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  1. I’m incredibly late to this party. I stopped in the PGA store this afternoon for a new trip and the only thing that stopped me from walking out with a DF 2.1 was that the only two on the floor had some battle scars. The press grip was helping with my inability to forward press at address. Let the countdown begin on how long I last before pulling the trigger.
  2. Adams Speedline F12 LS for me. I had played a 907D1 for close to 4 years and struggled to find a newer head that had the right sound & numbers (yes, I was the one person that enjoyed the 907 series). There was a used F12 on the rack with the stock Fubuki that stayed in my bag for five years. It’s the GOAT driver in my own personal world.
  3. That’s what I wanted to hear, I sent my Craz-e in earlier this week for a refinish.
  4. https://forums.golfwrx.com/discussion/1820157/best-3-putters-you-owned-and-used#latest
  5. It’s not quarantine unless you impulse purchase a putter - Ping Sigma G Craz-e added to the stable.
  6. This is a pretty cool topic. It will be obvious I usually like the higher MOI options. • Titleist Futura - The aluminum face felt great at impact and was forgiving on mishits. • Ping G2i Craz-e - This one is getting lots of love in this thread so far and definitely deserves it. • SeeMore FGP - this was a tough choice for the third spot.
  7. I had a G2i Craz-e in high school and liked it. I impulse bought this Sigma G version last weekend. I was really surprised now similar the milled grooves are to the ones on my Machine.
  8. They’ve attempted it before, I believe the OG Rapture was a composite.
  9. I'm pretty sure I'll be sticking with twelve for the rest of the season. I keep an Eye 2 XG lob wedge in my truck for courses with bunkers that aren't in the best condition - but that's not too often. The Mizuno's were solid clubs, but these Ping's hit me with nostalgia. The first set I bought were i3+ Blades and played them for 4-5 years. Pretty excited to get back to something similar. I love the new Moonlite. It's really durable, the 4-way divider keeps your sticks from tangling at the bottom, & the second strap detaches/attaches really easily. The only knock was the colorway options -
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