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  1. buckyweet left Negative feedback   

    Finally get my money back after 19 days of lame excuses. Actually had to email Rich71691's mom to get my money back. Would not recommend doing any type of business with this person. Thanks Rich

    Rich71691 was The Buyer

  2. opus_mh left Positive feedback   

    super fast payment...great guy dont hesitate to deal with rich

    Rich71691 was The Seller

  3. Bridgestone4life left Positive feedback   

    A+++ Thanks again Rich

    Rich71691 was The Seller

  4. Bridgestone4life left Positive feedback   

    Good Guy! A +++ Fast Shipping

    Rich71691 was Trading

  5. scottyallanb left Positive feedback   

    Great buyer!! Fast payment!!AAAAAAAAAAA+++++

    Rich71691 was The Seller

  6. steenboatmd left Positive feedback   

    Seems to be very trustworthy. Good person to deal with.

    Rich71691 was The Buyer

  7. SeekonkHolen1 left Positive feedback   

    Great transaction and great guy to deal with. I just wish the package I sent was not delayed with the mail system

    Rich71691 was Trading

  8. daughterscameron left Positive feedback   

    Dynamite kid. He's got it together.

    Rich71691 was Trading

  9. 48lowesfanzzzz left Positive feedback   

    Great buyer...quick payment and great person to deal with

    Rich71691 was The Seller

  10. CrippleCreekPro left Positive feedback   

    Great Condition Rating, Excellent Guy! A+++

    Rich71691 was Trading

  11. pickerjohn left Positive feedback   

    good swap, nice produst, good communication

    Rich71691 was Trading

  12. Bridgestone4life left Positive feedback   

    This is a good kid. Dont worry about trusting him.

    Rich71691 was Trading

  13. opus_mh left Positive feedback   

    Great WRXer dont hessitate to do business with this guy.

    Rich71691 was The Buyer

  14. skinkman left Positive feedback   

    Prompt payment. Great guy

    Rich71691 was The Seller

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