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  1. I just ordered an M2 10.5, I have a Kuro Kage TiNi, Fuel 70 TS, and Motore F3 80 tipped and ready to go. Currently have SLDR 430 (JDM) so I'm definitely looking forward to a little more forgiveness. I really really like how the M2 sets up, very excited to get this thing on the grass.
  2. 30-40 yards may not be typical but it's what I saw. I can get it out in the 285-290 range and the Flex could get me out past 300, but the 260 shots outnumbered the great ones. If I had ample time to practice then I would probably play a Vapor Fly Flex 440 but as it stands I just don't swing well enough to play it. Side note I am tinkering with a JDM SLDR 430. It's probably more demanding than he Flex......yes I know, I'm dumb.........
  3. The head is really good with the right shaft (ever heard that before???). But seriously I have a TI version with the toe screw and it is deep, just a little finicky. I also changed shaft weight and flex from a 70x to 80s. The added weight seems to help my timing and I need more spin with this head. My setup: 45", Fuji Motore F3 80S tipped 1", loft is set at +1 degree. This driver fits my eye so well, I'm hoping it plays as well as it looks. Go VOLS gig the Aggies!!!
  4. I've played the Flex and and the Speed TW extensively. The Flex is the best feeling driver I've ever hit since my old Ping Eye 2, but I lost 30-40 yards on mis-hits. Center hits are really long sometimes scary. The TW is just as hot and is not nearly as tough on misses, just doesn't have the great Flex feel. Nike was making some really good drivers, best since the VT Tour.....oh well.
  5. Axiv Core Tour Red Proforce V2 86 VS Proto 80 RIP Alpha, Beta, Phenom Lots of em
  6. SLDR 430 JDM (toe screw) / Fuel TS - $107 Jet speed 15* / D+ 72 - $180 head and shaft VR PC 2, 4-W - $249 Engage / VR Forged 54, 59 - $89 total Ghost Tour Daytona 62 - $68 Total - $693 Vapor Speed TW / Motore F3 - $140
  7. So I just bagged one that may be legendary: Tour Issue Jetspeed 15* / Diamana D+ 72x. It has been silly long so far.
  8. Nike VR Forged PC 47* Nike Engage 54* Nike VR Forged 59* (low bounce/wide sole) - looking for Engage 58* I've tinkered with the 47*, 52*, 56*, 60* setup several times, but the fewer choices I have to think through the better off I am. I could really just bag the 47* PW and a 56* SW and be good the majority of the time. The 3 wedge set up give me a few options and more importantly confidence and control of my distance. I take a very shallow to no divot, so 9-10* of bounce and a narrow/versitle sole are necessary for me. OP - on page one of the thread someone suggested that bounce is k
  9. So I posted earlier on about probably playing Tilteist and Mizuno. Since then I have had a chance to rethink the whole thing. I'm really intrigued by the M1 430. I have a SLDR 430 (JDM) that I'm tinkering with and the M1 looks really good. If I had to drop all my Nike (ouch). I'd probably do this M1 430 10.5* - Diamana S+ 70 Jetspeed 15* - Diamana D+ 72 (in bag) Hogan Ft Worth Irons Hogan TK Wedges Daytona 62 Putter (in bag)
  10. I've been playing a Ghost Tour Daytona 62 with that "awful insert" all Summer. I've never putted as well in my 26 years of play, including 9 straight years with a Pro Platinum Newport.
  11. One my good friends does club work and built a 3 wood for me because he thought I needed one. Obviously he's a great guy, but on to the club. Jetspeed 15* (TI) with a Diamana D+ 72. I've only hit a couple of shots but they were good ones. Congrats on your find, I hope my story ends up like yours.
  12. You can find Proforce V2 in 86 or 96 grams on ebay for about $60.00 or get the VS Proto 80 for about the same money. I'm a big fan of both.
  13. Lessons..... I'm absolutely terrible...lol
  14. alldayVOL


    I have an Eye 2 one iron that gets regular bag time. Ping Titanium shaft...lots of fun.
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