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  1. MOI is an idea. It’s not the Fourth Law of Thermodynamics. So, it might work. Or not.
  2. If instead of direct recycling, I melted the bottle caps down, then re-manufactured the material into the exact same design, could they then be sold as conforming golf tees?
  3. If I recycled bottle caps, and packaged and marketed them as golf tees, wouldn’t they be golf tees?
  4. Hey, I’m also a member at MCC. I joined when they bought Nettle, because I had to if I wanted to play there. As memberships go, it’s a good value. I’ve never liked the Morris course because they keep US Open conditions to try to offset the short yardage. But today all of the strong young players only have a flip wedge to every hole so why not ease up on the rest of us? That’ll never happen. Now that they are speeding up the huge greens at Nettle, they’re taking the fun out of it too. My favorite is Cinder Ridge. It has mellowed over time into the right balance of chal
  5. The AF clearly has advanced materials that enable it to behave differently from a conventional shaft. So that’s my bet. But I’m supporting this test 1000%.
  6. This occurs when the main straight segment of the shaft points to a place on the toe side of the head’s center line. It could happen with a very flat lie angle on a face balanced design.
  7. The Moe Norman swing let me eliminate back pain and keep playing. That was 16 years ago. I still use it. Occasionally I’ll get enthused about a conventional swing. One range session and a sore back later, I’m back to my faithful and pain free Moe swing.
  8. just have the lofts bent. 2 degrees is fine.
  9. You’re already there, near as I can tell. See pic below.
  10. Most of the slow swinging seniors I play with who play strong hot irons are getting nothing useful from them as far as I can see. I think they’d be better served with more loft, not less, at a given club length. That’s my personal approach.
  11. I knew you from the GEA and I hope things are looking up for your health. So what’s not happening with your 5 and 6 irons? Distance? Height? With your normal 5 iron being 39”, you’re a special case.
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