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  1. Just an update on this, I can feel the slightest of softness in the irons when installed without tip trim, I've trimmed off 1/4 inch and now it feels like it's back to where it was. However I kept the SS in the long irons to help with a little bit of lift if there is any.
  2. Thanks Stuart G. I've actually went through a fitting session with Mizuno and have tried JPX 900 tour as well as MP18 ranges in variety of shafts (DGX100, C-taper x etc...) but the PX 6.5 gave me tightest dispersion and distance due to it reducing the spin and launch. with that being said, I've tried a 7 iron shaft installed straight in and liked the feel and performance but my usual anal mind kicked in and had to ask this question. On a side note, believe it or not I was disappointed with the new Mizuno range as they didn't feel like the old MP33 or MP32 and couldn't kick out my Nike Vapo
  3. Hi guys, I've got a weird question for you all. I live outside of US and getting shafts delivered to me takes a long time as well as costly. I have a set of Project X 6.5 iron shafts from 2 to 9i lying around and my clubs are from 3 to P. I am a high ball hitter (working my swing to reduce dynamic loft, nearly 8000 rpm with my 7i) and swing avg is 113 mph with a driver with a relatively quick tempo and keeping the spin and launch down is my main goal. Current irons are hardstepped PX LZ 6.0 which feels very good but spin and launch too high. With that in mind I usually MOI match my irons
  4. Sorry I would rather not cos if I do and if the SW is all over the show, it'll mess with my head too much.
  5. Gentlemen, just a report back on this. I was as accurate as I could be, and I gotta say it turned out really well, every club feels pretty much the same. My striking with longer irons are so much better with shorter length, no difference in the distance the ball travels, One side note is that it feels a little bit like having a one length iron as the 3/8 inch progression reduces change in spine angle which adds to the consistency as well. Thanks for all those helped me with this mini project.
  6. thank you for the response guys. Just to clarify I could go with 3/8 inch length difference + 7g headweight increment per club or a better way is to use the MOI calculation as above which I'm assuming is a little more precise? Or should I start off with 7g weight difference per head and then fine tune using the MOI calculation?
  7. Hi gents, any help on this would be much appreciated. I'm doing my second set of MOI matching irons but I have a question regarding iron head weight and target swingweight. My base point is 7 iron and following the attached table, my target SW was D3. However when I did the dry assembly I was bang on at D3 when the headweight was 268.9g and after installation it comes in at D3.2 and feels good. My question is should I still aim for 7g gap between heads if the length difference is 3/8 inch? or should I aim for approximately 7g weight difference and carry out dry assembly to find the appropr
  8. something weird is going on, it says you can't receive any new messages. Interested in King LTD if it's still available.
  9. Just reporting back on this, I've been busy with work as well as putting in some time for testing as well. My findings are that the MOI setup is good especially with the longer irons as it is shorter and it feels like I'm swinging a shorter club, so it's a win in that respect. Thanks for introducing me to this concept, I feel a lot more confident with longer irons now than ever before. However I do prefer the feel of the Mizuno MP 33 over TM MB (nothing to do with performance) so I'm thinking of doing MOI for this set as well. One question I have is can I MOI adjust for 3-6 irons only? I'm
  10. thanks Howard, I'm committing to this over the weekend. will report back. Regards Mitchell
  11. I'm about to trim the shafts to the right lengths, but I have one final question. Will the 3/8 inch difference have any affect on the distance gapping? the shorter irons will be longer in length, and the long irons shorter in length. I do hit the ball pretty consistently out of the middle, have you had an experience with other players who ended up adjusting the loft? or is it negligible?
  12. Hi Howard, thank you for your detailed reply, I appreciate your help. I've done some googling to get the basic grasp of MOI vs flat SW and I gotta say it's getting quite complicated but at the same time I like learning new things. Also I don't mind experimenting with MOI matching this set of irons as I've got a set of Mizzy MP33 as my main set. Just to confirm on the concept here are some questions: 1. Purpose of MOI matching is to replicate the feel of swinging my favourite club in the set? in this case we're using an 8 iron as a basis point? 2. why is the increment in 3/8 of inch? ca
  13. Hi so after a few days of testing on the course and at the range, the clubs felt a bit heavy so I took the weights out for now. As for the hard stepping, I couldn't tell the difference at all but as I've took the shafts out anyway, i think I'll just install it straight in and then butt trim to length. Do you have any recommendations or best practice that I should follow? I'm still relatively new to the club making scene.
  14. so... I've done two things. I've left the weight plug in and did hard step(7 iron shaft into 6) and an straight 8 iron assembly with a weight plug in. It feels nice and heavy, will try it out on the range and will report back. What started all this is because the shafts that I got are 1/2 inch longer than standard and combined with the shorter hosel (think bbgm is standard), also with weight plug taking up a bit of space, so in effect the club is nearly an inch longer and I'm being lazy with shaft cuts and regrip process hence dabbling into hard stepping. will report back soon.
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