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  1. I'm interested in tracking down a set of Callaway x-prototypes / RAZR muscleback irons. Let me know what you have and what you would be asking for the set. Thanks!
  2. Not going to work with a wood. Cannot compare this position to original poster's top position. If he starts getting more vertical, especially with long club, he will have a much more difficult time controlling his low point. Some notes: *Echo the comment on good hand eye coordination. I'd imagine you are a sweeper of the ball (i.e. minimal divot on a clean strike)? *Front view camera would show trail arm gets too deep, likely as a result of wrist/forearm break down and loose grip. It appears the club is able to move around quite a bit in your backswing and top positi
  3. New Graphite Design Tour Ad Bb-6 stiff with factory-installed RH TM. The shaft is standard length in TM TP driver and has been just sitting around - I preferred the AD MT in the end. **$159 shipped CONUS**. Tip fits all modern TM drivers
  4. > @miket_81 said: > I wish you were a little shorter and we could trade . > I lost 30# and have a closet full of 34/30 and 36/30 pants and shorts... Lose ~15 lb vs. buy new pants... I think many of us know how that goes. ?
  5. I do not believe they are tapered - not sure. Pretty standard Adidas golf/athletic pants! X17292 - flap pocket Climalite pants in Mercury X24883 - Flat front tech pants in black Z25229 - Climalite Flat front pants in black Z91185 - Puremotion flat front pants in Lead (these are super nice pants!) Z25231 - Climalite Flat front pants in Ecru
  6. I bought pants ~5 years ago and no longer fit them. 5 pairs retailing between $65 and $80 each. New with tags. These would be great for 32-33" waist and can certainly be altered for length if you don't quite need a 34" length. This is a package deal. $125 shipped CONUS for all 5.
  7. 1) Callaway Mack Daddy forged 52/10, 60/08 wedges w XP S300 shafts @ std lie and +1/2" length. Used for 2 practice sessions. 9.5+/10 condition. $150 shipped Conus for the pair. 2) Callaway 816 Double Black Diamond 9* driver w/ Aldila Tour ATX 65-3.9-s (available head only or w shaft). Used for 1 round and 2 practice sessions. 10/10 condition. $129 shipped Conus for head only, $159 w shaft.
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