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  1. Definitely an oldie, I think I sent that Mid Sur in for refinishing around 2010.
  2. Very nice, I’ve been wanting to see his free-agent bag for a while. Except…still a lot of Ping
  3. As pretty as most milled putters can be, I prefer the softer faces. I tend to anticipate the hit and find that I’m a bit more aggressive with an insert. Currently using a Sigma2 from Ping.
  4. I still like the old Machine stuff. I know some struggled towards the end, but I had a great experience fitting at the Plano location.
  5. I cut down one of my Mid Sur’s (Studio Stainless) from college to 33”.
  6. The Pro Platinum is still 42” from when I played it as a belly putter in college. I cut the Studio Stainless down to 33”. They’re money if you play a shorter putter.
  7. Me newest Cam came out in 2004. It’s tough to improve upon these two lines.
  8. Thanks for the opportunity! Subscribed to the channel and I live less than a mile from the Plano, TX location. I’ve been fit for irons & putter in the last few years, and would love a chance for a driver/fairway wood fitting.
  9. Such a fun thread. I started playing in 2004 when I was 12. The combination of Christmas/Birthday presents allowed me to get my dream bag at that time. I still have them all at my parents house: Titleist 983K 9.5° Callaway Steelhead III 15° & 18° Ping i3+ Blade Titleist 200 56° Titleist Futura
  10. Not completely sure on how recent a switch, but he looked to have a Tei3 Fastback. He had his WHP Rossie for most of 2020.
  11. Love these threads. The putter is the most personal club in the bag Machine M10 Fixer - Long Plumbers Neck (Half-Shaft Offset) - 33” - 2° - 350g
  12. I Was wondering the same thing. I really liked the Sigma 2 insert, but had only recently tried it. It seems like it would be closer to the end of a cycle for that series and I was going to wait to see if a softer insert release was in the future.
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