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  1. That happened many times. There were many backups kept around over the years. He finally switched 3w for good this past season.
  2. Its even cheaper if your a local resident and/or live in one of the course developments. Have played with many local residents who play weekly. Cost for them is basically at a muni rate.
  3. A fairly large group of pros think LHL is best way to put. You'ld be surprised at how many use it always or regularily circle back to LHL. It works better if the eye closest to hole is yr dominant eye. Otherwise, many like the ability keep shoulder square and even.
  4. Will know in a few yrs. when work next Oakmont Open & Oak Hill PGA. Have played/walked Pebble, Baltusrol & Bethpage. Worked & walked Shinny in 18. Have been around it for decades. Have walked & will again work WF Open this year. Will see whats new on different holes and in other functions. Still think Oakmont & Shinny are above Pinehurst2. Grew game & shotmaking on a Ross course. Until c&c return to old style, P2 was lost for me. Shinnecock/Oakmont -tbd Winged Foot Pebble Beach Pinehurst #2 Baltusrol Bethpage/ Oak Hill?
  5. NBC Evening news tonight announced the new deal with USGA. They followed it up with a remote @home Dan Hicks interview. He highlighted WF history and working the last WF Open in 2006. Interestingly, NBC view was that the USGA canceled the contract with Fox and then signed with NBC.
  6. More updates... USGA’s best-case scenario is “maybe 10,000-12,000” daily instead of a typical 30,000-40,000 number Will be more like an old-fashioned U.S. Open, where if we are fortunate enough to have fans, you’ll see them along the rope lines,” Bodenhamer added, “almost like a 1960s or 1970s U.S. Open.” Lack of infrastructure via absence of grandstands and other traditional setups, such as hospitality, merchandise tents and concession areas. fans could expect only grab-and-go food options and in-app merchandise shopping, among other social-distancing measures. We’re planning for some fans, b
  7. Always thought he underachieved. In many ways winning back-back opens was worse thing. He didn't have drive as much anymore afterwards. Sort of like arnie says cherry hill was worst for him to win. Didn't push enough after.
  8. Why didn't Sam ever buy anymore Izett drivers as backups?
  9. Problem is many of those measurement holes are using a 3w speed. Have done a few rounds w/ Toms. He is one of the shortest in recent years. He would play very accurately, not miss any fairway but hit 270-280 with max of 290. He plays the old 80s-90s game of shotmaking and keeping the ball in play. There are plenty of lower ranked pros that are shorter. You'll see them for a yr or two and will be constantly fighting to keep their card. Slowest swing top ranked pro has to be Furkx. Many pros 3w or 4w are longer than his driver. He also plays the old 80s-90s game of shotmaking and keeping the bal
  10. Kuch @108 maybe for his 4w. Cameron is always 125+. Trackman guys had running bets how fast. That major he over 130+ a few times. Same measurement occurred in another major & playoff events.
  11. Thats off. Have done 18h w/ kuch and measured via shotlink his drives many times. He's alot taller than he looks. Uses the leverage to hit 300 no problem. He's above avg length and no bunter for tour length
  12. No PV because there's no place for tents, other infrastructure and lack of hotels. Otherwise, it would play similar to Merion as its short. Bunkers for most pros is where they aim to miss if it isn't short sided. Pros manage their game so much better that many of the hazards amateurs find aren't a concern for pros. However, classic US Open rough & taking driver out of most would raise scores but not to double digits. Yes to a plus finish tho'. Similar to WF massacre.
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