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  1. Bought these as I had the intention of doing a sole swap for casual wear, but don't think I am going to use them. $230 shipped. Brand new and never worn.
  2. I wanted to try out the HZRDUS Green Smoke PVD, but decided it wasn't for me. Used for 2 rounds and like new. Please see the pics attached. I had this is my M2 driver so it has the TM adapter, 60 6.0 and playing at 45.75" with the golf pride grip. Purchased from JD's. Looking for $275 shipped. Located in Bay Area, CA.
  3. Even like someone said, just because a driver performs so well for one person or many people on here, do you think the same head should perform equally as well for someone else assuming they get fit for the best shaft to work with that head. Obviously you would assume the feel, forgiveness, sound etc should be the same regardless, but the overall performance and results may vary slightly person to person (not so much in distance and data, but saying the M2 for example would out perform other newer drivers like the M3/M4/M5/M6 etc.)
  4. I'd like to see what shaft they recommend based on the fitting, so not assuming a stock shaft. So I know depending on choice, even if I find an older model on sale and then have to spend couple hundred on a shaft, might be close to the same as customizing a new model with the right shaft
  5. other thing I wanted to mention, I know I likely won't be able to test an M1/M2 in my fitting this weekend, so trying to decide if it would be better or that much different to find the shaft they recommend during the fitting and then try to put into an older M1/M2 and save some money or just bite the bullet and go for the newer tech.
  6. Currently playing a 2011 R11, with a Graffaloy pink bimatrix S shaft. I am actually going in for a Driver fitting this weekend, but just wanted to see people's thoughts. I love the look of the M1/M2 with the white and black contrasting on the crown. People seem to love the M2, but what's the difference between 2016 and 2017 besides the colors? I do like the looks of the head shape on the M4 and M6, but just not sold on the aesthetics as much. Of course I need to hit them during the fitting and see how the data compares. Also, curious to see what I may gain from my older R11. Little distance? More forgiveness?
  7. Hi all, Had an iron fitting today at a local demo day and have a couple questions for you guys. Think I am going to pull the trigger on some AP3’s and I prefer the black pair. The best shaft I hit during my fitting was the DG S300 130g. They didn’t have the black head or the any of the black shaft options to try. I know the AMT black comes stock in the set, but not sure on this one since i haven’t hit it. Looking at the specs the x100 tour issue in black is the same weight as the S300, so what is the main difference? The other black option seems too light which is the dynamic gold 105. Appreciate the help.
  8. Thinking about the black P790 or black AP3. Does anyone have pics of how these are wearing after some good use on them?
  9. So little background, I am definitely due for some new irons. Currently have Callaway X-16 pro from circa 2002. I am around a 20 handicap and looking to get some new irons. So far I have hit quite a few irons and trying to narrow it down to 3-4 heads before I go in for a proper fitting. So far I like the following: Mizuno 919 forged Cobra forged tec Titleist AP3 Taylor Made 760 Taylor Made 790 I have hit all of these and they all feel really nice. I know the proper fitting will be the tell tale of which performs best, but any other thoughts or feedback. Anything else I’m missing or reasons you’d choose one over the other?
  10. Has anyone ever obtained one of these hats? I haven't been following as closely lately, but remember there was a few tourney's in 2012-ish timeframe where RF was wearing some monoline's that had the red bull logo on the side. I specifically remember the lime green color, I can't remember which other colors if any. Obviously makes them more rare than most, but was curious if anyone has one of these?
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