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  1. I have 46, 52, 58 all raw. Did some grinding and still do to find the optimal sole. Soft and great spin for sure. I paired them with Modus 120 S love them
  2. This I am NOT a TM guy. Anyone of you guys what version on Diamana this is- with a half side in silver? Can´t find it
  3. Just bought Mizuno T20 Raw and I am as you - picky- these are so soft and so good:-) Highly recomended
  4. I have found my ”money” in Ping i210 with $-taper. Hardcore blade guy who found a good combo and I am not a Ping fan. But these are really good with the right shaft in them of course
  5. I have played i210s since octobre last year, coming from MP5s which I really loved, these are keepers for sure. Easy great feel and I , of course, reshafted to C-taper and they are even better. I´ll hang on to these and will just do some custom ferrules from BB- if I only can decide which Highly recomended
  6. Frustrated Swede here. Just wants to know if USPS has ”lost it” a bit... I have since -01 bought stuff from you guys, which I am very grateful for, but I am seeing a sad irritating longer deliverytimes via USPS and together with the Swedish postalservice who is a real joke it means that buying and have shipping through these two ”clowns” from US are appr 25 days (this are the last 15 deliveries) If I look at the 3 past years the delivery in US looks like a pingpong game... doesn´t matter where in US I buy it means by rules at least 4 diffrent places/cities before headed over to Sweden or
  7. I was playing St Andrews a couple of weeks ago. Playing gloveless. And itś started raining ....... so I bought Callaways raingloves, they work superb! Even putting went really great, in fact I played one of my best rounds ever in rain - 75 from white. Recomended
  8. Stumbled... across a 917F3 15* with a Evenflow 75... I have played a Epic SZ 15 for over a year, but I never really got to like it- sad to say because I love the ESZ driver. Then I met this fellow and tried his 917F3, I am not a superfan of Titleist woods but this head is phenomenal! So I bought one. Love it
  9. MP5...... I sold my beloved iBlades november last year and bought a set of MP5. Why? Well we were a group of friends who went over o Southport, England and played some iconic courses. One of my friends had rhe ”5s” - I asked to try a shot on Royal Lytham and... of course... flushed it (6i).. To me itś a perfect designed blade I love the size, shape and mm the muscle line. Will buy a extra set .... Me and my MP5s
  10. Digging those ferrules! Throw a couple of pictures of the back of the irons with those ferrules if you have a minute, please! I’m looking for inspiration!!! Digging those ferrules! Throw a couple of pictures of the back of the irons with those ferrules if you have a minute, please! I’m looking for inspiration!!! Of course ?
  11. I had a serious love for my Ping iBlades..... until I tried a friends MP5 while on a trip to Manchester area ..... - sold So my bag for 2018 are done, I switched to DG AMT 400s. They are just as easy to hit as my former IBlades but.. softer and so pretty (still find it funny to say that about things that are actually going to spend a lot of time in dirt sand and god knows what ? ) Thinking about adding a 3i too
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