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  1. Bridgestone Irons Adams Idea Pro 18 Sonartec wedges Golf balls, gloves, and other misc. Rich
  2. I will let you know, the balls may be gone, and the putter is gone. Rich
  3. No, the work I was supposed to do on his house was cancelled for today, I will see him tommorow about the bow, and I will let you know. Rich
  4. AirMuscle isn't available, and the Maxfli fire tours, I only have 2 of them left, but if you want therm that bad, give me another pm, other then that, All pm's replied. Rich Most of the stuff is still available I also have: Sonartec t35 PROTO wedges 54.10 and 58.09 Newport 2 PP(may be traded) Adams Idea Pro 18 w/ VS Proto 80 S More items will also be added. Rich
  5. That cameron is gone, but I have a Pro Platinum Newport 2 same condition. Rich FlyFisher, I am sending you a pm Rich
  6. j33 15 sold PM on what you have fishing gear wise Rich
  7. Well, that one is gone, but I have the exact same flavor, 1.00+ shipping :beach: Rich
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