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  1. No, definitely not. They make a sand bottle that utilizes one of the factory accessory attachment points. It functions as advertised, stays secure.. not much more I can think to say about it.
  2. I think for the members’ sake Iliac should be removed from this list. They’ve been an absolute nightmare to work with. I understand supply chain issues and what it’s like trying to operate a business in California during COVID... But they need to be honest with customers. I haven’t had problems like THIS with ANY other company in the last year. Even more frustrating when “Bert” is on Instagram constantly trying to claim Hideki as his.
  3. I used to just wet a corner of a towel but when COVID hit and ball washers went away I picked up a ClubScrub and it’s been amazing. People have even complimented me on my clean balls. But seriously, it’s better than a wet towel because you never have to worry about it drying out, even after 5+ hours in 100°!
  4. I tried on the wingtips in GG and wasn’t that impressed with comfort, despite how good they look. There’s no padding along the ankle, which is consistent with their dress shoes... But I’ve never walked 8 miles in my work shoes, so I decided to just stick with Ecco.
  5. Kept my favorite and moved the other two on here a while ago. Totally recommend ordering some yourself if you want something a little different because they’re easy to sell.
  6. I had a few bags made up last year. This year I switched to a push cart
  7. I’ll be honest, I think I’d get bored pretty quick. Course is in great condition, but it maxes out at 6,700 yards and it’s a lot of driver-wedges on Par 4s. Greens were great and pace was fast even on one of the first nice days of the year. That being said, I think I’m just going to keep fighting for tee times on the public tracks. I’m on a DuPont shift schedule, so playing during the week definitely helps with that.
  8. I played Tualatin Country Club today as a guest. Course was dried out enough that I didn’t have a single ball plug. Membership is cheap. Junior membership is $2k initiation and close to $400/month. Not sure on food/drink minimums.
  9. I did something I haven’t done in a long, long time the other day: I ordered a putter, sight-unseen, and I didn’t even check GolfWRX for opinions. Not to mention it was several hundred dollars more than any other non-collectible putter in my history. Nickel DF 2.1 w/ #11 dots (no line) and Stability Tour Black. Weirdest thing of all is the specs: 34” @ 65°! Now that the order’s placed, obviously I find myself here. A quick read through several pages leads me to believe the overall consensus is that most people love them, but sound/feel is a bit contentious? Oh, and tri
  10. The upper strap channel is a little inconvenient with my ClicGear 4.0. Not impossible to attach, but I wish they would make an alternative attachment point for bags with strap channels.
  11. Lol It’s a Senz.. Works great in the coastal winds when walking.. Haven’t tried it much on a cart.
  12. I concur with your umbrella holder comment. I cut away the foam on the upper handle and am using a BagBoy holder instead. Not a perfect solution because it kind of takes away the threaded mount, but the holder itself is SO much better than ClicGear’s. I’m also a little annoyed with the upper straps. They’re designed to attach in the middle of the bag which is hard to do with a lot of bags with strap channels.
  13. Fits fine on a Clicgear 4.0. I do have to say the top strap through the ‘channel’ is kind of a pain in the a**.
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