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  1. Finch said, right after Cam Smith hits his eagle putt, "wonderful stroke". Short by a foot.
  2. Bread? But since I eat only with my hands, PB & J is just fine.
  3. That's a trio, not duo. Add popcorn and I'm good.
  4. 2 irrelevant observations this morning. 1 - Stuart Appleby is a very good guy and I like him. 2 - Daniel Berger is a good guy but stop that putting, caddie line-up time consuming thing. 3 - Kevin Streelman is a good guy, but why is he wearing his sunglasses dropped on his neck in back of the ears? Okay, that's 3 things, but it's early and the ice crystal/snow thing is keeping me inside today in DFW.
  5. Mahan 67 at AT&T Pebble today.
  6. James Hahn looks ripped. Lean and mean. Anyone know what program he adopted?
  7. drive on 13 in the rough, two bounces . . . . embedded for sure. waiting for the camera close-up, glad I have a new 55" TV.
  8. That's how I do it when re-shafting clubs. Heat gun on the tip a bit, then use a needle-nose pliers to grab the tip weight and twist off. If you need to use the tip weight again, put it in the vise and use a tiny diameter drill bit to make a hole in it so air will pass through.
  9. Stratton, I saw you and Will Zalatoris battle for the State Am in Dallas one year. I just mentioned something to Breck while he was sitting on a tee box bench waiting for you to tee off. He turned to me and just casually filled me in on your strategy for the round, like I was his best bud. Made me feel 10 feet tall.
  10. https://www.instagram.com/p/CJfIsVzlEZR/ Many of us followed his son here, worked on his clubs and OSU career.
  11. Watching DVR of this. That female announcer cannot stop talking and saying nothing. Covid isolation hits in different ways, she got a microphone and is flooding the telecast with sounds/"words". Dan Hicks should write her a note that says, cut your words by 2/3 and you'll do fine.
  12. PM sent. I'll take it, send PayPal address. PayPal just sent.
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