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  1. Has anyone used a fore caddie at MD&SV lately. We are playing this upcoming weekend and taking our own carts, but have debated using a fore caddie as we don’t remember the aim points and greens from last time. If they do and somebody used lately, is a rate of $40 per round still applicable?
  2. We are going back to SV in a couple of weeks to play b**** MD and SV. This time though, we are not taking caddies, but will use our own carts (if possible). Do you notice or know if they still allow you to bring your own push carts?
  3. Thanks for the heads up and information. I know you know what you saying as I had used your recommendations for our trips out there the last three years and have not once been let down. Will definitely think about Verrado instead of TS. Thanks a bunch! Now I just need to look up and get information on a ballon ride (as this is what wife wants to do). I would rather golf!
  4. This seems like perfect timing since you guys are discussing trips in December. The wife and I are also going to be out there from December 8-12 and I am going to play all day the 10th. Is there an area that gets frost more than a different area, as you say the “valley” or so? Also, what is the issue or why does everybody not like the courses at talking stick? I just don’t understand why some individuals say it’s not all that, when the golf magazines and such give the reviews high remarks and list it as top courses? I was thinking of doing all 36 there at talking stick as I have playe
  5. Thanks for the help and assistance. Will definitely look into the auto paint option to begin with.
  6. Looking for some help in fixing my driver head paint job that got chipped as I had a little too much to drink on the course today and accidentally dropped my driver on the cart path. Fortunately for me, the driver is OK and not cracked or messed up majorly, but it just looks displeasing to the eye. It’s actually on the top and underside edge so that when you stand over and address the ball, you do not see it. Don’t know if I can just get a certain type of paint to fix it and buffet, or should I take it to one of the golf stores to have them fix. I am just. I definitely will try to
  7. We went to Big Cedar Lodge last fall and although we didn’t fly in, we talked to the local people who worked at big Cedar Lodge. They were stating that the majority of people fly into Springfield(unless your rich and have personal plane) and then some rent a car to drive, but some will get picked up by a shuttle that is operated by big Cedar Lodge and that will bring them to the resort area. If you plan on just staying in big Cedar Lodge and going to their restaurants and golf courses, the shuttles will transfer you around for free, all you need to do is call them and they will pick you up an
  8. Thanks for the info. Will call look and possibly call Kimberland. Also, can you provide me with the name of your course as it could be a possibility on the way south.
  9. OK, needing some help with courses again. Have some friends that want to go down and play a course (Bent Creek GC in Jackson, MO) in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Why, I don’t know, but I’m just along for the ride and to play. So I am looking for a course or two around the area or maybe even a little farther south to possibly play. Buddies said that they would even go farther south to try to get warmer weather and greener grass if need be so that could be a possibility as well. Just looking what anyone recommend or knows in the area as you have always helped out before. Thanks. Sorry, f
  10. We did the trip last year at the end of September and it was awesome. From the time you get there to the time you leave, it’s just a great place to be. All the courses are wonderful especially the sandbox with the good vibe of playing in bare feet and drinking beers with all your buddies. The employees and especially the caddies are very nice and just try to make your stay as wonderful as possible. The food is great, recommend the buffalo cheese curds as that was my favorite. And of course they do have spotted cow on top if that’s your thing as well. The rooms are very nice and make the stay
  11. We all lived Quintero the most, but also enjoyed southern dunes. These two we would definitely play again in the future, if not for us wanting to play new and unplaced courses.
  12. Thanks for the info, including the food & drink recommendations. Last year, we found a place called "Matt's Big Breakfast" and just loved it. We were going to go back there if no recommendations came in, but looks like we are going to try something new. As for the Victory course, will pass the info along and we all will take a look at, along with the Monday recommendation of Legend Trail or Verde River. Hopefully all of us won't be too rusty, but not a lot of playing here in the midwest during the winter months, unless you can find a simulator indoors (which I think some of us are doin
  13. Ok, after researching the course, the forums and help from many of you, here is what we got for our second annual February 2021 trip. FYI, we played Aguilla, Quintero, Wickenburg, Southern Dunes previous year and don't want to play the same courses, want something new. Rental is near HoHokam Park. We also have a rental vehicle, so driving is no issue. We all are flying in late Thursday and don't Fly out until the following Tuesday afternoon at 4pm. Friday: AM-Breakfast at local spot (recommendations?), PM-18 @ Verrado (Founders) and then drinks at local brewery (still looki
  14. Sorry about this, but I got one more question. We pretty much have our itinerary set for our February trip. However, I think we can get one more round in the morning on Tuesday when we leave. Our flight leaves at 4pm from Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport, so I think if we are there by 2pm, we should be ok. So that brings me to asking for a course recommendation that is close to the airport so we can play there early morning and then make our way to the airport. Again, thanks for all the help, you guys have really helped out this year, as such last year when we had our trip! Again,
  15. Trying to put together our February visit, but have some questions still. Appears to me that you cannot play both Boulder courses the same day when you’re not a member, am I correct? If this is the case, which course is the most favorite or better one? So we may actually do one course at Boulder and then go do on the other 18 at troon that afternoon. Looking at whirlwind, talking stick, verde. Our other days were doing 36 at Greyhawk and doing 36 at Wekopa. Last year we did Quintero, Southern dunes and Wickenburg along with Aguila. So looking for something new and different if possible.
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