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  1. LC3 uses "Fast Twist" I believe https://www.champspikes.com/collections/golf-cleats/products/champ-zarma-tour-golf-cleats-slim-lok-silver-black
  2. Pink pair should arrive next week, 2 pairs of regular 11 laced 1 pair of wide 11 BOA 2 pairs of wide 11 laced def. prefer laced over BOA and wide over regular.
  3. Do a "Infinity Tour Golf" search on eBay you should be able to find it, took about a week coming from S. Korea to Houston.
  4. does nearest point of relief including player may have to drop the ball or stands within marked hazard area??
  5. Ignore the driver cost, I tried to focus my post on the positive, on how awesome Fujikura is and how they went above and beyond for me. There were "things" behind the scene that's non-Fujikura related which maybe belongs to another thread.
  6. Here to share my awesome experience with Chad and Brandon from Fujikura Golf recently. Back in March my Ventus Blue snapped after my tee shot on second hole, thinking that I've never abused the shaft so I decided to reach out to Fujikura for a replacement shaft. After a few email exchanges I was instructed to send the broken shaft back to Fujikura and they would then send a replacement shaft to my builder then back to me ($80 to re-build and shipping back to me). Couple of weeks later my replacement shaft was built and en route back to me. With my luck, I came home on the scheduled delivery da
  7. Can you attend the event around beginning of May? YES to any future date Have you tried Motore X or Ventus? What ones? HAD Ventus Blue, shaft snapped during a round, replacement shaft snapped by FedEx, currently no shaft. :( Why are you excited to get fit for Motore X? Had great success with Ventus Blue before it snapped, in need for a new shaft What Motore X, F1 or F3, do you think would fit your swing? F1, need low spin, low launch shaft Current driver specs (head, shaft, grip, length)? Ping G410 LST // Tensei Orange // GP MCC+4 Were you fit for your current driver? YES Handicap? 6 Current
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