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  1. I'm looking for epic speed 10.5 TD or TD ls head only Also for epic flash sz 10.5 head only prefer exc cond lmk thanks!
  2. Looking for 4 or 5-pw in the latest gen pxg P790 black. Prefer stiff shafts lmk what you have Thanks!
  3. I've got black t100s w/ Fuji pro black and N01 pro blackout grips. They are gorgeous. And play just as good as they look. Definitely solid combo.
  4. A couple items for sale today 1) Titleist TSI3 18 5wd. Px 6.0 rdx smoke shaft. Excellent shape not much use. Stock grip and length. HC included $240 shipped 2) Sim 19 5wd . Stiff flex Diamana ltd stiff. Stock grip and length. Nice shape. No HC $195 shipped
  5. Have a few things for sale today Mint tour ad iz 5 stiff played 45 1/4" in a Ts2. Sold TW 13 shoes. Size 9.5 not much use original spikes Sold Adidas 360 tour shoes Size 9.5 not much use original spikes $90-- NOW $75 Titleist u500 3h w/ tour ad 95 stiff factory install. Mint $225-- NOW $199 TM mg Tw limited 60deg wedge w/ tour issue s400. Mint used one round Sold Tour Edge ex9 tour 17 deg head w adapter and HC. Great shape. $60-- NOW $50 All prices shipped in conus
  6. I tested both. Found the speed very similar to my Mav. The max Ls outperformed both for me.
  7. Agreed-- I went from epic flash sub zero to Mav then hopped in sim the other day with Max LS 9 deg/ tour ad iz. I was blown away. I had my mav setup w me also(mav has VR). I was consistently 10yds further w the max ls. And I also found the consistency of distance is what sold me.. seems like anywhere on the face I got close to the same distance.. that 9 deg head with the iz is a perfect combo for me was hitting my launch window(I played 10.5's dialed to 9.5 before this) ordered on the spot
  8. *one price drop before bay tomorrow * Have a few things for sale today Titleist TS2 9.5 w/ Tour Ad XC 5 stiff(factory shaft) plays about 45.25". Club and shaft in excellent shape. W HC $395-- $365 now Callaway customs Mavrik 10.5 head. All black. Like new only hit 10 balls in sim w it never played on course. Sold Titleist T100s irons- Black limited edition 4-aw . PX LZ 6.0. Played about 10 rounds with them. Great shape standard L/L/L Titleist blackout grip Sold PX LZ 6.0 pulls. limited black pulled from a new set of t100s 4-PW. Standard length mint Sold All shipped CONUS
  9. It chips. I had them last year. The pvd finish in the $-taper black holds up much better
  10. Mavrik sold. auto is good. Higher flight than my vr. I can keep it just as tight- I'm a smooth swinger. Spin I haven't checked but played fine in the wind at Kiawah.. I've gained about 10yds over my VR same head
  11. Have a few things for sale: Autoflex sf505 stiff mint only used one round and I am keeping the x flex I have. Has callaway/Mavrik tip and a N01 pro black grip. Sold Mavrik custom all black 10.5 head. Great shape. w/headcover Sold Tour AD HD 6 stiff. Ordered from callaway to play in Mavrik head at 45". Never used it. Ndmc blackout grip $275 shipped Crazy boron stiff flex. Ping g410 tip. Nice shape. One time pull $175 shipped Only trade would be t100s black irons or tsi3 10 deg
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