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  1. For me, the reduced wrist movement idea ala Stricker or Bryson is the way to think about this kind of swing.
  2. They say the classic swing evolved to time up hickory shafted clubs, which twisted a lot. And that swing stuck around. Today the high level swings seem to be about less face rotation and more body. Or at least less face rotation. Look at all the strong grips today. Those aren’t made for a lot of rotation.
  3. Thanks. Yeah we would be moving to one of the communities. From the satellite view, it looks like Heritage Ranch would be walkable. I haven't looked at Frisco Lakes like that yet. I have driven through it and my impression was, probably not very walkable. By traditional, do you mean it feels less like it's wedged into a subdivision?
  4. Which of the two, Heritage Ranch or Frisco Lakes, would be the more fun choice for frequent play? Or, would it be hard to go wrong either way?
  5. I’ve belonged to 4 smaller town clubs. One is now a big club with over 600 members (36 holes). The other three clubs, I’m sure, had no one policing handicaps. And People entered their own scores. The big club probably has someone on paper who is responsible, but I’ve never seen or heard about anything ever being done. As at the other three clubs, even under the new rules, people post their own scores in the shop or online. No one cares if or what you post. Also, as others have said, typically I’m the only one in my group posting, so I might as well have played solo. I don’t turn in the card so there is nothing to attest. Its the same at the various daily fee courses we play at. There are two different worlds in the US for handicaps: clubs that care, certainly a minority, and all the rest.
  6. I hope the next caddie reins Bryson in from some of the risk taking on the course. When you have his length and strokes gained off the tee and putting, you should be able to channel a little more Jack Nicklaus and less Phil.
  7. I’m going to give this a try again. Especially since I own a driver that won’t go left with my regular swing. Meaning maybe I won’t hook it off the planet with S2S. Graves swing has much weaker lead hand and therefore more clubface rotation.
  8. I’m going to give this a try again. Especially since I own a driver that won’t go left with my regular swing. Meaning maybe I won’t hook it off the planet with S2S.
  9. Yes, with same first impression as you. Struggled with the driver though.
  10. Probably can’t win an Emmy for simply making the announcers sound good.
  11. None. The swing weight will go up, not down.
  12. More likely, the shaft just doesn’t suit your swing.
  13. The ball is the culprit. It switches the brain into caveman golfer mode. I got better by swinging all winter in the house with no ball. Trying to hit a forward-ish spot on the carpet. When spring came it was ingrained and it transferred easily to hitting balls.
  14. My swing is pretty close to IMA.
  15. Yes you can. The Henry-Griffitts company does custom fitting and then builds sets using that method. I got fitted and had a set. Over time, a few years, the short irons came to feel softer and the longer ones felt stiffer, to the point that I gave up on them. One thing I know is that it was the most accurate set I’ve owned in terms of the set as a whole. I should build another one. They are sometimes called flat line frequency sets because with 7 grams between head weights, and 1/2” between clubs, all the irons will have the same CPM frequency. I think HG believes or believed that this frequency was the thing your body would respond to for timing the swing, and therefore all of the irons should match that. I bought woods too, but they were matched to a different number. As with the irons, the 7 wood felt soft and the driver felt stiff.
  16. “IMA” as in Scott Hazledine’s swing?
  17. Unless you got a fake, I’d suspect the shaft being a poor fit.
  18. Ive been there more than once, where finding a way to play without pain makes the other things seem a lot less important.
  19. I mocked up the setup by putting with a 5 wood. That let me see what length was comfortable and where the top end was. The feel was un-solid. I could live with it.
  20. I shot 50-38. I’m sure I felt better than you did, just because of the order. I was all smiles.
  21. I used to hit a lot of thins. For me I think it was flipping because it went away when I got rid of the flip. I am not able to comfortably stand as far from the ball as Graves teaches. So I don’t. I just take a comfy forward lean, and drop my arms down. That’s how far from the ball I stand. So that is more Junge. Super easy on my back. The farther away you stand, the harder it is to hit down on irons. Moe had the magic move.
  22. No love from me either. The inside part seems to repel water, it’s hard to get it soaked. By the end of the round it’s barely damp. I tried washing it, which I believe was a recommendation. And It’s heavy and awkward. It just sits on a shelf in the garage, mocking me. Haven’t brought myself to throw it away. Always figured I’d give it to somebody I don’t really like.
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