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  1. Thanks for the info, including the food & drink recommendations. Last year, we found a place called "Matt's Big Breakfast" and just loved it. We were going to go back there if no recommendations came in, but looks like we are going to try something new. As for the Victory course, will pass the info along and we all will take a look at, along with the Monday recommendation of Legend Trail or Verde River. Hopefully all of us won't be too rusty, but not a lot of playing here in the midwest during the winter months, unless you can find a simulator indoors (which I think some of us are doin
  2. Ok, after researching the course, the forums and help from many of you, here is what we got for our second annual February 2021 trip. FYI, we played Aguilla, Quintero, Wickenburg, Southern Dunes previous year and don't want to play the same courses, want something new. Rental is near HoHokam Park. We also have a rental vehicle, so driving is no issue. We all are flying in late Thursday and don't Fly out until the following Tuesday afternoon at 4pm. Friday: AM-Breakfast at local spot (recommendations?), PM-18 @ Verrado (Founders) and then drinks at local brewery (still looki
  3. Sorry about this, but I got one more question. We pretty much have our itinerary set for our February trip. However, I think we can get one more round in the morning on Tuesday when we leave. Our flight leaves at 4pm from Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport, so I think if we are there by 2pm, we should be ok. So that brings me to asking for a course recommendation that is close to the airport so we can play there early morning and then make our way to the airport. Again, thanks for all the help, you guys have really helped out this year, as such last year when we had our trip! Again,
  4. Trying to put together our February visit, but have some questions still. Appears to me that you cannot play both Boulder courses the same day when you’re not a member, am I correct? If this is the case, which course is the most favorite or better one? So we may actually do one course at Boulder and then go do on the other 18 at troon that afternoon. Looking at whirlwind, talking stick, verde. Our other days were doing 36 at Greyhawk and doing 36 at Wekopa. Last year we did Quintero, Southern dunes and Wickenburg along with Aguila. So looking for something new and different if possible.
  5. Good day. Buddy and I are trying to put together our annual golf trip out to the Phoenix area this February and was wondering what the current conditions are like? Specifically in regards to the coronavirus and whether the restaurants or anything else is being shut down or limited? Is it also affecting play or pace of play on the courses? I am watching the news every day to try to get a feel of the Arizona situation and see that it is getting worse and worse. Hoping that by come February things will be looking better again and not as tight as restrictions. Thanks for help and info.
  6. My wife and I went there in early last October, but it was not a stay and play package as we only rented a cabin and then I played by myself. We stayed offsite at the campsite and rented a small cabin which we thought was wonderful and loved. I only played mountaintop and Ozark national and loved both of them. Based on our stay, we are going back next year and will stay in a cabin again and I will play all three courses this time. I for one loved playing Ozark national and the mountaintop course. While playing the mountaintop I was able to see the Paynes Valley Course and think th
  7. We ended up cooking and eating at the cabin alot as well. One night, we even had hotdogs and smores over the fire outside, reminded me of being young and going camping. We didn't really drink at the bars either, one because of the prices and the other cause of the coronavirus. We just took a big cooler, stocked with all of our favorite beverages, and just enjoyed them at the cabin. Like you, we have not traveled and it felt nice just to get away, relax and do nothing.
  8. I was just there a couple of weeks ago for the first time and only played Ozarks national and mountaintop, so can’t comment on Buffalo Ridge. 0Z was outstanding and would definitely play it again. Oz has pretty nice and generous fairways and the greens were in great shape and running fast as well. Mountaintop was a very fun short par three course that is definitely worth the play. Two guys they paired me up with that played all of the courses said the best one was 0Z, but I think to each their own. As for staying on property, we ended up renting a one bedroom cabin at Camp Long
  9. No, we don’t have a sandy range, but I always wipe between hits or two. And my buddy never even goes to the range. Thanks for all, will definitely call callaway.
  10. Noticed some small rust-colored spots on the face of my new Mavrik 3 wood recently. I have only had it for about two months and don’t understand. Clubs come in the house every night and kept pretty clean. My buddy also bought one around same time and his is now starting to show rust spots, but not as much as mine. Anyone else experience these "dots" on the face or know why this is maybe happening. Was thinking of contacting Callaway directly to get an answer or possibly exchange/refund. Mine and his were purchased directly from Golf Galaxy. BTW, I’m assuming they are, in fact, rus
  11. Have two different questions regarding a possible Sand Valley trip. Does anyone know if they will aerify at Sand Valley/mammoth before they close on October 16? We are planning a trip up there towards the end of the season (early October) but don’t want to go if it’s going to not be in the best shape due to them just punching the greens/fairways. Second, has anybody recently been there that had to stay off property? We’re doing two days but we can only stay for one as rooms are all taken for the other night. I’ve been looking at some of the other local hotels/motels a
  12. bankkur74

    Weaver Ridge

    Just wanted to give an update as our group made a trip to Weaver Ridge to play a round and see what kind of shape it’s in. Well, we were not disappointed at all. It has made a tremendous turn around and gotten a whole lot better than previous years. Greens were nice and rolling smooth and somewhat fast, fairways are nice and green with very little dead spots, and tea boxes are nice and full with grass that does not show any major wear and tear. The only downside we all were commenting on was it was very wet as they must be overwatering the heck out of it due to the Midwest not having very muc
  13. I just booked our teetimes for 36 holes for a buddy and I in early October. We both cannot wait as we have been both trying to make time and get up there. Unfortunately, with the time constraints of sunsetting, I don’t know if we’re going to be able to get in and play the sandbox after our times. Our last teetime on SV is 1 PM. I do think that we will take a caddy for one of the 18s, but the other 18 we may use a pushcart. Do they allow you to bring your own pushcart? Was thinking of using a caddy for SV. Or should I use a caddy for Mammoth instead?
  14. I just want to thank everyone for their input/comments as I learned a whole lot more than what I previously did regarding shafts, and that I probably need to learn a lot more. Thanks everyone!
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