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  1. Yeah I think I used some drug store tape. It was the stuff they wrap around your arm to hold a cotton ball to the puncture after you get blood drawn. (If they don't just use a band aid instead.) On a hospital purchasing scale its probably cheap. The little roll I bought was not that cheap.
  2. The other idea I had but never tried would be to get some kind of thick leather gloves that are a tight fit.
  3. There is a temporary sticky wrap tape you can buy that I once used for this, but it's not cheap if you have to do a bunch of clubs. It's okay if you are trying out one driver or something. I can't remember if it was a medical product or if it was for wrapping tennis racket handles. I think it was a medical item.
  4. Mine is different but has that same part. On mine it’s secured by a knurled Allen screw which I only keep finger tight because the pressure goes in the other direction. Loosen that screw and you get clearance to move the piece to the other settings.
  5. There are some big golf stores in Tucson with fitting bays. Mentioned with the usual caveat that you don’t know if you’ll get a skilled fitter. PGA Superstore has a special higher end fitting for a fee I think.
  6. Three years ago I found they no longer did them at the HQ. Instead they rotated around a few courses in Phoenix and Scottsdale. I had mine at Papago.
  7. In one of the other universes, you made that putt.
  8. At what point of moving the impact up the face do you get less distance because of lower efficiency? How high on the face is too high?
  9. At least on apple products, you can get a Mizuno app that lets you plug in the numbers and see the results. Not sure about android.
  10. There is a lot of spine friendliness in his swing. For me, it’s not as friendly as the Moe Norman type swings. Everyone is a little different. Any swing I use that has a conventional arm angle at setup will lead me to have more back twisting, and discomfort, on the down swing.
  11. 17 years ago I had the same quest. I switched to what at the time was Natural Golf, and it was 100% successful in eliminating my back pain. I’m still using it. Today the same kind of swing is being taught by Todd Graves aka Graves Golf, and by Kirk Junge. My swing is like Junge. See YouTube for each.
  12. Some of my best scores have been when I was playing a cut and embracing it. I think that for bogey golfers and worse, the hard part of playing for a shot shape is that when you don't get the curve, or you double cross, and end up deep in trouble, it feels so painful. More so than when you try to hit a straight ball and you get a curve. I know it's not logical, but people aren't logical. I wonder if anyone else feels the same.
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