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  1. @NJBigFish22 Use the grip that feels good. I use the ten finger. Graves claims leverage benefits for the overlapping, but I think the arguments are weak. On the old single axis swing forum, they use to say [email protected] left to set the tilt.
  2. For me, the Modus 105 was a lot stouter than an XP 95, each in R flex. And the in swing bending feel was a lot different too. I’d say this is the difference for you.
  3. I found the standard FST 125 blank to profile just like the old Dynalite R/S shaft, if anyone cares.
  4. Agree with Neil. Shorter BBGM needs less tip trimming. Taller BBGM needs more trimming. That's been the conventional wisdom in clubmaking over the years, as taught by Maltby and others.
  5. Yeah the 9 is 2" overlength. The problem is uniquely greater with the FST trim instructions being 3/4" change for every 1/2" in club. If I was only using 1/4" club intervals, I'd be trying to adjust head weights to suit, which in turn would allow for the tip trimming intervals to be cut in half as well. But you're not going to be able to do much with their head weights, or are you/they? I'd say you have to compromise with the tip trim, or as you say use a different shaft.
  6. When I started with it, WAY back when, it took me a good long while to keep my feet down. As I've aged, I stopped worrying about my rear foot, so if it comes up a little early, I'm okay with that. I've fought and lived with the cupped wrist at the top for almost the whole time. For me it stems from a setup issue. If I try to fix it through movement, it's just a band aid that doesn't work. I think the setup issue for me is not having much side tilt. I'm always messing around with different side tilts.
  7. I played Cinder Ridge today. 90 degree rule. For the time of year, conditions were excellent. Could have played the ball down if I had wanted. It was busy.
  8. @BigTerp1524 I also think you'd be a good candidate for single length. Maybe 37.5 or 38". It would get you into a set that had normal swingweights. Cobra Ones come at 37.5". And I'm sure ordering them +1/2 or +1 would not be hard.
  9. Aren't yours 38"? You said 37.
  10. Try it! I have a 1/4" set that I have played for several years. Mine was built off a 37" 7 iron. I used component heads that had a weight port and had relatively light PW and AW heads. I had to add lead tape to the longer irons. Overall it was not that hard to do. I found no performance drawbacks. I have also played single length irons and those do have ball flight compromises. But nothing to speak of with the 1/4" set. That said, I still prefer the simplicity and consistency of the SL set.
  11. Likely Not the clubs. Likely it’s just how your brain is seeing where the ball is. Same reason that people who hit the hosel can’t cure it by standing farther away. Your brain sees the ball and guides the club to the spot. But the perception is a little off.
  12. Does anyone know the guy who used to go by the name INVGRP? There was a Bitcoin thread back when it wasn’t worth all that much. This guy mentioned that he had misplaced a drive on which he had quite a few bitcoins. He moved to Hawaii IIRC.
  13. If he changes his path, he’ll have to deal with the face one way or another. I think it’s a lot easier to change the face than the path. Anyway it’s something to think about. My actual experience was that it was the best thing I ever did.
  14. The presence of the golf ball short circuits all conscious intentions, and causes your golf lizard brain to make the swing it is used to making. I could never stop flipping until I swung all winter with no ball, paying attention to the desired low point being after the spot where the ball would be. The first real swing in the spring, I heard organ music with angels singing. I had a new lizard brain swing, and it has lasted ever since.
  15. At its best, you could get truly expert advice on just about any subject. My family often heard me say, “I’ll see what the golf forum recommends.”
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