when I swing out of my s
  6. I played the WedgeWorks K grind for years.. Awesome on full shots and out of bunkers. It was hard to believe that the hunk of the K grind could be laid open and still be flush to the ground.. I do play Fourteen wedges for the past few years now.. Still have some K grinds in the garage.. Might take them out this week.. LOL
  7. I have played the RM 22 Fourteen wedges for years. But have switched to their NEW FH Forged V1. Softer and more versatile..
  8. 1. City and State? Lincoln Calif 2. Handicap? 11.7 3. Are you able to test equipment on a golf course with one week of its receipt? YES. Member and live within the Catta Verdera Golf course community. 4. Current Iron setup? Just replaced my Titleist T200s with Epon 706's 5. What is the top thing you look for when buying new irons? Performance - Ball speed, smash factor, trajectory, dispersion, launch (height & spin) reasonable forgiveness & Looks 6. Do you agre
  9. PLAYING BIG equipment... I just realized I've gone really BIG.. Not only BIG with the irons, but also with the putter.... Has actually happen by circumstance. Driver just like all of us - 460cc - Ping 410 Irons, by circumstance. Was playing the Titleist T200s. long from heal to toe but wouldn't classify as BIG. Short date with TM 790TI (titanium).. Worst irons I've ever owned. And I've probably had 35 sets of irons in my life. Club Champion gave me the 30 day playability return. So had to get $2600.00 dollars worth. Demo'ed the Epon 706's. They are BIG ever
  10. Thanks Theebdk for your 2 round feed back on your 706's.. I also just went transition wedge (TW) through 6 iron. Which was good decision because I've carried the 6-I 185 a few times. Never have I had that kind of 6I distance. So the 6 gaps right up to my 4 hybrid which I can carry 195 to 205+. With the TW I changed the bottom of the bag wedges from 58* & 52* to 56* & 50*... working out just fine... I went with the NEW FH forged V1 Fourteen wedges.. The soul grind is perfect if I want to lay it open to a 58* +...... If you haven't tried the 14's you might consider????
  11. Cont -- height is beyond impressive.. The wide sole is playing just fine but my home course is not dry nor hard pan. The Epon 706 delivers on the GAME enhancement category.
  12. Finally Club Champion built my Epon 706's. I also have the Fujikura Pro shaft. Have about 7-8 rounds with them now. Keep getting better and better. They definaltely deliver on increased length and height. I was hitting my Titleist T200 8 iron 150 when purred. Epon 8 iron is at least 160 and has streached out to 165. Never in recent years have I had that kind of distance and the height is b
  13. i had the XXIO black for a short period of time.. Cant really say as to WHY but I found it to be a HOOK machine.. Sold it...
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