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  1. Thanks for your comments. While I understand the shaft axis and center of face relationship I just wasn't quite sure how close this one was going to be. Luckily I received that last photo which confirmed 'near' face balance---which I like. Thx again!
  2. Answer: almost ‘face balanced’
  3. Hey y’all, Any educated guesses how much toe hang this would have? More/Less/Same as plumbers neck? Thx BW
  4. I see, nice work, and yours is 'face balanced' now with the bend being so low? The way I understand it is the shaft needs to point to the middle of the face prior to bending down. Thus a high bend shaft is more face balanced and a low bend would produce more toe hang. Looking closer at your pic, perhaps the angle or degree of bend matters more than how close the bend is to the head.
  5. Interesting, I figured a whole reshaft would be the way to go. Can you post a pic of that epoxied junction at the bend? I should have mentioned that 'face balanced' no offset is my goal.
  6. Hey club tech pros, I don't like offset so typically use centershaft putters (Seemore, LAB B2) or my Edel E2 has the single bend (spud/shaft to heel) no offset steel shaft. My question is, couldn't any heel shafted (non-hosel) double bend offset putter be converted to single bend no offset with a shaft change? Any if so what shaft manufacturer would I choose?? Since the center shaft and no-offset putter world is a bit small in offerings, my thought is if I find a putter I like, ex: spider X double bend, then get one and reshaft it to single bend no offset---Correct?? thx BW
  7. Titleist 909 H 19* and Adams A12 Pro 18*
  8. I agree on both smaller grips and lighter weight. I'm using the Rosemark 1.25 lite version and find much more feel with it, I also trialed the Ping blackout. I wish more putters came in the 315-330gm headweight. My speed control is much better with old light putters, I can judge the hit a bit more.
  9. wattage

    Less then 14

    I love this style of play. I keep my driver, hybrid, longest iron (4). then either go every other iron (4,6,8,P) or just 4,7,P and 54, putter. Simplifies your decisions cause you cant push a club more than a few yards, so you end up taking more club and hitting 'shots'. It helps me focus more on fun and creativity, and realize you can shoot basically the same scores with less stress on being perfect. This style has increased my enjoyment in my stage of life with young kids where I can't practice or play more than 2-3/month.
  10. I just got the 11.5 stock stiff shaft, plan to make a short set adding 18* hybrid, 5 irons and 1 wedge and putter. I hit quite a few as long as my driver when the fairways are rolling. The feel is something I will have to wait and see; I've never been a carbon sound/feel guy. I play the XR 16 pro dr, G400 3wd so I like the higher pitched sounds more. I don't always know where I have struck the face with carbon. But, this thing looks like knuckle-baller and does GO. Tee height is something to work on, I'm thinking lower is better for me, hit a few high on face and the feel is not good there.
  11. Good stuff in this thread and great customer service from the LAB group! I ordered the DF 2.1 b/c I just don't play as much anymore and figured I could use some help. I received it on the first tee before a club event and proceeded to shoot 75 making a few birdies and 1-2 three putts, but the alignment choice was wrong so I turned it back in. In the meanwhile I ordered the B2 in brass as that was the one I was eyeing all along. I've been playing Seemore FGP and Edel E-2 Tourque Balance putters the last 2 years. Well that one came in and I received it again on the first tee of our club event a
  12. Agreed, S The Inn at SpBay rooms are wayyy nicer. If note, the villas down by 18 at Pebble are torn down at the moment and being redone finally.
  13. I totally understand the importance of amenities in the context of a couples' trip. I am not sure when the hotel or restaurant portion will open up. I imagine they are working to create a new experience that includes the hotel ($$$), where room service and outdoor seating is encouraged and limited seating inside restaurants. For me living in the bay area the current situation is super appealing. It's a 2 hr drive, the mandatory hotel fee is waived, tee times reduced to $450 etc. So instead of dropping $2k for a round it cost me $400 after winning $50 off my partners ;). I love a caddy when it
  14. I had the pleasure of playing Pebble yesterday, my fourth time. It was awesome; some rain Sunday and early Monday but the weather was partly cloudy lots of blue sky and low-mid 60s. BUT the best part IMO, was the LACK of concierge, pretentiousness, resort-y feel. It was really refreshing for it to be all about the golf. No a** kissing, no caddies just show up to range 1 hr before tee time to warm up, get to tee and play some golf. Everyone plays the course on their own, reads their own putts etc. Pace of play was fine, we waited a little bit but no big deal. I imagine it has been decades sinc
  15. Played at Metropolitan in Alameda with my brother at 6:09=sunrise. It was glorious!!! They had raised cups which feels like cheating, shot 68; 4 birds no bogeys. I attribute the good ball striking to my backyard net, it has allowed me to keep my swing in a good place. With a 4yr and 5 month old I for-see the net keeping me in the game going forward. Just hitting 3-5 shots a few times a day helps my mental sanity as well as golf game. I debated on posting the score but read an article from USGA encouraging posting so I did.
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