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  1. XR-16 Pro w Hzrdus Black 6.0 since winter 2016. Hard to beat it, in fact just had a fitting and comparing it to Epic Speed w Ventus Blue slight (slight) improvement. Does it justify $1000 in head and shaft....NO
  2. And for more practical solutions: Course asks players checking in if they want to share their round. Players that do are given something (GPS tracker, a Gold Medal...whatever) and their name/time is marked on the tee sheet. Someone seeking a 9 hole loop inquires in proshop if any back 9s are available. If so then that player pays for 9 (HALF of 18 fee, not 60-70% of 18 hole fee!!) and then front 9 player must return the thing (GPS, Gold Medal) into proshop to get their 50% credit. This ensures no stowaways and limits loss to course. This is purely a service feature, for the golf co
  3. Totally agree with the poor pricing of 9-hole offerings. I have 2 ideas on getting more 9-hole options. Great idea on 1-2somes early in the day! it seems making money is the pure motivation-somewhat understandably at public courses. I know courses don’t make ‘that’ much money and the overhead is steep. **Dreaming here** Wouldn’t it be great to have routing that allows multiple 3-5 hole loops giving Uber flexibility of starts/end points, perhaps simple daily fees for the people with loads of time in their hands. Or a course run simply for the player experience, early tim
  4. Well gents...that is how you ride the wave and cash in—LOL. Seemore and Ball Maker sold.
  5. As chance would have it the Pro SL are 9.5. I was thinking about keeping them but if you have an offer I’ll open.
  6. Selling both pair for $65 shipped: Foot Joy shoes black size 9; good shape for a practice pair. Ecco Biomm size 42, soft & premium brown leather, very good shape. $SOLD Seemore FGP carbon steel, 340gm head weight ; Fantastic condition, a hair under 34" with Rosemark grip, will change grip to a new Seemore 95 grip if desired for $15 extra. $1500.00 OBO**SOLD**: Scotty Cameron Circle T ball marker---extremely rare to find anything circle T in my garage IMG_7853.HEIC
  7. I agree that 'real golf' is a full round, and with that the scoring strategy and stress making up for a bad start or holding on for a career low etc. I'm with all the commenters coming from that angle. I get the private club benefit but childcare and housing in the SF area is STEEP $$$. But my point here is: Some Golf>No Golf. I don't expect to play 'a lot' of golf with young children and both of us working full time jobs with no family nearby, but what I want to change is the ability to get 9 in at more desirable 'normal' courses at normal mid day mid week times. Mo
  8. Thanks for all the thoughtful responses and for taking time on the poll (the 2nd question isn't worded well; should say MORE rounds). I went through all the comments and don't have the time to respond individually so I'll post some follow up here: I live in SF East Bay area and do have access to Tilden Park which offers early bird 9 hole rates for the back nine which is awesome--$13 and usually home by 8-8:30. Locally (~25miles) there are about 4 courses offering 9 hole booking, mind you these are not the quality of golf most of us want to make your regular outing, and some only offe
  9. Hey Golf WRX community- I'm interested how many others wish 9 hole bookings were an option. As a father of 2 young children I am super crunched to squeeze golf into a day, and have walked off the course after 14-15 holes a lot lately. I know I would get more golf days if I could play 9. If interested please include your location in this thread. Thx BW
  10. Beautiful putter! Is that the fly face milling-a little more firm feel? How much ‘toe hang’ does that produce?
  11. Hey shoppers-I'm looking to raise funds for more golf stuff. All prices include shipping to CONUS and only take paypal payment. L.A.B. Golf DF 2.1 T: 34", 68* lie, Press OG 3 grip. SOLD These putters are the real deal, check out the youtube reviews by Rick Shiels or the other English fella...Peter Finch. The putter is great, barely used as pics show, I just prefer the B2 version. Jones Utility Trouper-SOLD Brand new, ready to ship for sure Sat. I loaded the clubs up but it's not for me. pin 12/11
  12. Didn't I talk you OUT of selling me your KM-350?? LOL
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