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  1. My guess is B. Visually looks like A, so I'll go with B since TaylorMade has wanted to prove that how far the paint goes down from the crown can affect how the face looks and hide any additional bulge/roll from Twist face.
  2. Here's a fun thread. Ignoring the absurdly overpriced Scotty Cameron headcovers, what are some of the coolest putter headcovers you've seen for either blade or mallet putters? It can include branded covers or from golf courses. For me, some of the coolest I've seen thus far are the Odyssey Drain, Odyssey Buckets, Odyssey Bombs, Odyssey No 3 Jacks, TaylorMade Delivery Time (pizza), TaylorMade Half & Half (Arnold Palmer drink), and the headcovers from Pacific Dunes (with dolphins).
  3. The TV Cord BCT should technically have a little bit more vibration dampening than the Z Cord since I think the actual Tour Velvet compound is a bit softer and more shock absorbent. In actual use, I did find the TV cord to be less harsh than the Z cord, but it wasn't a huge difference in my opinion.
  4. I most prefer the old Tour Velvet Cords, before they went to the BCT (Brushed Cotton Technology) design. I even hoarded one set's worth of Titleist branded versions of the old TV cords. However, the BCT TV cords are still really good and my favorite of the current cord grips. They're not quite as durable as the old ones, but offer slightly more tack. Z cords are probably my second favorite. They're closer to the old TV cords, but can be pretty rough on the hands. I'm personally not a big fan of the MCC, since the lower rubber part can tend to get slick much quicker than the cord portion. Also, I prefer having a consistent grip feel even if I choke up on the club. I can see the appeal of wanting a hybrid grip though. The Lamkin Crossline Cord is also pretty underrated. They're maybe even more cord-like than the Z cords, and probably the best in the rain. I found they had almost no tack to them however, so that put them below the TV cords for me.
  5. Thanks a bunch! This was exactly the info I was looking for. A follow-up question is how the Dual Core version of the XM (DC TX) compares to the regular XM. Is it just simply a slightly lower version? And how does the DC TX compare to the regular DC?
  6. Are you referring to these two? I'm still a bit confused. I also noticed the Kuro Kage XM doesn't show up on Mitsubishi Rayon's website if you search their shafts, only if you directly click on the link from a Google search.https://www.mca-golf.com/products/xm-0https://www.mca-golf.com/products/silver-dual-core-tini
  7. Phew, coming back to this thread a few days short of 10 years from the day it started. I figured I'd add some more to this list now that a full decade has passed - and it's become more of a comprehensive list of blades, rather than a short list of best blades. If I had to choose a shorter list of the best blade irons (that I've also been able to have a good amount of experience with hitting), I think I'd say Miura MB-001, Mizuno MP 14, Mizuno MP 33, Nike VR TW, Taylormade MB TP, and Titleist 681. Adams MB2 (previous gamer set) Callaway X Prototype AKA Razr MB Fourteen FH-1000 Miura MB-001 (current gamer set) Mizuno MP 14 (not sure how I missed this the first time despite putting MP 29) Mizuno MP 20 Nike VR TW (previous gamer set) Nike VR Pro Ping Blueprint Additionally, I could probably add any Titleist MB, as they're all solid. This may be blasphemy for some, but none of the 710, 712, 714, 716, 718, 620, etc.. really stood out to me as having a different character than the previous generation. That's in comparison to the (mostly older) Mizunos, which I thought felt unique and had their own character (e.g. MP33 was far and away the softest, most "buttery" blade ever IMO, MP32 was quite forgiving for a blade, MP37 was a bit harder feel and looked a lot smaller/thicker than other Mizunos, MP14 felt like a nice in-between of everything, MP20 felt incredible with the copper underlay brought back from the TN87).
  8. I've tried doing some research on the Kuro Kage Proto TiNi 2013 shaft, but there isn't a lot of literature out there on it. I was fit in 2014 by Club Champion for the 70X version of the KK Proto shaft (before TiNi was added to other Kuro Kage shafts) in a 10.5-11* driver head. As far as I understand, it's a relatively rare and exclusive shaft, which seemed cool at first but honestly just makes it harder to find replacements. I believe it's much closer to the Kuro Kage Black profile with more of a mid launch, mid/low spin as compared to the ubiquitous low launch/low spin Kuro Kage Silver, which I see everywhere for sale. Due to a negative angle of attack and I guess just my general swing, I've found I can't elevate low/low shafts (like the Whiteboard, Kiyoshi Black, etc...) for the life of me, plus they feel like rebar to me. For reference, I fit 2nd and 3rd best into the Fubuki K 70X and Kiyoshi Purple 65X, but not nearly as well as the KK Proto 70X. In casual self-fitting, I've also hit other mid shafts like the old Motore F3, UST Axivcore Red (counter-balanced), and Diamana S+ fairly well. For irons, I've had success with Nippon Modus 120X, KBS Tour X, and even the DG S300. Project X feels terrible to me, and I struggle to elevate the DG X100 in long irons. I swing decently hard, but nothing crazy. Driver swing speed is about 115-120mph, and I think I have a fairly normal tempo and transition (so I probably won't be able to load a super stable/boardy shaft). Not sure if there's anyone out there with similar launch characteristics and/or experience with the KK Proto. Suggestions would be helpful, as it's been extremely difficult to find any other copies of the shaft for backup/testing. Or if anyone by chance happens to be trying to offload one, that would be a fantastic coincidence too.
  9. Fourteen FH-1000 heads 4-PW. Pictures are 4-PW from top-to-bottom and left-to-right. 8 iron has the most wear. $400 OBO plus shipping. Please see photos attached below. Thanks!
  10. Fourteen FH-1000 heads 4-PW. Pictures are 4-PW from top-to-bottom and left-to-right. 8 iron has the most wear. ~~$420~~ $400 OBO plus shipping
  11. Quick sale here. Flowerband Mitsubishi Rayon Diamana Whiteboard 73X with older TaylorMade tip. Plays approximately 45.5" in a driver. Gripped with a standard 360 degree TaylorMade Tour Velvet. Has a very minor scratch and abrasion in the paint, as shown in the pictures, but does not affect playability at all. $70
  12. Flowerband Mitsubishi Rayon Diamana Whiteboard 73X driver shaft with older TaylorMade tip. Plays about 45.5" long. Minor abrasion on the shaft as shown in pictures, but doesn't affect playability. $70 OBO
  13. Adams 3446-F Tour Issue Prototype 16* 3 wood. Shafted with Project X-8A2 (82 grams, extra stiff) with original proto graphics and GP Tour Velvet Cord. Comes with Adams Speedline headcover The topline and face are in pretty good shape (that's just missing paint, not rust on the face). However, I was previously an idiot and nicked up the toe area. It's not really visible at address since it's more on the side, but just wanted to give full disclosure. Additionally, I'll throw in an Adams Speedline Prototype 9033HF 15* 3 wood head for free (unless you want to buy it separately). I can also include a TM SLDR 3 wood Fujikura Stiff shaft pull for free. $100
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