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  1. To All MACHINE Customers, Thank you to the vast majority of you for your patience and understanding as we’ve worked through our structured reorganization under Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, and since having our case dismissed. Some folks posted here and elsewhere about Ch11 proceedings, but in fairness, the details posted were not the complete picture by any means. For instance, our best years saw well over a million dollars in gross sales, not the capital-constrained numbers we produced after we lost funding and before we filed Ch11 bankruptcy. It’s been an extremely challenging an
  2. (Thanks for that, MoaningM!) To All Friends and Customers, Thank you for your patience and understanding on the pause in our business this summer. As most of you know, we’ve gone through a reorganization over the summer, and as part of that, some staffing changes and a move to our new facilities, which is still currently underway. We’ve got some exciting new partners and are moving into a really cool space in old downtown McKinney where I also live and where we’ve raised our kids, so I’m excited about being closer to home, and also providing some new jobs and giving back to our loc
  3. Jason, Thanks for your emails. Glad you received mine, and happy we could work out the details on the new refinish. I appreciate your patience and understanding very much. I'll send more photos by Monday at the latest. Thanks again, -Dave
  4. We are here working, and all our internet and direct dial numbers are working OK, but our switchboard and main dial in number are malfunctioning, unfortunately. (Time Warner Business switched out some old analog equipment and reinstalled new digital equipment the past couple of days, but apparently didn't re-route everything correctly. We are waiting for another technician to come and fix it correctly!) In the mean time, you can send an email with your name and phone number and request to our main customer service email address (below) and we will have someone get right back to you. I ap
  5. And you've got more coming this week! :) Email coming later this AM. Thanks for all your support Jens! You are the best M8! Chris is taking a little break to spend more time with his family and new job. Once we have all the new marketing and advertising in place, we'll need Chris and at least one or two Chris clones to help man the boards and social media again. We're all really excited about the new partners and marketing, service and support we're putting in place. In the mean time, thanks for everyone's patience as we make the transition. All the best, -Dave
  6. C-Rad. I apologize. Please send me an email direct and I'll be sure to get back to you today. -Dave [email protected] PS: The same goes for anyone else who hasn't received a reply or update or quote. I'll be the main point of contact here until we re-launch. -db2
  7. Bunker2Bunker: It is unfortunate, because we communicate with so many customers daily, but not all are on here for everyone to see. And, as I've posted before, we're holding off posting photos of all the putters we're sending out (on a daily basis) until we are completely caught up. We're almost there, so I really look forward to having all customer's orders completed and to them, and then showing off all the custom work from the last several months. Until then, I appreciate your and everyone else's patience. -Dave
  8. Derek, I apologize for the poor communications. The putter you purchased in the second hand market and sent photos of and inquired about is a M3A Transfixer, as the other member here described so well. I also understand you spkoke to Libby as well. I'm sorry, I can't tell if it is a Tour putter, as I didn't see any stamps or other clues that it was ever out on tour. Unfairtunately that's one of the very few models that was discontinued, so there aren't as many options such as new components to choose from. A major reason was that model has a different hosel connection construction. A
  9. Hi Alby, Man, that was painful to read. I owe you my sincere apologies and an update. We did complete you transformation of your putter to a new Megalodon Arm Lock Putter. I wasn't completely satifisied with the solution though, and I've been working on an alternative that I hope you will like. one of the issues with being a perfectionist, and always working on a better solution. Very candidly I haven't had time or bandwidth to keep up with all the rush of business we experienced at the end of last year, especially all the very detailed emails from so many customers, big and smal
  10. We have several demo and fitter models in Studio stock and inventory for numerous options in the shop. You are welcome to email Chris at [email protected] for the fastest service, pictures, prices and options available in that model. We will also be conducting a President's Day sale today for anyone else interested in Studio stock putters that are in house and ready to go! If you already are interested in a certain model you can email us at the same address and we'll let you know what's available. All orders in progress should have received an update over the weekend or b
  11. Hey Everyone, Thanks for everyone's patience as we've worked through our backlog. We've been working very hard to complete all the oldest orders first, and many of those have been very complicated one-of-a-kind creations, which always take longer. And in many cases on one-of-kinds, there are details to work through such as weight, with lots of back and forth with customers. I've resisted the urge to provide lots of picture updates here, as it seems every time we do, a newer customer (sometimes just days into the process) reply, PM or email asking where their updates are? I've had seve
  12. J- Thanks so much for the awesome write up!! I know I speak for the entire team when I say this is so gratifying and humbling to read and see everyone's reactions as well. It makes all the long hours and hard work so worth it. I can say though, it's more than a little nerve-wracking to do so much custom work on a single putter - we put the hours into work like the engraving, and then turn around and put in more hours and hours of work like the hand pinstriping on the top, then porting, finishing, torching, etc. etc. - of course you only get one shot at it on the final piece, so ther
  13. Let me be the first to say, "Welcome Back Chris!!!" I know I missed you! :) Here's to a rocking 2016! -DB
  14. "The antique patina finish means that it will rust over time correct?" That's actually an Antique Patina on Aluminum Bronze - so it's oxidation, and can get slightly darker, but unlike carbon steel, it won't pit the metal underneath, just builds up on the surface... Thanks, -Dave
  15. Hey everyone. For all those trying to reach me this week - I apologize for the delay in getting back to you all. For those that called and were concerned whether or not we were affected by the storms, thank you. For those I haven't been able to get back to yet, I apologize, I will. We have been dealing with the aftermath of the storms that hit here (our shop and my house are in Collin County, one of the areas hit by the tornados this past weekend and now an official disaster area). We lost shingles and part of the decking off our roof of my home, had water pouring in our den and pla
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