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  1. For a limited time only - Purchaser also gets (unless I eat before purchased):
  2. See this limited edition Green Jacket CNC ball marker with bag tag. It’s never been used and limited to 100. $100 shipped Let me know if you have any questions. Best, WR
  3. Like the title says, 2 dozen Titleist ProV1X left dash, $90 shipped. Balls have "Bing Bang Boom" on them. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks. WR
  4. Quick sale today: Mizuno ST 190 Driver - $125 shipped with care - 9 Degrees - Atmos Black TS 6X Shaft - MCC +4 Grip - Headcover included Titleist TMB 2-Iron - $110 shipped with care - Project X Pxi 6.5 - MCC Align Grip Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks. WR
  5. For your consideration today: Odyssey Stroke Lab Seven with Stroke Lab shaft/grip and plays 34 inches - SOLD Purchased on BST, rolled one round and one practice, but prefer my previous gamer for now Adams CMB 4-G (very elusive GW) with KBS C-Taper 130 X-Stiff with MCC Plus4 Align grips and play standard length as far as I’m aware - SOLD Purchased 2 years ago and been cared for like my child. Only letting them go to appease the wife. Scratch Wedges 53/58 Degrees, both with KBS C-Taper 130x SOFT STEPPED, MCC Plus4 Align grips, high bounce, and play perfectly with the CMBs - SOLD Purchased from Ari (former owner of Scratch), and were built by Wolverine Custom Golf here in metro Detroit. Titleist Vokey Wedges 52/56/58 Degrees, with Vokey wedge shafts, MCC Plus4 blue grips, and standard lengths - Retained Would be a good set for someone new to the game, not really netting a lot at this price after shipping and PayPal fees, just clearing some space.
  6. Not that I have seen - they look good to me, but sale is pending.
  7. As far as I’m aware, they’re “standard”. If you like I can give you exact measurements.
  8. Purchased these with the thought I would take on a new project that never really materialized. These shafts, KBS C-Taper 130X 4-LW (10-shafts), were purchased from Will Peoples and look mint for pulls. The tips will need to be cleaned/sanded, but that is par for the course. Price: $175 OBO PENDING (I’m fine holding on to them if I don’t receive reasonable offers) Trade interests would be: Odyssey Stroke Lab 7, 34” (or similar with stability shaft) Thanks. WR
  9. Pretty simple: Srixon 785s 4-P, DG TI X100s, standard l/l/l, IOmic black grips (seem nice) Condition is 9+/10 SOLD shipped (+$5 west of Mississippi, Canadians cover 50% of shipping)
  10. Hey thanks for the message - I would consider trades. I'm mostly interested in high-end iron/wedge heads (forged player cavity and/or high end CB/Blade combos), or potentially a putter with stability shaft. What do you got? :)
  11. Clubs: PXG Gen 2 0311 P/T (4-6 0311P, 7-PW 0311T), all standard as far as I’m awareShafts: Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100, standard length (37” 7 iron), and will not separate shafts/headsGrips: Golf Pride MMC Black/Black, lots of life leftCondition: Used but in good shape (solid 8.5/10)Price: $900 shipped SOLDFWIW - I haven’t even swung these. In the process of obtaining them (reputable WRXer), I fell back in love with my current set (for now) and my wife doesn't love them hanging around the house unused.
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