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  1. Kept my favorite and moved the other two on here a while ago. Totally recommend ordering some yourself if you want something a little different because they’re easy to sell.
  2. I had a few bags made up last year. This year I switched to a push cart
  3. I’ll be honest, I think I’d get bored pretty quick. Course is in great condition, but it maxes out at 6,700 yards and it’s a lot of driver-wedges on Par 4s. Greens were great and pace was fast even on one of the first nice days of the year. That being said, I think I’m just going to keep fighting for tee times on the public tracks. I’m on a DuPont shift schedule, so playing during the week definitely helps with that.
  4. I played Tualatin Country Club today as a guest. Course was dried out enough that I didn’t have a single ball plug. Membership is cheap. Junior membership is $2k initiation and close to $400/month. Not sure on food/drink minimums.
  5. I did something I haven’t done in a long, long time the other day: I ordered a putter, sight-unseen, and I didn’t even check GolfWRX for opinions. Not to mention it was several hundred dollars more than any other non-collectible putter in my history. Nickel DF 2.1 w/ #11 dots (no line) and Stability Tour Black. Weirdest thing of all is the specs: 34” @ 65°! Now that the order’s placed, obviously I find myself here. A quick read through several pages leads me to believe the overall consensus is that most people love them, but sound/feel is a bit contentious? Oh, and tri
  6. The upper strap channel is a little inconvenient with my ClicGear 4.0. Not impossible to attach, but I wish they would make an alternative attachment point for bags with strap channels.
  7. Lol It’s a Senz.. Works great in the coastal winds when walking.. Haven’t tried it much on a cart.
  8. I concur with your umbrella holder comment. I cut away the foam on the upper handle and am using a BagBoy holder instead. Not a perfect solution because it kind of takes away the threaded mount, but the holder itself is SO much better than ClicGear’s. I’m also a little annoyed with the upper straps. They’re designed to attach in the middle of the bag which is hard to do with a lot of bags with strap channels.
  9. Fits fine on a Clicgear 4.0. I do have to say the top strap through the ‘channel’ is kind of a pain in the a**.
  10. **NEW PING Hoofer Lite 181 BYOB** Light Grey w/ White Logos (left) **SOLD** **Galvin Green Ark Gore-Tex Bucket Hat** Navy, size Small **$50** shipped CONUS Purchased this brand new (and paid a load of customs fees) from Function18, but it doesn't fit.
  11. Price on the hat lowered! Please help me out! I can't be having $150 worth of rain headwear...
  12. Doing some closet cleaning so NO trades, please! Byron Morgan DH-89 w/ Headcover $200 Carbon steel with tuna face milling... Honestly, I don't know much about this putter other than that I bought it on here several years ago. I used it as a gamer briefly as you can tell from the pictures. Shaft is playing at 33" with a blacked out PING Man grip. This putter still looks and feels amazing (missing shaft band), but I just dropped a fortune on a BB-0 Copper, soooo... Shoot me a message with any questions you have. Galvin Green Ark Gore-Tex Bucket Hat Navy, size Small $75 $65 Purchased this bra
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