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  1. Roxald - I just got the same set, and soft-stepped the 75g stiff shafts once and they are so fantastic. I have the same experiences you do with them. My last two scores on my home course were 3-4 strokes lower because the lofts are weaker and the flight a bit higher with enough spin to hold our small greens. They kicked my Ping i210's out (and I had them ground to remove bounce to get through the turf better). The soles on the Burner TP's are great!
  2. They're gonna have to pry those Whataburger bacon-egg-cheese biscuits from my cold, dead hands! LOL.
  3. Totally right. I have a tendency to start with weights, then something "gets in the way"; daily schedules, etc. But when I am consistent, the sleep and energy levels are where I want them to be. Thanks SirBig!
  4. Eliminate white sugar products, high fructose corn syrup, white flour products. No soda of any kind. Eat fruits and vegetables, chicken (broiled), fish and lean meat. Water, tea and black coffee (no designer latte's etc. ) Eliminate the drive through food dispensaries. Maybe walk a mile a day. But do something, get some 5 pound weights and do a little lifting. Nothing crazy is needed (unless you want to). Then, mentally prepare yourself for your body to scream in withdrawal as its chemistry changes. It will affect your brain like a drug addict's withdrawing experiences; sweating, twitching and nervousness. It might last a week depending on how long you've been drugged by the SAD diet (standard Anerican diet).
  5. Kinda diggin' Cantlay w/o a cap. Getting into the Euro's heads?
  6. I'm old. Who are these two announcers for the RC ceremony? From Wrestling or Football or Hockey? I'd bet Wresting.
  7. Not complaining, just observing. And, you are 100% correct.
  8. Interesting article on Golfweek. On the surface, it seemed to me that the USA Captain was not flexible and wouldn't alter her "plan". The European Captain seems more mature and flexible. All IMHO.
  9. I would have liked to see a Reid-Kang pairing. Where's the camera? Reid: Oh, grimaced determined look, squared up shoulders like a football tackle. Kang: Oh, how do I look? C'mon, make some noise for my par putt! (lifts arms).
  10. The Meyers-Briggs Personality tool is what that Pod thing is. Assembling like personalities for golf, to me, does not apply. IMHO, grouping complimentary, not similar, golf styles/games may have been more effective? Just a thought. In any case, Mrs. Hurst did not inspire me. She was more concerned with "bonding" and "having a lot of fun".
  11. Listening to Pat Hurst. Didn't meet with the team after the morning of the 1st day. Didn't deviate from her "plan". Made no adjustments. Kept her personality pod combinations in place. Give her a "C" for this project management role of Captain. Stubborn may be too strong of a word. Perhaps arrogant fits. Out of touch, also.
  12. Charlie Hull just took two practice swings with her driver on the tee box, two divots!! Then she hits her teed up golf ball with a violent lash! I like her.
  13. Polo Filed Repair Shop next to the First Tee in San Antonio (adjacent to Brackenridge). Ben's a cool guy and can do all you ask him to do. It's 2 hours from you. Also, Mike at Impact Golf in Houston.
  14. I took two sets of my Ping i210's to Bo Hodnett in Plano, TX. His trusty assistant, Noah Hasse, did the grinds for me. In the firm Texas turf, I really needed trailing edge relief. There was a noticeable "ridge" on the sole of the 210's that created too much bounce for me. I have been nothing but happy with the results. I keep the sole clean with a scotchbrite pad, no issues. I have Vista Pro's in one set and Recoils in the other. The Vista Pro set had a bit more aggressive grind. Noah did the first set as an experiment (Recoils), more conservative grind. I'm an 8 handicap and 72 years old and love golf. You?
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