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  1. Apex hybrid head. Any better pics of the sole and address pos. ? Thank you!
  2. I really like Amanda.
  3. Now these pictures are "how-to" sell irons! Detail of each face and sole to prevent PM's about their condition! GLWS!
  4. Guys, can anyone tell me about them? I've seen the Burner 2.0, but it is super GI. Pictures would help, especially at address position. Anyone played these? I have the Ping i210's now.
  5. Goobers80! So fantastic to see your success in golf! And, to read your comments to those who think they can "straighten you out". So laughable!! Your motion is so smooth and well put together. One can see you put a ton of work into it. I loved seeing your "what's in the bag" years ago!!
  6. Mint set of PXG Gen 2 XF irons with stiff 80g Mitsuibishi Chemical MMT shafts and PXG logo grips. $OLD shipped. I hit 40 balls with them off of mats at the range. I purchased them locally, seller bought them new (and never used them) and had them bent professionally 1 degree weak from PXG standard. My PayPal is [email protected]
  7. Maybe she's nervous? Side observation; is J. Korda on a barbell squat program? And, did Pressel go Keto?
  8. Betting how soon Matsuyama drops his hand off a club. Wow, as I typed this he let go on his 1st drive!! Blocked right.
  9. Mikey shaves his beard off and YJS bogeys first hole and pull hooks drive on #2 into the trees.
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