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  1. Yeah, the amount of toe hang is almost all derived from where a line extending from the long straight upper portion of the shaft intersects the head. If it is in the center of the face, then it’s face balanced. Adding weight won’t do as much as you’d hope.
  2. You could try single length wedges and short irons.
  3. 17 years ago I had the same quest. I switched to what at the time was Natural Golf, and it was 100% successful in eliminating my back pain. I’m still using it. Today the same kind of swing is being taught by Todd Graves aka Graves Golf, and by Kirk Junge. My swing is like Junge. See YouTube for each. The reason it works is that there isn’t as much compound bend and twist going on at impact. Unlike for example Jim Furyk.
  4. I don’t strike very much downward. My hands are forward but it’s still a sweeping motion. It works on northern turf, but Bermuda is a lot grabbier. I will try more bounce. And or maybe opening the face a bit.
  5. Please let’s not make this a use the bounce discussion. I get it but so far I can’t do it well. That’s for another day. Ive moved to Texas and am playing on Bermuda. I lean the shaft about 10 degrees on greenside chips. Even at fairway cut or just slightly longer, I’m finding it grabby. I’m playing Cally standard sole wedges, which don’t have sharp leading edges. So I’m talking about short grass lies, but not “tight”. If you lean the shaft on your chips, what kind of sole works best on Bermuda?
  6. Model number MW742LL/A. (7th gen) Here is what comes up when I select the first level of My Activity Streams. When I select it again from this menu, everything goes away and it shows whichever page I was viewing. Same thing occurs if I rotate the iPad. I’m using the mobile site. How about you?
  7. I will add, I always envied the guys who played DG S300 shafts. Because they could truly buy a new set of irons with those shafts, and pretty much get what they expected. OTOH I live in the graphite world, and every club comes with something different. Or at least they don't come with what works for me.
  8. They don't? Man, that's crazy. I try a lot of clubs but they always have to beat out the incumbents. That's why I played the same set of irons (Golfsmith components!) from 2009-2019. I tried a bunch but they came and went. Tried a lot of drivers too, but only beat out the incumbent 3 times from, say, 2006 to present. (Component 460-> Nike Dymo2 -> 915D2 -> M4.) I'm happier now than I was when I was churning clubs. Until I feel that my current clubs can't do something that I think they could, they are pretty safe. Fairway woods are unique IMO. It's hard to find a good one. So when you do, cherish it and have the good sense to stop trying to replace it.
  9. Just tried it on Firefox on the iPad. Exact same behavior as reported above.
  10. also to @nsxguy OK, I am on my laptop now. I do find the custom streams that I created on the iPad. However, when using the iPad, if I click on My Activity Streams, I get a menu consisting of: My Activity Streams, Content I Started, Content I posted In, Unread Content, and Content I follow. When I click on that menu's "My Activity Streams", it essentially just closes the menu(s), leaving me on the underlying page that I was viewing. I should add that I'm using Safari on the iPad. I will try Firefox and report back.
  11. Actually my iPad but yeah. Well it seemed to let me do all the right things. But like yours, it’s not to be found. I was able to create it and supposedly save it. The screen shot is from the immediate result of creating it.
  12. 43 inches to the tip of the adapter? Or to the beginning of the adapter?
  13. Created one. Named and saved it. Went away from the site and then came back. Cannot find it.
  14. I want Unread including 19th Hole but excluding BST. I have tried twice to save a custom stream. The next time I get in, it's gone. Does this function work?
  15. This is exactly what I’ve observed from playing with scores of seniors.
  16. Well I think that looks a lot cooler than some ratty old white ankle socks. And I'm a conservative man in my mid 60s. Those billboard kinds won't take over, but I sure bet longer socks are in our future.
  17. My experience with something like this was that for several weeks afterward, shooting normal scores made me kind of unhappy. It took a while for me to realize that I was still a guy who had to have everything come together to break 80, and my 72 was just lightning in a bottle.
  18. Just get a cheap clamp lamp with incandescent bulb and lay it on the bench a few inches away from the glued heads. No need for boxes or foil shields. $7.97 at Harbor Freight right now. Link won’t paste for some reason. Store the epoxy in the house.
  19. I don’t think you’ll like the results on mis hits. Like hard hooks on toe side strikes.
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