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  1. Thank you all for your advice and suggestions. YEAH, my spine is TOTALLY, 100% fused together. Most of those that have this condition only have it in their hips and a rather routine hip replacement (these days anyway) take care of it, but I am one of the very rare ones that have their entire spinal column fused. If you have seen an elderly man than is bent over at the shoulders, he's got what I have. My posture isn't that bad....yet, but it is poor. Just to give you an example of the way my upper back is, if I stand with my heels against a wall and try to get the rest of my hips and back
  2. Hey all, I used to play quite a bit in college. I was chasing my goal of breaking 80 when everything was stopped in it's tracks by an auto-immune disease. Turns out I inherited a condition that caused my spinal column to totally fuse from top to bottom. I went from playing and enjoying golf to barely being able to walk. Needless to say I had to quit playing golf.....or at least put it on hold for a while, a LONG while. It's been close to 20 years since I played golf regularly. My condition can't get any worse. My spinal column is totally fused, but I feel better than I have in a long
  3. Hey all, I'm curious about something. I'd like to know how far I am away from those that play all the time. I am just starting to hit balls again after a 10 year absence due to a congenital auto-immune disease that effects my spine. Anyway, my doctor thinks it would be good for me to try and play again but just take it slow and not do to much. You know how doctors are. I just turned 50 and it kills me to say that. I was hitting some 7-irons today at one of the local golf stores. When making good contact I was getting out to between 130-135. I couldn't see my club head speed cause the st
  4. Thanks all. I'll check out the write-up in that link you posted. I don't mind the offset, I just need help and a decent set of irons to get back into the game with. When you've been out of it for as long as I have, you need all the help you can get. One of the biggest problems I used to have was getting my irons to consistently get good height. That was what caused me to not be able to consistently shoot in the 80's. I would be going along fairly well and all the sudden my approach shots would end up being worm burners time after time. I hated it. I have no reason to believe the same
  5. Hey all, I'd like to make up maybe 3 irons to try and see how well they work for me. I've been looking at Golfworks and Hireko. Both of them have heads that I like. I'd really like to try one of the forged heads from Golfworks, but they are too expensive for me with the least expensive one at $25 per head. The ST-i heads at $15 are more my price. At Hireko, they have several that I like. The ACER XS series and the ACER XV series each have heads that I like. Each of them have a standard, an HT and a PRO. I think the HT stands for High Trajectory for those that have trouble getting the
  6. I am not wanting to buy a set. I need to get back to being able to swing properly before I discuss any club purchase. I suspect it'll be a while. What I was wanting to know is whether guys and gals that are 15 and up handicappers would notice the difference in the weights if they made up a set and had them try them. The weight difference in a 5 to 9 iron is 0.98 ounces. Not even 1 ounce. I would have a hard time buying it that high hadicap players would notice the difference. Therefore, you could build up a set of same length irons in 5 to PW and use the standard clubheads but just cha
  7. Hey all, I am NOT going to ask about building a set or advice on what heads to use or anything like that. Like all of you I was curious when I saw that the kid from down here in Texas that won the Amateur uses irons with all the same length shafts. I've wondered about that for a long time and why they weren't common. Anyway, I get an email today about making a set of those same length iron sets and how much better it would be for my swing and game....blah blah blah blah. I went to the link to check it out and read about the set. They talked about the specs for the irons and how in a st
  8. Thank you all for the advice and help. I am going to do the stretching and swinging repeatedly. I am going to give it a try with the net for a few days and see what happens and how I feel when I'm done. I am thinking about taking a lesson and just seeing what I am doing wrong and how to fix it. Problem is that I don't know if a teacher that works with guys that don't have physical limitations like I do, would be able to help me when I won't be able to make some of the changes that he might suggest. I looked up "the best golf teachers in Houston" and got back a lot of results with one pag
  9. Hey all, I have a question for you all. I have not played or even hit many balls in the last 15 years because of a congenital auto-immun condition. I am now able to swing the club pretty well. My problem is that my swing speed is low, mid 60's and therefore I am not gettig much distance at all. I picked up one of those golf nets to hit into and am wanting to try it out. What I am wondering is if the mere act of swinging a club and hitting maybe 150 balls per day for a couple weeks or a month will increase my swing speed and distance. Assume that I am not having any trouble making cont
  10. Hey all, Just curious about this. I am wondering if anyone plays their irons all the same lengths and swingweights. If you do or have tried it, I'd like to hear how they worked. Have you tried them and dumped the idea quickly after? What are your thoughts on this for those of us that are sruggling with consistent iron play or distnace? Thanks for your time. Nalajr
  11. Hey all, I have been out of golf for a long time due to an auto-immune disease of the spine. I am trying to get back into playing, but it's tough going. I have a low swing speed at 65 and I would like to get it to 75 or even 70. I'd like to know what kind of exercises I need to do with weights that will help me inrease my club head speed and thus in turn my distance. Can you give me advice on this? I have just ordered some resistance bands and after I get going with those I will start going to a small gym that has a few basic machines and some free weights. I've never lifted weights
  12. Thanks all for the info and advice. at a I was tickled to death about those distances I was seeing on that machine. I would love to see that at a driving range. If I could hit a driver 220...I'd dance a jig right in the Tee Box. Nalajr
  13. Hey all, I've been hitting balls sparingly as of late. I'm not trying to do anything special, just get back to where I can go on a course and not embarrass myself and have people laugh at me. I have to go at a slow pace and as my doctor advises. I can only do what my back and neck will let me do, you know what I mean? One of the things I most enjoy is getting one of the couple irons I have and going to the local middle school where they have a practice football field in the back. I go down there fairly often with 4 or 5 of those hard foam golf balls. I used to use the Callaway balls,
  14. Hey all, This is an MP33 and the back of the head looks like the weight is pretty evenly distributed. That's why I thought that line down the center would be pretty close to approximating the location of the "sweet-spot". I have taken a golf ball and tapped it all around the face while gently holding it with my other hand to try and find the right spot. I can get close. I am hoping I can find a spot where I can color a circle like I mentioned above. I could take it off and try to balance it on a point and I will do it if I can't satisfy my curiosity using this way. The only thing is t
  15. Hey all, I have an old 6-iron blade iron that I take out sometimes and play around with. At least it gives me a chance to keep swinging and hitting a ball. Anyway, I have never been a good golfer. At my best I probably averaged 88-90. I have always had trouble making solid contact with my irons and finding the "sweet spot." I have the same problem many years later with this blade iron, probably worse. I can feel when I hit it solid and that happens maybe 1 out of 10 swings. To try and give myself a visual aid to try and improve this dismal perentage I decided to try and find the exa
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